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Orgasm is just the beginning -and the peak of
orgasm is a transient teaser of something much bigger. If Tantrikas are focused on just having great orgasms, they're missing a much greater experience. There is a level beyond orgasm, beyond full-body
O, and beyond simultaneous orgasm.

"Tantra is not for sex, Tantra is to transcend" -Osho
From: "Tantra, Spirituality, and Sex"

Osho points out that transcendence is the purpose of practicing Tantra. Transcendence happens when the partners drop their seeking of orgasm and instead cultivate and maintain a high level kundalini energetic resonance.

Orgasms will occur along the way, and while they are to be enjoyed, they can be utilized to modulate and build the kundalini energy. The serpent's path up the sushumna can be fleeting if orgasm is the only purpose of the Tantric engagement. It can, however be sustained in an active and flowing, pulsing, vibratory resonance.

When that resonance is high enough and sustained long enough, a whole new experience propels the couple into a new realm of bliss and ecstasy that surpasses even the best orgasm! Simultaneously, the couple experiences unity consciousness on a sustained level, and is "lifted up." The ecstatic bliss does not subside as long as the energy resonance is nurtured. Hours can pass in this state.

By so doing, the partners are conditioned and attuned to this energy resonance and fundamentally changed.

The goal is not the orgasm the goal is to reach transcendent resonance and maintain that long enough to be swept up into the divine realm and be transformed, conditioned, attuned by it.

Love and Light
Sunyata Satchitananda

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Thank you for sharing this.  It perfectly describes the relationship between Shiva and Shakti, man and woman.  I like to think of it as a trinity of sorts: Father (Shiva) is the one who creates, Mother (Shakti) is that which the creation is created from and the Child is the Creation.  The feminine has long been seen as submissive to and penetrated by the masculine.  Sexual Unity is a Oneness rather than an invasion/penetration of one into the other.  As the masculine enters the feminine, it is enveloped into the Womb and plants the seed from which Creation will grow.  Adds a whole new meaning to the Big Bang theory....

I try to visualise during intercourse with my partner and using kundalini energy manifest my reality.  We are already starting to see the benefits of this in our everyday lives, emotionally, physically, psychologically and financially.  As we create our reality, the Universe seeks to fulfil it.  I often feel as though I'm in a higher state of consciousness for days afterwards as well and find that I make better decisions with regards the the reality I want to create with my family.

The unison is one of pure love and non judgement. Where a unity is experienced. There is consciousness. Bliss beyond imagination. Even when I think of it, i experience eternity in this moment. Thank you for sharing this post. It brings out the message so clearly.

Peace and Love.



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