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Why are we here? To change the world? To change our selfs? To change all? What is the indigo mission?

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I believe we are here to usher in a new way of being in this physical world, or to move on to a new world altogether, who knows. We are all special in our own ways, I happen to be an indigo child who can feel and see more than most people. I've had experiences with spirits, I've never been afraid of the paranormal, but rather embraced it, it reminds me of my dreams, and when I dream, its like the universe is exploding with new experiences, lately almost to an overwhelming point. I think we have a very important purpose that will come to light soon enough, right now its important you do your best to find peace and don't worry yourself, we are being helped in ways we aren't aware of, consciously.

Hello everyone,

What year did the first indigos incarnate on Earth?

How many indigos on Earth now (average)?

Thank you.


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