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This is a very simple question from me, a humble newcomer. I believe nearly all of us here have read and penetrated the introductory doctrine of hermeticism known as the Kyablion and are familiar with the seven principles. How many of us, have been able to actually utilize these principles, with results? to raise ones level of "vibration" so as to begin to have priority over the "lower realms"? To achieve higher levels of consciousness and open portals to a whole new experience of reality? Like a man born blind but along the course of his life begins to see? Initiates know that hermeticism is of a cosmogonic stance, in that it begins to show man that "that which is within is like that which is without". That, man, as modern man knows himself to be is asleep and only few have become aware of their full human capabilities. This is the aim of the lower mysteries that constitutes "royal initation".  And to those who have done so, what did they do? It's one thing to have knowledge of sight, for example, but it's something radically different to SEE. Theory, is dead, and worse so if it doesn't act as "support" for the actual. Spiritual experience is in my opinion just that, an experience, involving the invoking of higher levels of awareness and consciousness. Once a man is perfect, having returned unto that which he really is, he may then go higher and take on his supra-individual nature and achieve Deliverance (the work of the Greater Mysteries). So i ask, how many of us have actually began to do so? And, how did you do it? Just out of curiosity really, we all have our own paths ultimately. 

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I am also new to this particular field, but I have studied on many eastern philosophies such as Zen Buddhism, Daoism, and a large emphasis on QiGong. Now that I am beginning to understand the essence of the discipline, I am seeing results. There have already been many positive changes in my life, and I look forward to the benefits that I, for the first time in my life, believe that I deserve.  My family has never looked happier.

I use my knowledge from the Kybalion to heal myself and others. I use it to heal the body, the mind and the soul. It's very effective to do once you learn to look at nearly all elements of our lives from a perspective of polarities, all of which will shift to some degree by our will.

"You"  can't do it!

Give yourself 'up to the Universe' in receptive meditation and 'Receive' what is necessary for the next step.

Very few men , if ever, have reached perfection which can more exactly be called 'Wholeness'.

This can't be demanded or controlled but is Graced and Gifted .

do what you think. 


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