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Video Recording of Town Hall Meeting:

Obama: This gentleman right here.

Michael Shore: Thank you very much, Mr. President. My name is Michael Shore. I'm here in Charolette. First of all, it's an honor to have you here with us today. 

I'm concerned that your decision to permit offshore drilling is going to have a chilling effect on investment in alternative sources of energy, and I'm interested to see what incentives you are proposing to establish the conditions and to stimulate research and development and expansion of that critical sector.

Obama: That's a great question. We invested in wind; we invested in solar; we invested in research and development; we invested in battery technology. 

Here's the challenge that we have. We don't yet have the technological breakthroughs that can completely replace fossil fuels. So for the next ten years; the next twenty years; we're still going to be using oil; we're still going to be using coal; we're still going to be using natural gas; we're still going to be using the traditional sources to fuel our cars, heat our homes, run our big power plants, etc. – unless somebody here invents something tomorrow, which would be very helpful. And if you have it, let me know.

Randy Powell:

You saw where I was going…


But I'd like to say, with all due respect, Mr. President, that this is me letting you know.

I'm here speaking because I'm at the forefront of the most advanced mathematics ever known to mankind; and because my teacher, Marco Rodin, discovered an unknown mathematical language inherent in nature; and I found the key of how to model it in three-dimensional space.

The saying is, mathematics is the language of God, but until now, no one has been speaking God's language. 

What we have is the grand unified field theory. With it you can create inexhaustible free energy; end all diseases; produce unlimited food; travel anywhere you want in the universe; build the ultimate supercomputer, create artificial intelligence; and obsolete all existing technologies.

How is it possible to make such outrageous claims? Because we have the secret that connects all of the world's technologies together: NUMBERS. We discovered that numbers are real, a living language, a jigsaw puzzle that when pieced together no longer creates a rendition or an approximation of reality. Numbers are reality: neither flat, nor arbitrary, nor imaginary, nor irrational. They are actually points or locations that fold out into a 3-D [dimensional] shape defining space and time literally.

Mr. Rodin discovered an equation that is so eloquent in its simplicity that involved no more than nine numbers forming a cross section of a circle, and yet with it you can do all the functions of all the branches of math instantly. It displays a perfect spin symmetry of numbers, forming mirror images just like our two hands – a feat which has baffled countless scientists and mathematicians.

When you look at this symbol, you immediately see that it is composed of two aspects. One is the lazy 8, or the infinity symbol; and the other is the red pyramid at the top.

This infinity symbol is the equation for the physical world we live in. It's a circuit; a pathway of motion – six numbers that form a hexagon.  Thus, such diverse phenomena as light polarizing, beehives, Saturn's North Pole, and snowflakes; are all versions of this hexagon. These shapes form pathways for any matter in motion, which is never straight, but always at an angle. Nothing in the physical world ever moves in a straight line: not a bullet shooting, not lightning coming down out of the sky. Everything is a coil: even a photon coming down from a distant star proving relativity exists. Our body is called this mortal coil.  DNA is a coil, and it's no coincidence that it matches our equation perfectly.


It makes us into a vortex machine that sucks things in at the top, and shoots them out at the bottom. As it does this, it regulates its own temperature – a very important concept for technologies that are always overheating. It is an imploding/exploding machine, a gyroscope, an antennae built perfectly to receive and transmit wave forms. In fact, Marco's antennae designs are protecting the four corners of the United States because they were found to be the most sensitive antennae ever created. Around the same time, he also presented at the largest genetic engineering conferences in the world on DNA sequencing, thus proving the ability of this math to cross the boundaries between sciences.

Jonas Salk, who is the inventor of the Polio vaccine, stated that this work is so advanced that it would never be understood in Marco's lifetime unless he cloned himself. So maybe that's what I am.

So what's the connection between all these sciences? The answer is simple: it's DOUBLING. When you follow what these numbers are doing, you get doubling. Why might that be significant? Our cells double to create us. We have one cell at conception that becomes 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, (etc.). Musical scales are doubling. The binary code of computers: doubling. Nuclear reactions, squares and square roots. All based on doubling. Doubling is motion at an angle, or what's called angular momentum. it is the whirlwind and the treadmill of creation, spinning the atoms in our body, the Earth on its axis, the solar system, the galaxy, and even the entire universe.

But what causes this doubling? What is it that is being transmitted and received? That's where that red pyramid comes in. This pyramid is representative of what we call "flux fields". We have electricity; at the center of electricity is magnetism; at the center of magnetism is a flux. It is a higher dimensional energy known by many names, such as dark energy, tachyons, monopoles, gravitons. We call it "Aetheron Energy". It's the energy that's keeping us conscious and alive. It's not a static or stationary energy. It's a pulse, it's a surge; it's a beating heart of all existence. It is the ultimate fundamental particle in all the universe – the God Particle. And we know how to harness it.

This energy is the source of all time, motion, and vibration; and it is the only thing that comes from the hole, the zero, the center of the cyclone. It emanates linearly in all directions, penetrating everything without any resistance. It cannot be shielded. As it penetrates, it leaves a grain.  It shows you how things move, how they stick together or come apart. It animates everything. It is the source of the non-decaying spin of the electron. 

If you combine it with a coil, you get a perfect mathematical vortex, consisting of a positive, electromagnetic energy radiating out, and a negative back-draft counter space that is the same as gravity -- allowing for contraction. Aetherons are literally the glue that holds the universe together. Einstein called it an inertia aether.

Ultimately, when this is arrayed in true 3-D [dimensional] shape (this is what I've discovered), it forms the shape commonly known as a torus or a doughnut. And that is where my work comes in nearly twenty years later. Essentially, this thing is a heat sink; its' a temperature regulator, just like your human body. It is a universal geometry designed for maximum efficiency in energy transformation, and an ecological method by which the universe reprocesses matter, using it as a coolant source to bathe itself at the core of a black hole and then dissipate heat away from the center out of a white hole.  It is based on compression and decompression – just like we use to control temperatures in technologies today such as refrigerators.

The Big Bang was just one of these reactions, giving birth to this expanding universe, which is expanding because we are on the southern half. The northern half is contracting. Space expands, time contracts – black hole to white hole. The torus is what everything becomes at its maximum acceleration.

[Regarding] this experiment that you're going to watch as I finish my talk, I want you to keep in mind when you're watching this magnet that is spinning around [that] there is no energy going into this coil. It's totally turned off. And I'll continue.

You're blood cells are a torus. DNA is a torus. Magnetic fields, galaxies ... all toroids. That is why a tornado is more powerful than an atom bomb. It is a one-way, living, systemic electrical machine; a self-sustaining jet. You might say: a flying saucer.

I found the way to calculate this torus in a perfect 3-D / 4-D, and higher mathematical hologram that can be scaled up and down to infinity, into what we now call the ABHA torus. But sometimes we refer to it by Marcos' name, which is a Flux-Thruster, Atom-Pulsar, Electrical Venturi, Space-Time Implosion Field Generator Coil. (laughter) And with it, it is possible to create a localized space-time implosion – a controlled desktop black hole. 

[Referring to the demo] That magnet is still spinning. There is no energy in the coil.

This is the final technology; the philosopher's stone; a reactionless drive, unaffected by any weight that may carry; a true model of an atom. With it, I have the key to the periodic table of elements; which a professor from the University of North Carolina said could be the greatest scientific discovery of all time. With this math, we can, for the first time, cross the boundary from once science to another, unbroken; whether sub-atomic physics, the periodic table, computer science, or DNA. Remember, I said, "cure all diseases", artificial intelligence – all the result of aetheron flux fields. 

Simply put, this ABHA torus does it all. It is a blueprint for a perfectly efficient magnetic field generating motor, a spaceship, a surgical tool, a supercomputer, and even a high-fidelity speaker, all in one. 

Are such things possible? Frankly, yes, they are. And my team is ready to develop them at any time. What you are seeing here [demo] is just the most primitive approximation of my work. 

But the truth and reality of our project is that it suffers from a tremendous lack of attention. It has been peer reviewed by some of the best names in science. But because of our unwillingness to sell it out to private interests, it remains in the hands of exhausted volunteers like me. 

Our goal is to create a grassroots energy and technology revolution by turning this information, this knowledge over to the public in an open source project – science museum exhibits for kids, simple books, simple DVD. That's all we're looking to do. And by that, we want to turn it into the hands of the people to produce and to save the whole world.

[This is what I believe is possible with this discovery and that is only what my small mind has fathomed. The truth is that the potential is unlimited and it is up to us all to harness this for future generations to create an entirely new world.]

Thank you very much.

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