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_The Illinois statehouse rotunda has a Christmas tree, a nativity scene and a menorah.
> Also Among them, however, is a new sculpture that is not so familiar:
> A woman's left hand, wrapped in a snake, offering an apple to the viewer.
The purpose of the display is one of equality, according to Lux Armiger, chairperson of the Satanic Temple's Chicago chapter. They erected the sculpture "to provide an alternate religious viewpoint, so one religious perspective no longer dominates the discourse in the capitol rotunda during the holiday season," Armiger told Patch.

The statue is full of symbolism. The woman's hand and forearm represent those of Eve, who took the apple from the Tree of Knowledge, the story goes.

She offered the apple to Adam, "inviting him to eat of the fruit and ameliorate his ignorance," Armiger said. Adam, in the case of the sculpture, is represented by whomever is looking at it.

"The sculpture is titled 'Knowledge is the Greatest Gift,'" Armiger said, "for it is knowledge that Satan gifted to Eve in the garden like Prometheus gifting fire to man."

> The State of Illinois is legally required to allow the Satanic display, just as it's required to allow the nativity scene and menorah. The First Amendment means they must "allow temporary, public displays in the state capitol so long as these displays are not paid for by taxpayer dollars,"

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