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  • Flower of Life

    61 members Latest Activity: Jan 12 Geometric proof of the divinity of Jesus Christ. Map of the mind. Explains physical composition of the universe.

  • Focus Room (Alternative Chat)

    78 members Latest Activity: Aug 19

    I've created this space to host focus groups.

    The purpose here is to have directed and on-topic discussion that is outside of the main chat…

  • Fractality

    55 members Latest Activity: Aug 29 "Truth is one, the sages speak of it by many names. - The Vedas

  • Franz bardon

    8 members Latest Activity: on Wednesday

  • Free energy

    123 members Latest Activity: Sep 11

  • Freemasonry

    235 members Latest Activity: Sep 20 A group to explore the aspects, values and teachings of true Freemasonry and for the clearing up of misconceptions and lies about this Tradition

  • Gateway Healing

    11 members Latest Activity: Sep 3

    ...discussion of experiences using the Gateway Healing method given by No-Eyes to Mary Summer Rain...found in Earthway.

  • Gematria

    85 members Latest Activity: Aug 29 A group to explore the aspects and practical application of Gematria

  • GI Gurdjieff

    60 members Latest Activity: Aug 19 This is a forum to discuss the 4th way ideas and concepts of the Greek-Armenian teacher GI Gurdjieff.  We will also discuss the work of students of…


    14 members Latest Activity: Apr 13, 2013


  • gnosis

    1 member Latest Activity: Sep 30, 2014

  • Gnosis: World Salvation Army

    8 members Latest Activity: Apr 7, 2014

    People from ALL walks of life uniting to bring about individual as well as…

  • Gnostic knowledge

    9 members Latest Activity: Aug 29

  • Gnostic Yoga

    18 members Latest Activity: Sep 3

    The path of the Gnostic yogi is not a path that should be taken to lightly, or into great significance. This is merely a path of self-discovery.…

  • Gnosticism

    327 members Latest Activity: on Tuesday A group to explore the aspects and practical application of Gnosticism.

  • Good Deeds

    21 members Latest Activity: Sep 9

    Share your "good deeds" ideas.

  • Gullible Brilliance

    10 members Latest Activity: Apr 22

    Are you tired of being called an idiot when you know you are not?

    Have you been diagnosed with Autism or ADHD?

    Can you understand…

  • Hall of Great Works

    15 members Latest Activity: on Friday

    This group is a place to share your Great Work . Great Work is anything related to creative expression as art, music, writing, web, et all.

  • Healing Sounds

    158 members Latest Activity: Sep 2 Enjoy The Real True Power of Super Frequencies, Healing Overtones, Solfeggio DNA Arpeggio, Binaural Beats, Solfeggio Arpeggio 174, 285, 396, 417,…

  • Herbalism

    303 members Latest Activity: Aug 29 A group to explore the knowledge and practice of traditional medicinal or folk medicine practice based on the use of plants and plant extracts

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