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Soul retrieval.

A soul retrieval is a shamanic journey where in a shaman travels to a certain time to retrieve a lost piece of a soul. In shamanism there is a believe that when a person experiences something very hurtful and traumatic a piece of them stays in the time and space of the event, until the experience is healed and the soul piece is brought back to where it belongs.

That piece can also be seen as energy of the past that still lives inside us and causes blockages within our energy or also called subtle energy body. Each chakra within the body serves as a portal to a certain time and space in the existence of the soul. It can be in this life and in other lives since the soul isn’t bound to time or space.  This energy has attached to us because we never healed it. so it will keep living until it is healed. It is like a wound, it wont close until the dirt inside it is cleansed.

These are the chakras and to which energy they lead:


Muladhara, element earth, the I am.

Syllable to its mantra is Lam.

It deals with early childhood, instincts survival , stability and security

It is blocked by fear and its colour is red.


Swadhisthana, element water, I feel

Syllable to the mantra is Vam.

It works with fluidity, desire, sense of self, teenage years.

It is blocked by guilt and its colour is orange.

Solar plexus

Manipura, element fire, I do.

Its syllable is Ram.

It works with will, purpose and inner strength.

It symbolizes young adult years.

It is blocked by shame.



The heart is the center of the being. It unifies the lower chakras that deal with our earthly being and the higher chakras that deal with our heavenly being.  It is the gate to the center of the soul within us, to our divine self in the physical.  It is all about unification and compassion. It is the here and now. The present moment.

Anahata, element is air and it stands for love.

It works with compassion, balance, acceptance, love and harmony.

Its syllable is Yam

It is blocked by grief and anger, its colour is green.



Vishuddha, element ether, I speak, the passing from this life to the next, karma.

It works with communication, creativity and resonance.

Its syllable is Ham.

It is blocked by lies and its colour is blue.

Third eye

Anja, element light, I see, it is all of our previous and future lives.

It works with perception, intuition and imagination.

Its syllable for a mantra is aum.

It is blocked by illusion and its colour is indigo.


This is where our being connects with the heavens, the universal energy, the eternal immortal soul.

It is called sahasara, element thought, I know.

It deals with wisdom, knowledge and spiritual connection.

It has no syllable, the mantra is silence.

It is blocked by physical attachment and unbalanced ego , its colour is purple.


Now that we have a basic overview of each chakra we can use these as a gate to travel through for retrieval. To find a piece of self we must be in the self enter the self. The self, the atman is the micro cosm of the universe. It is a world on its own.  After a trauma a piece of the self is put a way for safe keeping in a way. It is the self’s way of saving itself. That piece wasn’t able to endure pain so it was put away to save it. many people aren’t able to intergraded that piece back into themselves after that because they ignore the pain. Logical, no one wants to feel pain.

Which chakra is needed depends on what the situation is, what happened, what the feelings are. A big bit of it is intuition as well. Just feel your way and let the spirits or the person’s spirit guide you to where the soul is put.

This is where we get into visualization and travel. It is a huge part of it. Imagination, inspiration, illumination are the three key words. Sit down and direct your mind to a perfect silence. That doesn’t mean don’t think, it means allow the thoughts to pass without focusing on them. Just sit and listen to your heart beat. Follow the air within yourself. When you done that, ask the spirits or imagine a big gate in front of you with the colour of the chakra you are using as a portal.

As you feel the air within you feel the air slowly spiral upwards through your veins, up through the body and out through your crown. Now imagine it is spiraling upwards up through the house, higher through the sky up and up. In the sky between the clouds is the coloured gate you need. The gate will have the energy of the person. (this is of course with their permission, given before you start).Ask it to please open.  if the spirit of the person you work with agrees it will open. Asking it doesn’t happen with words btw. It is a connection from your heart to theirs. Feel the person in your heart like you feel a child or a loved one. Feel them as a part of your own being. Than feel it open, this is the asking.

Usually there is a spirit guide along side you. It will lead you to where inside this person’s soul you need to be. When you find the piece it will be an image of the person but different. Like their child self for example.  Go and calmly ask the soul if they wish to talk to you. Sit down with them and talk to them. Let the heart talk. Say anything you feel that is right to say. Follow your intuition here. The heart and your spirit and the spirits with you will know what to say. Talk to the soul about what hurts it and ask it to tell  you what it wants to say and what it needs for healing. Don’t suggest let it speak. Just go with what this soul wishes. Than you can ask it if it wishes to go with you.

If the soul follows you can ask the spirits with you, to lead you to where this soul wishes to be. it will know where it has to be.

That is basically it. you than return to your body by thinking of it. just think and you will be back.

Any questions are welcome. I am also willing to assist and guide anyone who wishes to have such healing done. Please feel free to pm me if you are interested.


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Thanks for this Anki.

Do you have to have a shaman to do this for you, or could you do it for yourself?

Yes!  I wish to have a shaman to do this for me.  I also know what i means to get all the chakras in a balance state. 

i have done it myself so i think its possible for everyone else too.


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