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  • Sacred-femenine

    47 members Latest Activity: Dec 12, 2011 Exploring the reconnection to the sacred femenine and ancient femenine Knowledege.

  • Mystic Radio Management

    4 members Latest Activity: Aug 25, 2013

    Group for Mystic Radio Management planning, resources, and coordination activities.

  • Tithing and Charity

    3 members Latest Activity: Jan 1, 2015

    An ancient and misunderstood tradition of paying a percentage of monetary income to those in need or for good causes. Charity is the same only…

  • Book A Week

    22 members Latest Activity: Mar 6

    Welcome to Book A Week! Here you can submerge yourself in a fantastical world of fantasy or learn about amazing people and traditions! Come join…

  • Magick

    165 members Latest Activity: on Sunday

    A group to discuss theories on all forms of Magick.

  • Shamanism

    415 members Latest Activity: Mar 14 A Group to explore the ancient practice of Shamanism.

  • Alchemy

    1068 members Latest Activity: 8 hours ago

    A group to explore the aspects and practical application of Alchemy and Hermetic Teachings. As above, so below...

  • 667forum

    3 members Latest Activity: Feb 23

    A local forum for the Thelemic community.

  • Candle Powers

    40 members Latest Activity: Feb 5

    The use of candles for spells and rituals

  • Existenceism

    12 members Latest Activity: Aug 22, 2015

    Existenceism (eggz-zis-stens-ee-ism)

  • The Holy Science

    17 members Latest Activity: Aug 29, 2016

    This Group is intended to share the lineage of Paramahansa Yogananda, Sri Anandamayi Ma and The experience of Kriya Yoga, Paramahansa Yoganada was…

  • Laughology

    113 members Latest Activity: Oct 2, 2016 Make laughter your meditation of choice! Plan to laugh a lot and be a bit shocked from time to time!

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