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Greetings, I am trying to organize a group of forty together to engage in scheduled meditation to receive energy and then disperse it to needed areas of earth or other areas of significance. I will post further information regarding the subject shortly. Such groups already exist however I would like to start another with people from this website if interested

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You are a wonderful Soul Love what you are doing. Will these meditations be held from a distance or in a group setting?

~Love, Light, Blessings~

I am sorry for the lack of activity of myself within this group. I had underwent a series of adjustments in life and took on some tasks to complete to better my circumstances and improve my well being. Nothing too crazy I guess. Just life stuff like employment, peers, lengthy study, and a bodybuilding competition, all of which requiring much effort and dedication to succeed. Well I succeeded so now that my circumstances have improved greatly I plan to devote more of my time to helping others. This includes posting blogs (mostly philosophical as that is my current area of study) and by managing this page to organize a group. If I can organize enough people within my proximity then we shall meet in person cause its more personal and has greater effect. Also I plan to get something happening online as well. Once again I apologize for the lack of activity on my behalf. Thank you, Dustin.


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