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My Wish:

To be a Musician


Listening to Heart’s Song More



To wear my music


Notes feeling like silk upon the skin


Sensually soft and strong


The layers of frequencies


Clear as the bell of a Musician’s Triangle




You hear me before you see me!


A work in progress


An unfinished Symphony


Sometimes Progressive, Cool Jazz


Practicing Rhapsody in Blue daily




Being True Blue Grace of R-E-S-P-E-C-T


Music is consonance/dissonance and space


Missing beats, off-key but I AM still tango-ing on


Forgiving, blessing, thanking


Integrating this intentional harmonization!




My Heart, a flute, plays this Amazing Grace


How sweet this Sound of Soul’s dream


Me no wretch and with lyrics changed


Once deaf but now I hear: the Music


Of Heart’s Melody: Our dreams come true.


It is the human heart which becomes the harp of the angels; it is the human heart which is known as the lute of Orpheus. It was on the model of the heart of man that the first instrument of music was made, the flute, and no earthly instrument can produce that music which the heart produces, raising the mortal soul to immortality

The Music I play - each note a color.

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Outstanding! Simple! Complete! Portable! I Love this musical Chakra! A wonderful tool. And your prose, a keeper.

Thanks for your heart song, good friend.                                   Michael

Thank you Michael for your kind comments I appreciate them:

Just so you know, the first line should read: To wear my Music like a coat of many colors

Ha ha....

Love Swan


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