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anki left a comment for Troy Wallis
"Hi happy new year and blessings,  Great to see another dutchman here, even though im ethnically bulgarian Netherlands is my home. I have grown up here. I am personally not familiar with the Linde book, i would love to know more…"
Jan 1

Troy Wallis is now a Seeker of Esoteric Online
Apr 17, 2018

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What brings you to Esoteric Online?
I need to know everything there is to know, about all things, beings, places, emotions, Concepts, thoughts and ideas in infinity and Eternity and I figure this will be a good place to help me alone my long road! Or in other words, her lady Freyja told me to!
YouTube Channel
http://thorthelionking odinson
Current Path
Favorite Sacred Sciences
mythology and symbolism
About Me
im a Germanic Heathen or Odinest of the vanatru path, who is dedicated to her lady Freyja the valkyrie queen of May, the maiden on the burrow, vanadis, goddess of wisdom, magic, Love, War, Falcon's and felines. For all eternity. I am a practicing shaman and I'm gifted in the Arts of dreaming and projection and I am very sensitive to energetic and spiritual messages and disturbances I am also very intuitive and somehow ahead of everyone else I know in being up-to-date on world events while at the same time full of the wisdom of the ages my favorite subject is compared to religion or mythology I look at them both as the same thing. I also love metaphysics and quantum physics and hermetics and Alchemy. I have studied ancient history for the majority of my life as well as the mainstream Sciences such as physics chemistry and biology. My favorite teachers include Manley P hall and Helena blavatsky and Joseph Campbell and of course Hermes trismegistus. I am very set against Christianity Islam and Judaism because I believe the two of these are poison in the third is the religion of the poisoner's because I happen to be a not Nazi politically and I'm not racist at all. I am also very redpilled about World War II and other events in this world and I know that there is an presents on this Earth that may be extra dimensional as David Icke seems to say or demonic or alien as Zachariah stitching would say that is trying to enslave humanity and destroy our culture our heritage in our spirits by destroying our history and spirituality. The male principle has ruled alone and running rampant for the last two thousand years bringing destruction death and blood to this world and Torrence and glorifying this Behavior and making all things beautiful nurturing mothering and feminine seem second-class. I am in no way shape or form a feminist because this movement has nothing to do with femininity or Womanhood or motherhood and it is mostly about homosexuality transgenderism and racism directed towards my people that is undeserved. I worship the divine feminine because it is the most beautiful being in this entire universe and it is first cause so it is the greatest being I have a phrase I like to tell people who worship gods especially Christians when they tell me that they think it's gay that I worship a goddess. I tell them you're the one that worships something with the penis and testicles now who's gay? I also love numerology and I have basically discovered the answers to the questions of reality and existence through numerology and Plato's theory of forms and theosophy. The zero is first cause and it must have a concept of zero for it to have existence and it having existence means it is something. It is nothing. That means it's something nothing. Since it's something and it's all that there is that means it's everything. Since it's everything it is also infinite and all things. That makes it Infinity. This is the male principle Infiniti. These two things had metaphysical sex with each other because all other numerical operations do not explain this meaning addition subtraction multiplication and division so it is more of a blending a new kind of math need to be invented to describe this concept. The union of these two created number, multiplicity, Karma and illusion and here in this universe duality. When they're nothing that is something so is everything and infinite became aware of itself in this circular eternity it dwells in it realize it was eternally alone so I to loneliness and loved it created and plus out of metaphysical necessity because for God to be infinite, onnipotent and all knowing it must become that way somehow and the only way to know all things is to learn all things the only way to learn an infinite amount of things is 2 divide yourself into an infinite amount of finite beings and go and learn these things for yourself. That is our job from the smallest particle or cork or string to the largest sun solar system blackhole
Astrological Sign
Favorite Books
The Mythic image by Joseph Campbell and the secret Doctrine by Helena blavatsky
Favorite Films
Charlotte's Web my girl and Oh Brother Where Art Thou

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At 11:54am on January 1, 2019,

Hi happy new year and blessings, 

Great to see another dutchman here, even though im ethnically bulgarian Netherlands is my home. I have grown up here. I am personally not familiar with the Linde book, i would love to know more though. 

At 2:02pm on April 24, 2018,

Thanks for joining, if you need help dont hesitate to ask. Also have a look at our path portals for further esoteric study.


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