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Comment by Cosmic Sojourner on September 2, 2019 at 6:50pm

Waters above and below speak to the rainbow with the internal refraction and angle of incidence in coincidence as the primary and scondary rainbow written of by Rene Descartes, specifically here.

and related to my post regaring the X as Photo 51, and the angle 42 as a cyclical number encoded into the Giza Pyramids as the true value of Pi and the letter 22 Tav (X) as 22/7=3.142857142857142857...

Pi is the mirror of the waters above and below as relative to the Platonic Solid Water as the icosahedron which is intermediate to the Platonic Solid Air (Below) and the Euclidean Cube Octahedron (above) as a dual. And in truth the mirror of the space between the primary and secondary rainbows of a double rainbow as related to the New Jerusalem discussed in the post on your other photo.

The 6 days of creation in Genesis speak to red through blue in the rainbow and the 7 is violet as the "day of "rest" preceding the next dimension, and in absolute truth this is related to octaves of a musical universe of 12 singing spheres, related to number thoery of topology and the honeycomb of graph theory, but there is insufficient space to cover here, so this is a gift for your kindness with the friendship request Suzanne.

Inquiry is welcome if I can expand.



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