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Comment by Magus on February 5, 2017 at 2:36pm

Is there a recording of the broadcast? 

Comment by Larry Ries on February 5, 2017 at 12:10pm

I cannot figure out how to get the video. in video chat but where is the presentation?

Comment by anki on December 12, 2016 at 2:47am

Video was between 12 and 4 pm CST i think it already ended when u came.

Comment by Danny Jac Heflin on December 11, 2016 at 6:50pm

KO well I guess I need a reboot of my SYS or possibly us both unsure, but going to watch a movie now, sadly not this one I came here to see Later I hope it all works out for some.

Comment by Danny Jac Heflin on December 11, 2016 at 6:48pm

Finally got in via Firefox but still no video, LOL maybe my issue Unsure for now.

Comment by Kris on October 18, 2016 at 10:28am

As a work around for anyone needing it: all of the videos we broadcast are from youtube, thus you can launch and watch the same video, at the same time, as the theater group; or at a more conducive time of your choosing.  Of course we would love to watch and chat with you live I postulate that the main chat area could be used to accommodate the few that are unable to get this feature to work properly.  

Either way all of the videos are listed directly after the broadcast in the "Esoteric Theater" Group.  There are many great videos listed in this area and is worth checking out!   

Comment by Kris on October 18, 2016 at 10:19am

Hello Dee Lee, I'm sorry that you are unable to join in on the wonderful content and chat with the rest of the group.  I can only comment on the experience I have had assisting a few but It does appear that pc users have the least issues.  Those using Safari browser have had very little luck in getting the new theater room to load.  I have not heard of anyone using a mobile device to view more than the normal page content.  Although we may want a wide platform of support, it doesn't appear that tablet or phone users will have much success.  I would love to hear of anyone that is able to make it work!  

Comment by Dee Lee on October 16, 2016 at 12:20pm
Hi all, I love the idea of this site, but get stressed by the join me theatre links that seem to lead to dead ends? also the pages are all jumpy and too big etc, and it takes ages to find the theatre room & when I get there it's just a blank white page? Maybe it's designed more for pc than iPad or iPhone? Sigh :-( Thanks though, I still like the concept! :)

Comment by Daniel X on September 25, 2016 at 12:14pm

I'm on android and video and theater chat do not work for me

Comment by jamborrre on September 25, 2016 at 11:57am
I can't get in either.

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