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I AM Fortune’s Innocent Gentle Fool: Thrice Blessed- The 6th Element

The Flowering Tree 


Shed all my bitter guilt weighted lack tainted leaves

In seven years of a slow motion dark winter night’s paradoxical hell

Each a conscious heart-in-hand plucked tombstone to ego’s maze of blames.


Unlike childhood this was no constant covert bloodletting

Just daily mirror-telling belief letting of original sin pain poisons

SELF-forgiveness watered schism cracked ground.


Stripped searched, scaled and fugue state spent

Heart memory surges in ancient spirals of multiple ringing truths:

I AM Cabalah’s Tree: Fortune’s Innocent Gentle Fool


Respect of the Feminine is honoring all feelings

This truth that sets me free of co-dependency is my service to others

I wax in the found center of instinct: Selfishness


Grow this realization of Peace in my own garden first!

This Accord with the Goddess anchored my shallow anorexic roots

And the encouragement of Spring began.


An audible music tones me

Alive for the first time in time, a Jesus-of-sorts resurrected

Strong ever able to flow with the Rosy Cross of Justice


As inspiring as a Monet canvas

Eyes filled with hues of ever greens, blues, purples and Light.

No longer future afraid the All of Life is welcome!


Muses dominion call answered

My resonance is now tended tender leaves of self-acceptance

Our impressions: all is good and beauty-full


Once make-shift-ed I am now shape-shifted

A real ancient mariner, an authentic Blue sky writer

Living the Light of 666 - 6th chakra thrice blessed!




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I love it!  There is a wealth of self growth in this poem.  Thank you for sharing!

I wanted to know "God" more. That is the yearn and the burn that is Light.

Thank you dear - it was a poem actually written to honor my senses - they do become calibrated with pain and this is what we project on to others. Stops us from seeing our Angelic light and others - as you know!

My Soul speaks to me in pictures - She taught me to see deeper and feel more.She keeps me on my Toes - in many inspiring and aspiring ways! I know you know what I mean!!

I enjoyed counting circles

In the lines of your tree

The vastness within your tree bark

Makes poetry

Hi Michael.....somehow missed your response to me. I love your poem in reply. Thank you so much and many blessings.

Oh Dean.......what a complete and lovely soulful surprise! It is 7:30am on a grey Sunday morning.....and .....your gift to me-- certainly was a gift from an Angel. .....I love you so much any way....but you are on top of the charts today.....with this one.  Many blessings to you Dean and Thank you so very much.

Thank you takes one to know one!! Speaking of flying - you might like my new poem I just posted about Icarus. Today the Sun is going to go into an eclipse and it will be aligned with The Moon and the Earth. Fulfilling the Triplicty Covenant of the joining of the Masculine and Feminine with Respect....

Love Nancy, A Swan


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