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Lesson 1: The Pyramid Spread

       The Pyramid spread is a classic spread that is complex but can be easily understood. Please note that this particular spread is meant to be looked from many different view points. There are mini pyramids that connect to each other to form the pyramid and you must look at the entire pyramid as well and follow the cards ascending on the left and right of the pyramid that lead to the Main outcome. Each way you look at the pyramid you will see more and more answers.


       Above is the Basic lay out of the 15 card spread. Let me go over the basics since the image is more a Visual with a few rules than it is a complete guide. 

       After you have done your personal routine lay out cards 1 through 5 from left to right and continue going from the left to right as you build the the pyramid until you reach the 15th card at the top.

       Through out the spread their are ten Mini pyramids. All ten mini pyramids connect to each other.

Lets look at a simple Pyramid Three Card reading. 

Now that we have an understanding of how the mini pyramids connect and create the full pyramid please refer to first Image for the meaning of the three cards in the middle of the spread.




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Comment by Elerman on November 18, 2013 at 7:42pm

Very Interesting here..

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