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The veils have fallen softly over Time.

The truth is obscured, and the Light is darkened.

Shaded are the days behind the screen

Of what was lost or failed.

An idea held so tight that it was immersed into darkness,

And there is no Light where doubt has become the way.


Darkness reigns until the seasons of the mind are destroyed,

And the Headless Spirit is awakened.

Then He will rise up and squeeze out the Blood from the Stars.

But in the shadow of night will the darkness linger –

In the tainted realm where we have fallen;

In the stillness of twilight He will remember the Beginning.

The Ending will follow Him and will find Him not.


He is the blue sky and the starry night.

See Him in the painted Sol?

Having All-Power, He must only be Himself.

If He does not consider the outer deception,

Death will enter in to shut Him up

With every idea that has a limit.


Terror will shake the taproot of His Soul,

As He turns to face His own contradiction;

He will understand that every Star is a seed

Sailing upon a crystal sea of deep azure blue.

Then His every action will be surrounded by Love.


After all possibilities have been exhausted,

He will turn to face the Unknown,

And He will pierce the depth of night!

No longer will He struggle against Himself.

With the Power that is found in Silence,

He will rule forever –

For His Poison is called Truth,

And none shall avail against Him.


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