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Red Ice Radio - Randy Powell - Hour 1 - Vortex Based Mathematics & The ABHA Tor


Gator showing the mechanics of his 18 x 18 grid drawn out geometrically. - Marko Rodin. the inventor of vortex mathematics, describes his two presentations at the TeslaTech 2012 Conference. He briefly discusses the applications of a colleague's work to artificial intelligence as well as extensively describing the applications of vortex mathematics across a variety of disciplines.

Marko Rodin's Vortex Mathematics is a scientific and numerical system involving whole numbers, toroidal constructs and spirituality that he claims describes underlying principles at the foundation of science and physics. Rodin describes Vortex Mathematics as the means by which energy expresses itself mathematically, in a manner without anomalies that describes the dimensional shape and function of the universe as being a toroidally-shaped black hole

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