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I apologize for sending this question to the group ......

Instead of originally posting it as a discussion I accidentally selected send message to group.

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I am trying to figure out how people interpret what they see in a situation like this:

Q- "what positives will come from this opportunity"

Then the card that shows up is somewhat of a negative theme.

What do you think?


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I think that the best way to understand anything with tarot is to look deeper by means of meditation, in whatever way you can manage. Without knowing the symbolism in question it is difficult to answer clearly, but I am sure that you could gain greater insight yourself if you are able to connect more deeply with the cards and move past what is obscuring the meaning for you. It could be that there is not a positive to be reached in this situation but I don't want to put that in your head and I believe that through tarot we can often bind ourselves to ideas that we create ourselves which would not necessarily be set, but as we focus on them in the mind we manifest that reality. Could the seemingly negative aspects actually be a stepping stone on the way to something positive? Perhaps in abandonment of the opportunity, if this were a warning, something better may arise elsewhere (again, don't let me plant seeds! keep your mind airy). I also find that what we see as positive/negative aspects of many cards can vary depending on the other cards in the reading, it is always about how it fits in the bigger picture. 
Sorry if this does not seem a helpful answer, but I think it is truly the best way to seek deeper vision yourself rather than going by the words and theories of others, I'm sure some would disagree as many readers seem to see tarot as a set system. The answers should be there if we learn to move past the clouds and the initial feelings often hold the most truth, even if we wish to deny them. (sorry, it's really late. Good luck!)

Couldn't have put it better mySelf.

Thanks for the replies,

After thinking about it a bit and taking into account Kian's advice I was also thinking (but I'm not certain) that maybe the questions may be wrong too.  Instead of asking what positive/negative will come out of something maybe just ask what will come from something and let the tarot do its work.


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