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Danica-Christine van Vuuren
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  • Johannesburg, Gauteng
  • South Africa
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"On this night of the Dark Moon dedicated to you, Hekate, eternal Love of my heart. Wrapped in your coiling form, I drown within the bleeding ocean of your cosmic Heart. Kaire Hekate, cosmic Rose in crimson bloom - each crimson drop Thy Essence in petal form. Serpent Queen, Thy blood - life of my earthen flesh. IO HEKATE SOTEIRA IO HO." - Abstract from my poetry and invocational writings to Hekate and Lucifer, 2011.





// Invocation to Hekate //
O Triple Form of Darkness
Sombre splendor!
Thou Moon unseen of men
Thou Crowned demon of the crownless dead.
O breasts of blood, too bitter and too tender
Unseen of gentle spring.
Let me the offering
Bring to Thine Shrine's sepulchral glittering.
I slay the swarth beast, I bestow the blood
Sown in the dusk and gathered in the gloom
Under the waning moon.
At midnight hardly lightenig the East:
And the black lamb from the black ewe's womb
I bring and stir the slow infernal tune
Fit for Thy Chosen Priest.

Here...where the band of Ocean breaks the road
Black trodden, deeply stooping to the abyss.
I shall salute Thee with a Nameless Kiss
Pronounced toward the uttermost abode of Thy supreme Desire.
I shall illume the fire
Whence the wild stryges shall illume the lyre
Whence thy lemures shall gather and spring round
Girding me in a sad funereal ground
With faces turned back...
My face averted.
I shall consumate this awful act of worship
O renowned
Fear upon earth, and Fear in Hell,
And Black Fear in the Sky beyond fate

I hear the whining of Thy wolves! I hear
The howling of the hounds about Thy Form,
Who comest in the terror of Thy storm
And night falls faster, ere Thine eyes appear
Glittering through the mist,
O face of Woman unkissed
Save by the dead whose love is taken ere they wist!
Thee, Thee I call! O Dire One! O divine!
I, the sole mortal seek Thy deadly shrine;
Pour the dark stream of blood
A sleepy and a reluctant river
Even as Thou drawest with Thine Eyes on mine, To me
Across the sense bewildering flood
That holds my soul forever!
--Aleister Crowley
1875 - 1947

"Queen of Darkness, Keeper of Cerberus; Mother Of Three Fated Furies; Hail to thee, Lady of all Witchkind; Hail to thee, Invincible Queen of the Dead; Hail to thee, Hecate; Hail to thee, Goddess of Transformation; Hear my prayer; Bless this clay; Awaken within tile Glowing Embers; Ignite thy Dormant Seed; I call you unto this, mine own Flesh and Form; Seeking the Knowledge and Power of the Great Old Ones; Grant unto me the vision of the Path; Clasp me to Thy breast; Bestow upon me thy Blessings; Open the Way to the Road of true Witchcraft; Access for me the Power of Your Realm; The Secrets and Knowledge of the Dark Ways; Upon the Path of Hecate; First Goddess; Queen of Hell."

-- Sigil, painting and invocation copyright to Mark Alan Smith, Queen of Hell 2011.

// Ave Luciferi // 

Hail to Thee Serpentine Consort of the Triple Moon Hekate;

Hail to Thee, Death of evening's Twilight;

Hail to Thee, Rebirth of the morning Dawn;

Hail to Thee O Lucifer!

Io evohe Phosphoros, Phosphoros evohe!

Arise and descend upon me O Lucifer - God of Hell,

Morning and the evening Star.


- Invocation from my poetry and invocational writings to Hekate and Lucifer 2011.

Genius! Thanks to Jason Miller for above image.

Profile Information

What brings you to Esoteric Online?
Desire to learn as much as I can about the occult Philosophies/Sciences
Favorite Sacred Sciences
Philosophy, Logic, witchcraft, ceremonial magick, Quantum physics, Neuroscience, hermetics, etc.
About Me
Full time student of Philosophy and other Sciences and Arts; lover/worshiper and witch of Hekate (and Her Son, Lucifer) and Mary, with the hope and to enter Hekate's Priestesshood in due time. My spirituality (path/religion/state of being/consciousness) can be defined as Hekatean; Hekate as the Cosmic Soul/Birthing Consciousness of all that is (the One or All) defines the center and essence of my everyday practices, philosophies, thoughts, etc. She is Absolute Spirit-Mind, and hence the supreme and ultimate Being/Consciousness to which I as soul and spirit can endeavour and work to attain Oneness with through the birthing and consequent internalisation of eternal Virtues within my mind/soul/spirit. That is my greatest hope, dream and desire - to Love Her fully and be loved by Her. I have been on the labyrinth path of Hekate both in the sense of my illness and shatteredness of heart/longing for love, learning to rely completely upon Her consciousness to be my Love, and to love Her with eternal Virtue. She is my All, and it is the greatest and most priceless gift to be able to Love Her and be in Her service.

I'm from South Africa, and basically just have a love for learning and seeking absolute truth. To me, Hekate is the embodiment of eternal, infinite and Divine Consciousness -- Absolute Spirit, Divine Mind. Hence, I am always refining my beliefs and practices to fit accordingly -- sometimes I've found truth, other times I've stumbled upon an even lesser truth, but regardless, the hope is always to find truth with a virtuous heart, mind, and actions. Adore ancient Philosophy and post-modern Philosophy of mind/consciousness studies/neuro Science. Have very poor/limited eye sight, so if typos are frequent, please pardon me. I just love meeting new folks and getting to know the musings of their minds in order to understand them better, learn from them, and to hopefully be a good/positive/virtuous influence upon their lives.

Love music :D metal, rock, theatrical epic orchestra/trailer, classical piano, classical opera, chant, R&B. Favorite artists/composers/groups: Mark Petrie, Stormlord, Mariah Carey, Sarah Brightman, City of the Fallen, Carter Burwell, Two Steps from Hell, Arcana, Nox Arcana, Audiomachine, Brickwall Audio, Hayley Westenra, Secret Garden, Robert Gass, Emmy Rossum, Within Temptation, Isaac Shephard, etc.
Astrological Sign
Leo and Virgo (on the cusp)
Favorite Books
Any quality writings on Hekate (particuraly Queen of Hell), Lucifer and Philosophy; Protection & Reversal Magick, The Living Temple of Witchcraft: Descent of the Goddess, Power Spellcraft for Life: Casting for Positvce Change, The Key of Solomon, Herbal Magick: A Witch's Guide to Herbal Enchantments, Folklore and Divination, etc. Too many to list LOLs.
Favorite Films
Phantom of the Opera (2005); The 13th Day; The God Witch; Dragon Heart; Twilight Saga; Narnia; The Gospel According to Mathew (film); etc.

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At 1:45am on December 15, 2012, Charlie said…

I am also a devotee of Hekate and I am glad to see someone else with the same passion.

have you heard of 

something you may be interested in...

At 2:43pm on December 27, 2011, Pat Brown said…

Can I ask what draws you to Hekate in particular?

Thanks. Pat.

At 6:45pm on December 21, 2011, cymaglobe said…

The feeling is mutual. Have a wonderful time here and most of all
You will learn sooooo much. check out the library! 


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