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Greetings All!

For Christmas my wife got me the Starman Tarot. I have not spent much time on it, but I wanted to share it with the group. My initial impressions are:

  • Pros
    • Bowie! (Really, need I say more?)
    • Beautiful artwork
    • Rich symbolism
    • Maintains meaning of cards, but modernized and, yes, Bowie (catching a drift?)
  • Cons
    • The print in the book is difficult for my aging eyes.
    • The artwork is so colorful, that it can be distracting

If you have the deck, or get it, I would be interested in sharing your thoughts. Hopefully I will get to spend more time with it in the future


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Thank you for this, Brian. It is timely. I have been working with Bowie and his connection to the Fool and incorporating it in my Tree of Life teaching. And it has been on hold since the summer. But, I don't have this deck. There seems to be some threads here to follow..

However, I use traditional decks for the most part. Is it worth buying this deck?

Bowie calls!

Is it worth buying? I can't say for sure, but I can see where you could incorporate it into your teaching.

There is a Starman Tarot Facebook group. You can join it and see some images.

Eva, i was just on Instagram. There is a StarmanTarot page that has lots of images.

Thank you for this update. I am very curious and will check it out.

Interesting timing.

Hi everybody. I have studied and practice Tarot for thirty years now. On the other hand, I love David Bowie's music. Now, the issue here, in my opinion, is the general confusion between a genuine esoteric Tarot deck and a Tarot-like, 78 cards Oracle. Truthfully, there are very few genuine, esoteric Tarot decks. Most of the so-called Tarot deck on the market are designed for playing the Tarot game - such are the Tarot of Marseille type of decks -, and most of the other decks are Tarot-like Oracles. The Starman Tarot is one of these thematic Oracles. There are Star Wars themed decks; Matrix themed decks, Gothic decks, Angle decks and so on. It is a nice deck for someone who's collect Tarot decks and loves Bowie, but it is not a deck designed for explicit esoteric purposes. Sure, it can serve any purpose we like, including fortune-telling and divination. I am afraid, many people do not understand the difference between Tarot and Oracles. Best regards!

I did receive the Starman deck this week as I teach Tarot classes and Bowie is a muse. However, the cards are somewhat disappointing and more of collector's deck. For my Tarot work, I tend to use Thoth which I have used for over 30 years. There is no other deck as complete for use with the Tree of Life. I use Rider-Waite for teaching and there are many esoteric decks that are helpful for study. This deck commemorates the artist's perspective on Bowie and can be fun. At least, it is a full deck of 78 cards but it is not clear for esoteric use.


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