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Do you know that you are everything...every question, every answer? What do you Seek?

You are the Temple, the Laboratory, the Servant, the Neophyte, the Adept becoming Master ...You are those designations, those things are you...all is in the Mind Of God and God is in you. And all at once. There is time, place and cause. There is ultimately no time, place or cause and it is all right!  Wherever you are, keep the transcendental cause  in mind. Go one step at a time. Don’t be put off by set backs or perceived failure. Go forth  one step at a time into the unknown doing what you meditate out as RIGHT . You will never give up. You may return if perchance you think you do. With the GRACE OF GOD (by any name) you will arrive and BECOME YOUR TRUE SELF! 

    ***Note***    The higher you go, the greater the length of your shadow which will try to pull you down. Hard as it can seem, this exercise would be to strengthen you if you are weak in any areas to be tested  along  this Path of Return. Ultimately, all being one in reunion, the Shadow  is blended to middle column where that Great Force becomes available for your purpose. This side of your own nature must benefit from your endeavors to rise on the  planes.

Transmutation/Salvation/Ascension/Return/   Union/ Ultimate Consciousness...all rewards of your successful journey.  No separation  means that  all must be inclusive but Mildness is the other name for  the Mercury Middle Pillar. ONENESS IS ALL INCLUSIVE  AND NO CONCEPTS CAN EVER BE THE SAME IN THIS STATE OF BEINGNESS.
*Sort of like the Fallen Angel being allowed to return to the Hand of God.

Meditation is a communion with the “Spiritual Power within your Soul.”
Meditation develops spiritual awareness. It takes time, willing effort and can and should be done without any stressful exertion. The rewards are great, life is improved, the quality of who you are is remarkable. Yes, you must elect, become aware of your mission of the self for the Self of all. Yes you must attenuate and strive to go this Pathway. Yes, you must change to become fully alive and know it. Yes, there is always more to go and yes, when you get there everything which now matters won’t!  Still there is an imperative in the blood and once you have this imperative you go for it or somehow despair and depression take over. Gloom? The reason? Once you start to reach for this rainbow over the horizon, you know too much to stop. Too much to be joyful without the great richness of THE QUEST.

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