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To you strong or weary, welcome and and willing. To help read the sign stones on your path. Here is a link to reference and some of the sources for the chart I have made. I need to get feedback the acceptable versions and accuracy. There are about 120 examples, of alchemical symbols and some small tables of sorts. There are many hours of study and eyeballing to put this together. All the heavy lifting was on the eyeballing. Alchemy has a very eclectic nature in its creation. Coming from a combination of early metallurgy, spirituality and medical all amalgamating into a synergistic betterment to all. I give this with the intent to ASK it forward. Archiving Shared Knowledge As I did helping with the Timetravler with Norma, helping her record her shared knowledge.

Thanks for seeking and sharing your knowledge with us too!

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Comment by Norma Hickox on July 1, 2017 at 11:22am

Looks great JD. And thanks again for your help with my TimeTravele

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