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Seth details a philosophy of conscious creation.

This philosophy supposes that:

* Physical reality arises from consciousness, not the other way around.

* We create our own reality.

* We are not at the mercy of a disjointed deity or subconscious.

* We are multi-dimensional beings; more than our physical bodies.

* Time and space are dimensional “illusions” we jointly create and by which we tacitly agree to abide.

* At the core of our being, we reside in a realm in which time and space do not exist.

* We are, in essence, creative spiritual beings having an earthly experience.

* The fate of each of us is in our own hands.

* We have multiple, perhaps infinite, life experiences. Problems not faced in this life will be faced in another.

* We cannot blame God, society, or our parents for “misfortunes,” since before this physical life we chose the circumstances into which we would be born and the challenges that could best bring about our development.

* We form physical matter as effortlessly and unselfconsciously as we breathe. Telepathically, we are all aware of the mass ideas from which we form our overall conception of physical reality.

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