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The Only Lonely Life

As waves of wakefulness discard the hooks of distraction that make what we call the modern day.
I fine need in changing the volume of life’s screaming please to adjust our combined paths.
Mother Gaia's furnishes more nurturing energy to both heal and seal the pulsing and open wounds.

Focus ripping sections of distracted consumers forcing more from her giving earthly bounty.
Out stretched palms need is real in search of hope, warmth and welcome, and still lacking a meal.
Rule of the system to salt the only perceivably acceptable solutions to all lead to them.

Treading on paths management supplied, why make it last, there is still more to take from their side.
Heavily burdened we toil, chasing false dreams subliminally directed, the corporate gold ring.
Enlightening clips of other ways, a barrage of opposition is set in the way, the ones close may not see.

Heart’s radiance with power to show paths walked alone form one’s inner acceptance wanting to know.
Experience just and the inner self trust we are open to views anew breaking the mold to conform.
Affirming of growth can leave space in the shared understanding and for those still to grow.
Rejecting a spirit consuming systems influence can be the only lonely life worth making.
The toll we may pay well worth the Primordial Mother Gaia’s embrace we are never alone.

JustDreams of a Talking Stick

Namaste JD

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