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Hello everyone!

I am a journalist from Brazil and I have been following the doctrine of Santo Daime for almost two years now. The drink celebrated in Santo Daime is also called Ayahuasca or Vegetal. This entheogen drink really expanded my conscience and draw me so much closer to my "Higher Self". 

I've just written a romance which tells the experiences of astral projections of a man who is searching for his soulmate. The character, naturally, drinks Daime.

I intend to have this book ("Dreaming Souls") published up to December and maybe translated into English next year. 

So, I would get to know the experiences of people around the world with the "Holy Wine". 

May be the Heavenly Father and the Earthly Mother bless us all.


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This drink that you write about does it have any other names that it is called.I am not familiar with that drink.

Hi Johnny, how safe to take ayahuasca?

It's totally safe, yet it is the most powerful entheogen on Earth. 

Thanks Johnny, will look into it soon.


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