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Secret History Of Creation (according to Zulu Secret Society)

  There once was a time when the blue sky was invisible. A time when the whole world was covered in mist, when you could not see the sun as it is today. The sun was seen as a splash of white light moving slowly across the sky. At that time there was an eternal drizzle every day of the year.

  At one time people could not see the stars. People only saw the trees growing, trees that where very large. There was no desert at that time, only lush jungle wherever you went. At this time humans where both male and female in one body.

  And out of the sky one day, came terrible objects. They where like gigantic bows made of gleaming gold. They where shaped like bows with no strings, and where bigger than the largest mountains. They came out of the sky bringing great noise, black smoke and fire with them. At this time humans could not speak. They had no gift of language at this time.. However they had great mental powers. A man could go out into the bush, and using his mental power, he could call out an animal which he wanted to hunt for his family. The animal would appear and kneel down before the man, and he would kill it and take it home.

  When the Chitauri arrived in Africa, they told our people that they where gods. They said they where going to give us humans great gifts, under one condition. We had to worship them, and accept them as our creators. They told some that they where our older brothers, and this earth had produced them generations ago. They said they had come back to the green whom of their mother.

  Then they created a strange pair of caves in the land. They dug two caves in which one contained a green light and the other a red light. The Chitauri drove the humans into these caves. Each human had to chose which cave to enter. Those who went into the green cave came out as women, and those who went into the red cave came out as men. And tha man saw the woman and hated her, for the strange lumps on her chest, he did not understand. When the woman saw the man she hated him, because they saw what they thought where snakes between the legs of the men. Then the Chitauri laughed like it was a big joke. Then the Chitauri said, "If you serve us, you wretched humans, we are going to make you into gods". The humans then agreed to worship the Chitauri. Then the Chitauri gave the humans their second gift, this was the gift of language. People started to speak with their tongue, where they had used their mind before. Again there was starting a great disturbance. One man did not understand the next mans language. When they spoke to each other one would think the other was insulting him. A lot of murder started to take place all over the world. When our people where given language they found, to their horror, they had lost much of their mental powers. They had paid a terrible price.

  The Chitauri where now the masters of humans. They made them go into holes in the ground and mine metals. Gold, copper, tin, and all sorts of other metals. They forced the people to mine. The people where very unhappy because they could not cope with the sexual difference between men and women.

  Then from the Chitauri came a female. She was the senior wife of the terrible chief of the Chitauri. This reptile lady felt sorry for humans. She said to the people "You are unhappy" and the people said "Yes great one, we go into the caves everyday to dig the stones and bring them to the gods, but we are not happy."  She then taught the men and the women how to 'make love', she said "We have divided you into males and females, but this action will bring you together." It did not work however, for anyone who receives a gift from the Chitauri is always in trouble. Men started to get bored with their wives and started to steal other mens wives. The Chitauri chief was very upset at what his wife had done. She said she would make them stop by making the females become pregnant after they made love, so the men would go back to the mines. Then all the women in the land where pregnant. The chief was also furious at this.

  The wife of the chief then activated a 'Black Hero'. This hero would challenge the chief to a fight. During the fight the Black Hero cut off the penis of the chief. This caused a big war. The hero escaped then, but was later arrested and brought to the chiefs village. The chief said to him, "You have cut off my penis and I have replaced it with one made of gold, but I can not make love to my wife anymore." Then he stuck his claw through the mans nostril, and he drank his brain.

  The Earth which we live on has produced twenty-four different races in its long existence. Some people say these creatures are gods, and they are experimenting on us, but this is not true. These creatures are harvesting us. They are not aliens. These creatures are compatable with our women, which tells us they are from here. They are part of us, which makes them even more dangerous. They know us very well, the great weakness of our mind, and the great strength. They operate in the grey area of human existence. The side of our mind we don't want to acknowledge the existence of.

  Ancient African tradition says the Chitauri challenged God, and there was a war, and God the Creator defeated them. Then he sewed up their mouths so they could not speak, nor eat solid food. We are told the Chitauri feed on the energy that we give them. They make us to fight against each other, and when the whole world is drowning in death, fear, and terror, the Chitauri get fed by the dark power which is brought out when humans destroy the planet on which they live. They are fed when human minds think at certain levels. We are told they want us to think at certain levels and they reward us with long lives. What most people call the 'grey aliens' are actually the servants of the Chitauri. They are actually their offspring.

  The Chitauri males mated with female humans and made a race of kings and queens. The Zulu people believed they originated from another planet. The word Zulu has the true meaning of 'inner-planetary space', the word also has to do with travel. The Zulu knew the Earth was a sphere, and that all the planets travel around the sun. The Zulu word for Earth means 'spherical object'. They also knew space and time where the same thing. Our ancestors then where twenty percent smarter than we are now. The original humans came from Orion. Orion means "The large gods that came to Earth to create original humans. The first race was so stupid they buried them alive. We are desendants from the second group of human beings which where created clever. The Zulu say there are two universes living side by side, a male universe and a female universe.


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