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In the intro to this page there is a list of things that can be learned from watching Marko Rodin's video. Number 18 on the list says:

The preferred frame of reference to the universe is based upon the fixed constant number 9.

What I'm going to present here isn't the kind of post you would probably expect in a math discussion, especially one about toroid math, or "vector based" math, as it's also called. And because of that, it might not seem relevant. But the thing is, there's a phenomenon here that seems unusually "coincidental". So coincidental that just maybe it's not a mere coincidence but might have more to do with another statement in the intro to this page:

You will discover that the relationships between numbers are not random or man-made but that numbers are actually elementary particles of which everything is composed.

"...of which everything is composed"? Is it possible that our alphabet could be included in that "everything"? I don't know. Seems like a bizarre idea. But here's what happened.

Back in the early 90s I was exploring the possibility that our alphabet was somehow encoded. How I came to that idea is a long story and I won't bother with it here. There are two specific things I didn't know at the time:

1. I'd never heard of gematria (in fact, I called my work CryptoNumerology for lack of anything else to call it. It was maybe a year or so later that someone told me what I was doing was similar to what the ancient Greek and Hebrew priests and mystics called "gematria").

2. I'd never heard of Marko Rodin.

All I knew was that, through a seemingly insignificant little incident while I was shaving one morning, I had stumbled upon an idea that led me to wonder if the alphabet was encoded. I knew very little about numerology and was pretty well convinced there was nothing to it. But I did borrow the simple serial code of numerology for my experiment: A=1 through Z=26.

I'm going to skip over a lot here so I can get to the point. Suffice to say I began noticing a lot of the words that I was turning into numbers (by calculating their alphanumeric values, based on the code) were multiples of 9. Well, sure. With the thousands of words in the English language, of course there would be many whose values were multiples of 9. But, beyond that, I noticed that a lot of words with matching values (whether multiples of 9 or not) could be seen as having connections via the meanings and concepts of those words. This, as I later learned, is the fundamental idea behind gematria. Then I began limiting my population of words and phrases by focusing only on what I called "case related" words and phrases. In other words, rather than just randomly experimenting with words that had no overt connections, such as bicycle and heaven, I focused my attention on specific categories of words and phrases, things that would be more likely to have some connections. for example, one of my first discoveries was this:


From this gematria equation came a whole slew of remarkable gematria "coincidences". I've posted some that in the "Gematria" group here on this site. You'll notice 74 isn't a multiple of 9. But the 9 comes in to it and creates just one of many of those coincidences:

74 x 9 = 666

I noticed, also, that all of the so-called "sacred numbers" are multiples of 9. Numbers like 72, 108, 144, 153, 162, 432, etc. I found that to be interesting and realized there had to be some reason behind that. Most likely it has a lot to do with sacred geometry.

In any case, that's just a little background for anyone not familiar with English gematria. Now, on to the point of this post.

Since the number 9 was figuring so prominently in my work I had to wonder how that was happening. I wondered if 9 was somehow "programmed" into the structure of the alphabet. (Yes, I know, our Western alphabet has changed over the years, but that's another discussion.) I found that the alphanumeric value of the entire alphabet is 351 (3+5+1=9).

Then, on a whim, I folded the alphabet in half at the center between M and N. Imagine the letters A through Z printed along a strand of clear ribbon. Fold the ribbon in half and bring the two ends together. Now A is paired up with Z. B is paired with Y, and so on. What you get is 13 pairs, each with an alphanumeric value of 27 (2+7=9). That raised my eyebrows because I had already found this:


Now we get to how this process led to a discovery which, in turn, led me to Rodin's work.

I decided to convert the numerals 0 through 9 into the words "ZERO" through "NINE" and calculate the values of those words (I call those words "alphanumbers" for the sake of convenience when discussing them.) I then constructed what I call the AlphaNumber Table:


The "AlphaNumber Table" is the numbers 0 through 9 converted into words, which are categorized into groups, i.e. each group is identified by the number of letters in each of the words. For example, the words ONE, TWO, and SIX each consist of three letters and therefore comprise a set called the 3-Letter Group.

Here are the alphanumbers with their respective gematria values using the code:

ZERO=64, ONE=34, TWO=58, THREE=56, FOUR=60,

FIVE=42, SIX=52, SEVEN=65, EIGHT=49, NINE=42

The sum of those gematria values is 522, which reduces to 9 (5+2+2).

You'll notice the alphanumber, ZERO, is not included in the Groups (see Table). When I first began working with alphanumerics I was only using the numbers 1 through 9. Basically, that remains true. However, sometime after having created the Table, and after having worked with it for a while, I began to notice that most of the significant results were related only to the 3-letter Group (ONE, TWO, SIX) and the 4-letter Group (FOUR, FIVE, NINE). The 5-letter Group seemed to not yield up very much information. It didn't seem to correlate with much of anything. Of course I wondered why. Then it dawned on me that perhaps I should see what happens if I add ZERO to the mix. Immediately this seemed to activate the 5-letter Group.

Hang in there. This is leading up to the Rodin thing. :-)

Noticing that the alphanumber, ZERO, contained four letters I wondered if it should be included as part of the 4-letter Group. I tried it and everything seems to come to a grinding halt. To make an analogy, it was like the time my computer wouldn't work because I added a program whose extensions conflicted with other extensions already installed in the system. The incompatibility of the program froze the computer. As regards the Table, that was the practical side of the situation. There was also the more aesthetic question of interrupting the nice symmetry of the sets as they existed: three Groups of three alphanumbers each. If I added "ZERO" to the 4-letter Group then that nice symmetry would be broken.

In the end, I concluded that the "ZERO" must be a "stand alone" item; sort of a switch, so to speak, that could be turned on or off in order to activate the 5-letter Group.

Now, we're about to get to the Rodin thing. (Yaaay!) It's a little difficult to follow but no more so than trying to follow Rodin's work. The tie-in to Rodin's work is the number pattern at the foundation of his system: 124578, wherein the numbers 3, 6, 9 are missing. As you will see below, this same number pattern is embedded in the AlphaNumber Table except (and here's the amazing thing) it's not in form of numerals. It's in the form of AlphaNumbers! What? Yeah, I know! :-)

Okay, here it is. So I don't have to color-code this whole thing all over again, I'll just paste in some screen shots from my website.

It was after finding this 124578 pattern that I went searching to see if anyone else had ever come across this pattern in mathematics. That's when I stumbled onto Rodin's work. At that time there wasn't much of his work available on the web. But just from what I could find I realized there must be something going on here, some sort of connection between his work and this pattern I found when the numbers are converted into words using the English spelling. I tried it with other languages (Spanish, Italian, French and German) and could not get the same results. In fact, the results were void of ANY sort of patterns whatsoever.

Anyway, so that's it. If you were able to get through all this without your eyes glazing over then you get a huge gold star. :-)


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Only just came to read this post Gary. Its interesting to see the number value's of the English names of the numbers. I can only conclude that knowledge isn't always consciously expressed. The one spirit and creator or life has infused all of our expressions of what we have discovered with knowledge we have not consciously put in there. This may be relative to each our ability to be conduits of the one intelligence source at the center of all things. Thanks for posting!


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