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How do you go through 'The Eye of The Needle'? Is it impossible?

What Kybalion means to me.

VIBRATION -  “If that which thou seekest, thou findest not within thyself, thou wilt never find it without thee.”    (Hermetic Philosophy)

    Speed is what you need. Yes, to go up the ladder of metals to the mountain top one has to quicken. That’s do more, take on tasks,  take responsibility, go through the impossible, be brave, courageous and true to yourself and attenuate toward becoming more and more and the most that you are able to be. You speed up and your vibration speeds up. Faster than the speed of light. Faster than a speeding bullet. Eventually the human eye can not see you  but the trans-human being that you become can both see and hear more than most are able to know is even there.
Yes,  there is growth in “some direction, dimension or amplification.” Eventually we change that word “some” to “all” directions, dimensions and amplifications.

Don’t say “no, I can’t, I won’t”. Go for the biggest scenario of your life. Work your way up doing what you know is right in your heart. Take so-called failures as a lesson or a turn in direction. Improve on it or take another path but still keep on going and doing what your heart tells you is you next step toward greatness and fulfillment in the REAL VALUES OF THE UNIVERSE.
GO THROUGH THE IMPOSSIBLE FOR THERE IS 'NONE' SUCH THING. Giant steps or step by step- take the time to improve yourself. Be creative. Be all things to all people. Be brother to all people for they are that to you and more so. Play all roles if only on the stage or in your imagination. Be not fearful  for this is the way to go. This is speed in the human experience. This is you bringing up the rate of your vibration in the coming of a larger IDENTITY. As you become more  able,  you speed up the process of metamorphosis   which is the  transmuting of lead to gold and/or the caterpillar to the butterfly, the human to the trans-man to the winged one. The adept to the golden master to the now  INCOMPREHENSIBLE, but not impossible for WHO you can become to know!

Becoming  and Believing is magic and magical coincidences take place, pour forth -   but not all perceive what is occurring. Yet, these happen all the time to change the “picture” of the jig saw puzzle that is life. Magical coincidences happen more in speeded up lives. High vibrations can change the being and all that is connected/corresponded to that being who is speeding up. Where  did that saying come from? When you want something done, give it to a busy person. High vibrations!

Now do not believe that quiet meditative work sitting in your chair at a desk (ex-cathedra) is not the most subtle form of speed. No miracles or magical coincidences  that are of Universal value in your processing will happen without this work included. That is unless you need a big lesson! I would rather  learn at the “table” than be hit in life by one of these. However, as the values of the Universe are often in reverse of earth values, some of these lessons may not be apparent to the one receiving it.

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