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I love design and doodling, both on and off the computer. I created this Doodle about three years ago and filled it with symbols that are important in the world today. It tells quite a story but no one has taken the time to read it as of yet.

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Comment by Mem Key on August 25, 2011 at 11:26pm

This is very nice. I can read this my friend. The Saturnian-Mars energies represent the agressive, passionate Lower Self, who resides in the "House of Bondage" or "M'Bet Obdem", which you represent with the eye of Mitzrayim, or Egypt. The efforts of this self-destructive lifestyle only end in death and rebirth in the dense, slow vibrations of the material plane we call Earth. I like how you place money at the pinnacle, as it is the driving focus. Well done! : )


The Purified or Exalted human is represented by the downward facing triangle, as Wisdom always pours downwards. It is good to be a Cup. A Holy Grail even!!!


We see the successive Chakras in full spin, leading up to the Royal Purple, and the Jupiterian Man, balanced with Venus. Manly Hall wrote that Jesus was called the Jupiterian Man. An exalted frequency of human possibility!?


The Four Elements in balance and the two Yin/Yangs, one for Man, one for Earth.


I like this because it looks like a giant "M", which is the meaning of "MEM" and is the 13th letter of every alphabet it's in. : )


I also like how the Root Chakra is the Perfected Ashlar, or perfected stone. Perfectly squared.


Well done Seagypsy!






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