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What exactly is Sacred Dance? Is it only ritualized movement? Must it only stand on a sacred day or a holy day? Must it only be within a casted circle for any intention? Will it always raise energy? Alternately, is belly dance the only form of 'sacred dance'? What makes it sacred, the mortal beginnings, the intention of worship, or the knowledge that those above could be watching what movements we make with the gift of life that we've been given? What definition do you have and which dancing styles could be a part of this sacred action?

Personally, I've always felt like all dancing is sacred as long as it's dedicated to a specific purpose. Everything from walking to kicking up one's heels could be considered 'sacred' if done in a mindset that makes it thus so. That being said, there are a few kinds of dance that seem to suit it much more than others, for example, line dancing doesn't seem like the ritual or worship kind of sacred that belly dancing brings to mind, but jazz, and even interpretative dance could just as easily slide into this category. It all depends on the intention and mindset of the dancer.

What do you think?

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i totally agree with you viviane. it is also in my belief that any form of dance is a good way to charge up your qi,or energy.ive been a popper since i was 16 i am now 25.if you dont know what a popper is they basically work their entire body "waving".like a liquid substance we emulate waves in so many variations and if like you stated done with a mindset you can achieve in bringing your energy levels popping we have a style called tutting.tutting is basically when the dancer mimics Egyptian hieroglyphics with both arms in 90 degree angles.i am so passionate about popping i can go on and on about how much it has helped me become more aware of my body movements but also aligns both hemispheres of energy so that i can interpret all data coming my way via the sun.anyways i feel like i broke off into a tangent and its due to my take care god bless


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