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Here I sit, as I am,
being myself, as I am.
No terror beseeches me, I am as I am,
Chances foretold, yet my eyes look towards the sky.

All there is, is a simplicity to which I bear,
Yet it seems to try and just be, is something I should not dare.
As I aways attempt, I'm greeted with a gruesome stare,
why so threatened, why be so scared?

To my presence, it being such a simple harmless thing,
yet the way you act, it's as if it's death that I bring,
During a simple attempt to be, it's a sin to be free,
as I lurk beneath what you see, with those eyes in the sky.

I stand here with confidence, as I'm subject to your whim,
not showing weakness at all during the moments so severe, so grim,
with not only your eyes in the sky but the threat of death attempting to pry,
thus I stand here with fortitude and with no fear to die.

What will I do with your eyes in the sky,
What will I do with your eyes in the sky,
What will I do with your eyes in the sky,
Every night from now on, your eyes are mine.


My eyes perceive and rarely deceive,
With my eyes now also in the sky, there isn't much else to achieve,
With this body, upward is where I look,
projecting to the world and reading it like a book.

I do not sing the song of destruction.

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