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Challenge of Possessing Physical Beauty while on the Spiritual Path

More and more often it seems that in this day and age that beautiful people are entering a spiritual path.  Of course beauty is a subjective and changeable ideal, but there is a stark physical reality to possessing physical beauty which is simply about proportions, energetic imprints, and spiritual traits.  Yet, there are so many associated traumas and challenges associated with beauty that often put deep impediments to spiritual growth and in our ability to speak and connect deeply to our spiritual needs.  It seems that we may be going through a massive shift in consciousness that is associated with working out these traumas and challenges and dynamic energy possible between the male and female archetypes exhibited in optimal beauty of both sexes.  As humanity evolves and we are able to ensure better life-long health for all individuals, what we consider beautiful will become more and more common.  Yet, we are not there yet and the associated birthing pains to higher forms of Love, Truth, and Beauty are major energetic nexus that many must deal with at deep karmic levels and in the everyday world.  What are people doing and what have people learned in facing and growing through these challenges?  I write this in the Tantric section because of course the use of sex and all the associated energies in spiritual development must not be avoided by retiring to a cave in celibacy.  How do we bring the greatest beauty, both the purely physical and the intermixed spiritual to expression?  How do we see humanity evolving in relation to beauty?  What will our relation to the sexual be in the future when there is perhaps not such a divide between the 'haves' and 'have-nots'?  What are we doing right now in relation to the huge amount of healing, especially with the feminine energies, that needs to occur?  What are the best representations of the sacred masculine and feminine?  How do we raise our children in the best way possible in their relation to beauty?  Just a few observations and conversations starters for what could be a wonderful discussion with much fruit to bear...

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