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How important is your 'Will'to Work & Seek The Truth of The Universe?

CENTERING: We talk about will...The “human will” to be brought under control. What about thinking in terms of trans-human will, for is that not what we are becoming on a journey to even higher designations? Yes, then we must think in terms of a Higher Will to which we are willing to open to and become a receptor for, in order to  transmit this Perfect Mind into our universe. This is being servant. this is being receptor and transmitter of the Primal Will to Good which eternally creates and sustains the Universe. This is being a vehicle in which this Will is the   rider  and master and this is a willingness to exchange “who you were and are,” for ”who you are becoming!”  

*Certainly, in this process of becoming more, you must try to cultivate a balanced way of going about the business of living. Note  what you say that is negative . Those negative habits of speech and action have to be revised and a different more positive substitution of an affirmative habit replace any old force pulling habit . This cultivation is beneficial. Feelings , now seen objectively as causing  the action and reaction that comes out of experiences which are lessons to be learned, can be brought to balance.

What does “that”  experience mean here? Stop and perceive what have you done (your need)  to be in this situation, what were your learning needs, what are you learning, what have you done to clear up/dissolve the basic  weaknesses that are your special fears? What is of true value? What good does it do to obsess on loss or other misperceived  values? What would change the meaning of the experience? Your own value system? Your own ability to gain from the lesson so as not to have to have it again? Your own mind in balance affirming what is truly valuable to your life and being? Wholeness in your vision and sureness of true value? If not sureness, then faith that it is there and trust that it is there for you?

*So human will, to trans-human will, to Primal Will starts its transformation by being willing to train, strengthen and cultivate your will power  and then giving it over to higher consciousness to do it for you. To do what is right  through and for you.

The aim is to center and be balanced in middle column; To get off the poles of extremes and to raise Identity and therefore perspective. Only “there” is the elevator available for ascent!  And just a reminder for the testing and the bumpy part of the road - The higher you ascend, the longer the shadow you cast. The ultimate Beingness is reunion of all parts of the whole.Therefore,  be prepared for the testing effort to pull you down by any trick even that of offering you all you ever desired, and counteract it.

Like Alladin, you must stay on the straight and narrow to get to the lamp and have the right to take it. Be worthy! Elevators go in two directions. You desire ascent..  Keep focus on your great one pointed desire. If by chance you do stray, go back on your diet - you may. Don’t tear yourself apart with self judgment.  Get to work. The second you do, some thing comes over you. “Well being” and all is right with the world. Literally, doing your “work” will change your physical circumstances. It is magic and It is done through and for you,  for “who you are” is everything.

*On the pole? Look through center to the other extreme.  You will move over toward the middle. It’s great to know in advance that testing will occur. That enables you to recognize it as such and make decisions that overcome the attraction or magnetic pull of unbalanced choices.


Rhythm   Vibration    Polarity    Compensation    Force

*How to understand? There is so much darkness...evil, corruption, annihilation in mankind much beyond the comprehension of most.

*Fifty - fifty  the dark and the light!  The Law of Compensation - what goes out, comes back equally from the other pole of circumstances. If it does not equal out in your life, it is continuous  in the Universe...Unless you are working from center where it is neutral and in that spot - beneficial to all.There is nothing ( except  possibly, your own doubt/denial which can rise up to challenge you) to oppose what is right balanced and from a causal place that is high and therefore “mighty” in a very on-point way.

*On the Higher Planes, the vibratory rates are also higher. Sort of speed, faster than light, sound and not subject to the lower “disorders” which may be off the point of truth. When will you be so speeded up that  you appear to be “still” or  perhaps not seen by ordinary perceptions?

*Ebb and flow, high and low, back and forth the tides are eternal as the pendulum swings. Only if you can lift up your consciousness from that place of balance in center column can you ride above that ongoing, forever rhythm of the Universe. The choice to get off the poles is yours. The “work” is everyday life. Handling relationships with the knowledge that every encounter with another is an encounter with an aspect of yourself and God! ...Until there is no “relationship”.

The “work” is meditation seeking and trusting your “voice” from a place of receptive balance. The “work” is recollection of all your life to the present moment in order  to examine the lessons, the purpose of life and resolve to your “true identity” which at that time shall be written in capitols. And the “work” is creative endeavors to put forth  beauty and all that is yourself as an expression of the Primal Will to Good. That is until you come to the Greater Abyss where that  and all must be put behind as you step across the Threshold of the Great Unknown. The Grail, The Quest attained. The Golden Body attained and given up for the unknown to be knowable.

*Force, it real if you can not see it? Can you feel it in your body? Yes, although different people are experiencing it differently and in  various degrees of strength.

*As you develop in your work, you build up your ability to have capacity to hold the force in your body and to take that meditation out into the world with you regularly until that is all you do as your foundation.

That is one main reason that repression is a giant enemy of aspiration. Repression is self destructive. Replace unwanted habits with positive ones but do not repress your desires altogether because that is the death of force in you except as a destructive device. You need force to ascend on the path of return, used correctly in balance  from  centered spot.  Actually, The Force comes through you from so-called “above” to do it’s work on Earth. You become the vehicle through which WILL works. You are “graced.”

***Ultimately you will become so self-sufficient that you will not have needs. No pull, no attraction, habits will be gone with no problems. “Thinking” as most  know it, not necessary. All TRUTH projecting from a point of balance which is YOU! Willing and Able.

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