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Comment by Cosmic Sojourner on September 3, 2019 at 11:52pm

Please also look into my comment in The Archaeology Group regarding the ancient geoglyph "La Estrella" or the sun star, in Pala Peru as this is what it signifies.

Comment by Cosmic Sojourner on September 3, 2019 at 11:43pm

Hi Kevin,

This is very deeply connected to the Giza Pyramid (fire in the middle) as it relates to the photon cone of past-future prime time about the NOW in hyperspace and crystallography. The  Maltese cross is symbol as is the Chromosome and Tav as the final letter of the Hebrew alphabet as 22nd letter and the true value of Pi as 22/7 coded into the geometry of the pyramid.

As hared elsewhere, Giza in truth is what Platonic Solid Air is a symbol for, but only the "as above" correspondence is visible, but for those with eyes to hear-see it is an tetrahedral structure that repe=resents the quarts crystal, and upon transmutation through great temperature/pressure the cubic diamond.

You are a Leo, and in truth that is what the Sphinx was, and Astrologically the Lions Gate we just entered on 8/8 was deeply significant to the dawning of the new age upon us.

The hyperbolic function is related to my avatar and this is a deep code for the infinity of 8 at 90 degrees.

Wholeness, friend.

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