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  • chaos magick

    74 members Latest Activity: on Monday

    a group for the discussion of chaos magick and related topics.

  • Sufism

    88 members Latest Activity: Oct 28 A group to explore the aspects and practical application of the inner, mystical dimension of Islam known as Sufism

  • Tarot

    312 members Latest Activity: Nov 18 A group to explore the aspects and practical application of the Tarot

  • Prophecy

    56 members Latest Activity: Nov 19 A group to explore the prophecies handed down to humanity by its oracles, prophets, sages and visionaries

  • Existenceism

    1 member Latest Activity: Aug 22

    Existenceism (eggz-zis-stens-ee-ism)

  • Esoteric Book of Shadows

    86 members Latest Activity: Nov 17

    This group is for all of the esoteric community to use. Write your spells, beliefs, rites, rituals and anything else you would like. Take…

  • Sacred Languages

    38 members Latest Activity: Nov 21

    A group for the discussion of tongues said to hold a sacred nature. Each letter and symbol carries a unique array of energies meant to instill…

  • The Most Holy Trinosophia

    15 members Latest Activity: Feb 25, 2014

    La Très Sainte Trinosophie, The Most Holy Trinosophia, or The Most Holy Threefold Wisdom, is a French esoteric book,…

  • Music of life

    62 members Latest Activity: on Sunday

    You can also share any music you enjoy and just feel the rhythm. Place for music to be enjoyed and felt, whether it is your music or someone…

  • Mysticism

    26 members Latest Activity: Oct 5

    I currently am teaching a class on Mysticism or New Thought. I am now taking on students. The class will discuss primarily Hermetic Philosophy.…

  • Collectibles

    8 members Latest Activity: Nov 17 To share our collectibles & know our common interests in books, grimoire's,music,etc..


    4 members Latest Activity: Sep 25

  • Divinity

    14 members Latest Activity: Nov 18

    The meaning of being alive

    Care held inside is meaning
    in the eternal life force - chi.

    It is with us.

  • The Archaeology Group

    15 members Latest Activity: 15 hours ago

    This group is a place to share anything to do with Archeology or the study of past material remains or human cultures, life, or…

  • Ye Olde World Apothecary

    52 members Latest Activity: Nov 14

    Ye Olde World Apothecary is a group to share information on natural home remedies, homeopathic information, alternative choices in lifestyle…

  • NDE and OBE Experiences Group

    35 members Latest Activity: on Sunday

    This group is about everything and anything on or related to Near Death Experience; Out of Body Experiences; Astral Projection and et…

  • Lightmasons

    9 members Latest Activity: Oct 26

    Concepts from the freemasons and lifting the vial on our reality. this should be a group of real FREE masons as no dues or oaths are required. all…

  • Olome Lum

    27 members Latest Activity: Nov 10

    Olome Lum directly translates into Wisdom of Light, Wisdom of Luminiferous or Knowledge of Know.

    The goal of this group is to…

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