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Value of
Meaning of
Letter Name:
Aleph Aleph 1 The Fool Ox 11
Bet Bet 2 The Magician House 12
Gimel Gimel 3 The High Priestess Camel 13
Dalet Dalet 4 The Empress Door 14
Heh Hay 5 The Emperor1 Window 15
Vau Vau 6 The Hierophant Nail 16
Zain Zain 7 The Lovers Sword 17
Chet Chet 8 The Chariot Fence 18
Tet Tet 9 Strength Serpent 19
Yod Yod 10 The Hermit Hand 20
Koph Kaf 20 The Wheel of Fortune Closed Hand 21
Lamed Lamed 30 Justice Ox Goad 22
Mem Mem 40 The Hanged Man Water 23
Nun Nun 50 Death Fish 24
Samekh Samekh 60 Temperance Prop 25
Ayin Ayin 70 The Devil Eye 26
Peh Peh 80 The Tower Mouth 27
Tzaddi Tzaddi 90 The Star2 Fish Hook 28
Qof Qof 100 The Moon Back of Head 29
Resh Resh 200 The Sun Head 30
Shin Shin 300 Judgment Tooth 31
Taw Taw 400 The World Cross or Mark 32

1. Crowley sometimes used the Star in this place in the Thoth Deck 2. Crowley sometimes used the Emperor in this place in the Thoth Deck

Tarot Trump
from the
Sepher Yetzirah
(0) Aleph The Fool Above to Below
I Bet The Magician Above
II Gimel The High Priestess Below
III Dalet The Empress East
IV Heh The Emperor (var: Star) Northeast
V Vau The Hierophant Southeast
VI Zain The Lovers East-above
VII Chet The Chariot East-below
VIII (XI) Tet Strength North-above
IX Yod The Hermit North-below
X Kaph The Wheel of Fortune West
XI (VIII) Lamed Justice Northwest
XII Mem The Hanged Man East to West
XIII Nun Death Southwest
XIV Samekh Temperance West-above
XV Ayin The Devil West-below
XVI Peh The Tower North
XVII Tzaddi The Star (var: Emperor) South-above
XVIII Qof The Moon South-below
XIX Resh The Sun South
XX Shin Judgment North to South
XI Taw The World Central point

Yetziratic Intelligence
(Golden Dawn Version):
Musical Note
(Paul Case Version):
Aleph Fiery Intelligence E Natural
Bet Intelligence of Transparency E Natural
Gimel Uniting Intelligence G Sharp
Dalet Luminous Intelligence F Sharp
Heh Constituting Intelligence C Natural
Vau Triumphant and Eternal Intelligence C Sharp
Zain Disposing Intelligence D Natural
Chet Intelligence of the House of Influence D Sharp
Tet Intelligence of the Secret of all
Spiritual Activities
E Natural
Yod Intelligence of Will F Natural
Koph Rewarding Intelligence A Sharp
Lamed Faithful Intelligence G Sharp
Mem Stable Intelligence G Sharp
Nun Imaginative Intelligence G Natural
Samekh Intelligence of Probation G Sharp
Ayin Renewing Intelligence A Natural
Peh Exciting Intelligence C Natural
Tzaddi Natural Intelligence A Sharp
Qof Corporeal Intelligence B Natural
Resh Collecting Intelligence D Natural
Shin Perpetual Intelligence C Natural
Taw Administrative Intelligence A Natural

The musical correspondences developed by Case associate the Hebrew letters with the black and white keys of the piano in the same order as the King Scale colors.

Atributes from the Sepher
 (Golden Dawn version):
Traditional Tarot
Trump Title:
Aleph Elemental AirUranus Breath of life, Spirit Fool
Bet Mercury Attention, Life and Death Magician
Gimel Moon Memory, Peace and Strife High Priestess
Dalet Venus Imagination, Wisdom and Folly Empress
Heh Aries Reason, Sight Emperor (or Star)
Vau Taurus Intuition, Hearing Hierophant
Zain Gemini Discrimination, Smell Lovers
Chet Cancer Receptive Will, Speech Chariot
Tet Leo Suggestion, Digestion Strength
Yod Virgo Response and Union of
Opposites, Touch
Koph Jupiter Rotation, Wealth and Poverty Wheel of Fortune
Lamed Libra Equilibrium, Action-work Justice
Mem Elemental WaterNeptune Reversal, Suspended Mind Hanged Man
Nun Scorpio Transformation, Motion Death
Samekh Sagittarius Verification, Wrath Temperance
Ayin Capricorn Bondage, Mirth Devil
Peh Mars Awakening, Grace and Sin Tower
Tzaddi Aquarius Revelation, Meditation Star (or Emperor)
Qof Pisces Organization, Sleep Moon
Resh Sun Regeneration, Fertility and
Shin Elemental Fire, P Realization, Decision Judgment
Taw Elemental EarthSaturn Universal Consciousness,
Dominion and Slavery

Variant Titles of the Tarot Trumps:
Tarot Trump
Thoth Atu
Crowley Deck:
(0) The Fool  The Fool
I The Magician (The Mountebank, The Juggler, The Magician) The Magus
II The High Priestess La Papesse (The Female Pope) The Priestess
III The Empress The Empress
IV The Emperor The Emperor (var: Star)
V The Hierophant (The Pope) The Hierophant
VI The Lovers The Lovers
VII The Chariot The Chariot
VIII (XI) Strength (Fortitude) Lust (XI)
IX The Hermit The Hermit
X The Wheel of Fortune Fortune
XI (VIII) Justice Adjustment (VIII)
XII The Hanged Man The Hanged Man
XIII Death Death
XIV Temperance Art
XV The Devil The Devil
XVI The Tower (The House of God) The Tower
XVII The Star The Star (var: Emperor)
XVIII The Moon The Moon
XIX The Sun The Sun
XX Judgment Aeon
XI The World Universe

Thoth (Crowley) Deck titles for the Minor Atus:

1. --- Root of the Powers of Fire.
2. --- Dominion. 3. --- Virtue. 4. --- Completion.
5. --- Strife. 6. --- Victory. 7. --- Valour.
8. --- Swiftness. 9. --- Strength. 10. --- Oppression.


1. --- Root of the Powers of Water.
2. --- Love. 3. --- Abundance. 4. --- Luxury.
5. --- Disappointment. 6. --- Pleasure. 7. --- Debauch.
8. --- Indolence. 9. --- Happiness. 10. --- Satiety.


1. --- Root of the Powers of Air.
2. --- Peace. 3. --- Sorrow. 4. --- Truce.
5. --- Defeat. 6. --- Science. 7. --- Futility.
8. --- Interference. 9. --- Cruelty. 10. --- Ruin.


1. --- Root of the Powers of Earth.
2. --- Change. 3. --- Work. 4. --- Power.
5. --- Worry. 6. --- Success. 7. --- Failure.
8. --- Prudence. 9. --- Gain. 10. --- Wealth.


The Order of the Golden Dawn allocated Aces to the four elements and the rest of the Minor Trumps to decans of the zodiac. A decan is a ten degree division of a zodiacal sign. Thus each sign has three decans or 30°. All twelve signs total 36 decans. In assigning ruling planets to the decans, the Golden Dawn used the method of Ptolemy. Modern astrology frequently uses a much less elaborate method. Both are given here. In the Thoth (Crowley) Deck, this information is marked on the cards themselves for Two through Ten. In the Rider or Celtic (Waite) Deck, these factors are sometimes translated into corresponding Major Trumps and used as a basis for the design; e.g. the Two of Wands has Aries ruled by Mars. This is the Emperor (Aries) and the Tower (Mars), so the card shows an Emperor standing on a Tower. The Key Expression used by the Order of the Golden Dawn usually derives from this Astrological correspondence.

Key Expression:
Decan or Element
and Ruler (G D):
Wands Ace Root of Fire Elemental Fire Sun by day
Jupiter by night
Wands Two Dominion 0°-10° AriesMars Mars
Wands Three Established Strength 10°-20° AriesSun Venus
Wands Four Perfected Work 20°-30° AriesVenus Mercury
Wands Five Strife 0°-10° LeoSaturn Mars
Wands Six Victory 10°-20° LeoJupiter Venus
Wands Seven Valor 20°-30° LeoMars Mercury
Wands Eight Swiftness 0°-10° SagittariusMercury Mars
Wands Nine Great Strength 10°-20° SagittariusMoon Venus
Wands Ten Oppression 20°-30° SagittariusSaturn Mercury
Cups Ace Root of Water Elemental Water Mars+Venus by day
Mars+Moon by night
Cups Two Love 0°-10° CancerVenus Saturn
Cups Three Abundance 10°-20° CancerMercury Saturn
Cups Four Blended Pleasure 20°-30° CancerMoon JupiterNeptune
Cups Five Loss in Pleasure 0°-10° ScorpioMars Saturn
Cups Six Pleasure 10°-20° ScorpioSun Saturn
Cups Seven Illusionary Success 20°-30° ScorpioVenus JupiterNeptune
Cups Eight Abandoned Success 0°-10° PiscesSaturn Saturn
Cups Nine Material Happiness 10°-20° PiscesJupiter Saturn
Cups Ten Perpetual Success 20°-30° PiscesMars JupiterNeptune
Swords Ace Root of Air Elemental Air Saturn by day
Mercury by night
Swords Two Peace Restored 0°-10° LibraMoon Venus
Swords Three Sorrow 10°-20° LibraSaturn Mars, P
Swords Four Rest from Strife 20°-30° LibraJupiter Jupiter
Swords Five Defeat 0°-10° AquariusVenus Venus
Swords Six Earned Success 10°-20° AquariusMercury Mars, P
Swords Seven Unstable Effort 20°-30° AquariusMoon Jupiter
Swords Eight Shortened Force 0°-10° GeminiJupiter Venus
Swords Nine Despair and Cruelty 10°-20° GeminiMars Mars, P
Swords Ten Ruin 20°-30° GeminiSun Jupiter
Coins Ace Root of Air Elemental Earth Venus by day
Moon by night
Coins Two Harmonious Change 0°-10° CapricornJupiter Moon
Coins Three Material Works 10°-20° CapricornMars Sun
Coins Four Earthly Power 20°-30° CapricornSun Mercury
Coins Five Material Trouble 0°-10° TaurusMercury Moon
Coins Six Material Success 10°-20° TaurusMoon Sun
Coins Seven Success Unfulfilled 20°-30° TaurusSaturn Mercury
Coins Eight Prudence 0°-10° VirgoSun Moon
Coins Nine Material Gain 10°-20° VirgoVenus Sun
Coins Ten Wealth 20°-30° VirgoMercury Mercury

Strength, or Fortitude

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