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    238 members Latest Activity: Apr 9 Freemasonry, the chronicle of an initative system that dates back to early egypt and central america, but is now intimidated and misunderstood…

  • Elohim

    68 members Latest Activity: Jun 17, 2018 flawless spirits

  • King Solomon's Sigils

    108 members Latest Activity: Jun 17

  • Sacred Cymatics

    192 members Latest Activity: Jun 17

    Cymatics - the effects that sound and vibration has on matter. Some know the…

  • The Golden Dawn

    148 members Latest Activity: Jul 17, 2018

    "Inheritor of a dying world, arise, and enter the darkness."

  • Practical Spagyrics

    79 members Latest Activity: Feb 19 Spagyrics are Plant and Mineral medicines via Elixir, containing both physical and spiritual healing qualities.


    148 members Latest Activity: Jun 2, 2018 A magical mystery tour of the mystical realm of mathematics and its application beyond science.

  • Crystals

    222 members Latest Activity: May 4 Our group will explore the wondrous world of crystals and how their innate power and healing potential can be applied to life and health and even…

  • naturalism

    23 members Latest Activity: Mar 16, 2018

    in this group we would study the nature.we would follow the rules laid down by people like agrippa, paracelsus etc. to study…

  • The Kybalion

    203 members Latest Activity: Jul 22

    Explore ancient wisdom and knowledge from the Hermetic text, the Kybalion.

  • Numerology

    184 members Latest Activity: Jan 23 The practical study and application of Numerology

  • Philosophy

    83 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday A group to engage in "academic" and "armchair" philosophy. In addition, we can explore (through our discussions) Heidegger's concept of philosopher…

  • Freemasonry

    253 members Latest Activity: May 3 A group to explore the aspects, values and teachings of true Freemasonry and for the clearing up of misconceptions and lies about this Tradition

  • The Tarot

    233 members Latest Activity: on Monday

    A group for both seekers and pro's alike. 

    The Tarot can seem very intimidating despite the little book that comes with your deck.…

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