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  • Manly P Hall

    188 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    It is claimed that Hall was made a knight patron of the Masonic Research Group of San Francisco in 1953, although he was not raised as a Mason…

  • N.D.E.

    2 members Latest Activity: Nov 15, 2012

    A group focused on exploring the events in the lives of nders after their nde experience.

  • Sacred Hermetic and Mystical Meditations...

    60 members Latest Activity: Mar 21


  • Herbalism

    294 members Latest Activity: 15 hours ago A group to explore the knowledge and practice of traditional medicinal or folk medicine practice based on the use of plants and plant extracts

  • Tarot

    298 members Latest Activity: Mar 22 A group to explore the aspects and practical application of the Tarot

  • Astral Projection

    360 members Latest Activity: Mar 18 A Group for individuals exploring techniques and the history Astral Projection.

  • Temple of Ascension

    0 members Latest Activity: Mar 15

    The Temple of Ascension is a Group forged to bring together those of many Spiritual paths, who seek…

  • The Most Holy Trinosophia

    15 members Latest Activity: Feb 25, 2014

    La Très Sainte Trinosophie, The Most Holy Trinosophia, or The Most Holy Threefold Wisdom, is a French esoteric book,…

  • Twin Flames and Ascension

    72 members Latest Activity: yesterday

    A group to discuss the phenomenon of Ascension and the Twin Flames Connection.  Now is the time for the Twins to find each other and prepare for…

  • The Christo-Sage Guild

    2 members Latest Activity: Jan 28

    If you: 

    1. Practice Earth-centric & Nature-based Traditions (Spiritual & Material)

    2. Honor …

  • Natural Law

    2 members Latest Activity: Mar 21

    The discussion of Universal Cosmic Spiritual Natural Moral Law that governs the consequences to behavior. How Natural Law is the guide to…

  • Gateway Healing

    11 members Latest Activity: Mar 18

    ...discussion of experiences using the Gateway Healing method given by No-Eyes to Mary Summer Rain...found in Earthway.

  • The Fellowship

    2 members Latest Activity: Apr 30, 2014

    This group is for the sharing and discussion of all things magical, esoteric, and occult. This includes the disciplines of Kabbalah,…

  • Rodnovery (Slavic Paganism)

    4 members Latest Activity: Mar 16

    For Those that are Rodnovers, Slavic Pagans, and Slavic Wiccans. But all are welcome to join.

  • Understanding Orgone

    10 members Latest Activity: Mar 15

    Concepts of orgone energy, applications, homemade orgonite devices.

    Physics of orgonite.

  • The philosophical stone

    2 members Latest Activity: Apr 2, 2014

    This is a group that I am creating to eventually post my finished work in.  I am also going to use it to post updates on progress

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