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Deriving their authority from Silence, the Great Sophia perfects everyone by reflecting on Life without the use of speech.

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Comment by Being on May 3, 2012 at 5:02pm

The Lord Is Calling

The talk is cheap
The way is long
The pitfalls, the perils are many
Keep tuned to my song

Point, focus on the pinpoint of light
Through that tunnel is an immensity of light
Radiant, brilliant, blinding-that bright
Do not tarry nor take flight

But keep straight and narrow
Impossible task-
Do the impossible dream
Carry the cup-that impossible flask

Be the flagship with the midst of chaotic clouds
Nor be fooled by appearance-beclouded
Illusion rears it's ugly head
Stay alive and well and adventuresome
Or else ye be dead

Be fooled not nor becalmed
For you create your own wind and success
And mint your own alms

Oh Son/Daughter of Mine
Mine Own,My Beloved
Islands, I call you to arms
Love, Peace, Beauty
Well Being are yours
Yours for the taking
Yours for the making
No cowardly lions here
But brave, courageous, true
Responding to my call
THE CALL IS STRONG                               
Interior Voice knows LONGING
One with Self-above and below
Call out to connect
Become One as always it is

Comment by Being on May 3, 2012 at 4:57pm

Years pass

Landscapes change

Right before your eyes

How much do I have to do

With what comes out… The New World or

The old one sucked down into quicksand

With those who don’t let go


Swim, fly, use your creative imagination

And become the originator

Of a much improved, better, more interesting

Peaceful, cooperative World to live on

And continuing…

Comment by Being on April 23, 2012 at 10:53pm

 I  woke up one morning with a dream in my mind and some words in my head. I don't usually do this but I rolled out of bed reaching for some paper and pen before I would lose it. This came through:

"You went through shifts and spans
And now we're holding hands
You are coming HOME.
LOVE  and BEAUTY fill you.
I AM working through you.
Have faith in me and you will see
The shadow of the clouds
From the other side..."

My life has never been the same. More and more surprises and changes and elections and poetry within meditations which sounded like poetic essays themselves many times.
Who I Am has changed significantly over the years.
Who I Am becoming is  in   process.


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