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Muddy Trails

Now this is an extension of my question "who came first, gods or man (humankind)". What I have come to question is, well everything.  

If we work under the parameters of force and form, then I cannot see a seperation between observed gods and the observer. 

Ultimately these gods are words and thoughts. That's all.

The crazy thing is that a lot of people have accepted these correspondences and gods as truth.

And along the way things got muddled, forgotten.

Because we…


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Book four AKA Liber ABA


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and, sang the ash tree

and, sang the ash tree

Listen to my verses,

my poems to the sun:

the pages I have written

are published by the wind:

I drop them like feathers

that are severed to fly,

damp, and honey-tinted,

in memory of the bees,

whispering, they descend

and are read by bibliophiles

who report to the…


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Being Christ

Build all of your inner light into love. Let it then apply in all things. Fold all that applied love into your spirit. Then let your spirit be present in all. Let your light, your love and your spirit meld into one. Then you have made way to take on the name of Jesus Christ - the holy light - and God will fulfill all your wishes for yourself as they are made in that love, as you have completely taken on His name. Let the way grow until you are made one with the…


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Into the mind of a madman


What is it that dwells me as the sun goes down

A symphony of noises that never made a sound

Frozen  notes of once have beens

Emotions of agony buried deep within

For why is this road less travelled,

Rockier than the stones at sea

And why does this heart restless

Even with the moon at ease.


No birds in flight above the waters

No worms crawling underneath the sand

Just endless ramble of the…


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Unity by Numbers

Christ is the boundless Heaven - the Light. To it we have infinite dimensions in what there is to observe, and as our observations, and of our observers. They are the three generations - the observable, our observation, and any observer; what all in relation is made of. The given dimsionality across all three generations makes an entity of God. We are many. Every one of us believes in the Light. To each as how we do, we are in…


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Dark, Light, Venom

And all truths are but half truths. Professionally I have observed a strong resistance to change. Even if that means approaching a problem from a different perspective than what is generally accepted to save/make more money or profits.

If there is a problem, you need drop the ego and look at it objectively.

With an objective perspective you place yourself into the position of observer.

You have no ties to the outcome of situation, therefore; you give yourself room to perceive…


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Alchemy vs. Chemistry

What is the history of alchemy? Is it related to the history of chemistry? The word “alchemy” brings a lot of images to our minds: sorcerers in a smoky lab or cluttered library or witches hovering over the boiling brew. Besides all these connotations of the mystical, alchemy has always played a significant role in the evolutionary process of modern science. Previously, it was restricted to the study and investigations of nature, as well as to philosophical and…


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A few words from the heart

Yesterday I opened a new chapter of my life and closed the door of the past. A new life has started, a new me. The old me is in the past where she belongs. I faced fears i never thought possible, yet i did. I am very proud of that and even with unbelief that I could. 

My mind and attitude has changed from facing this fear too. I am now feeling free to be myself and speak my mind. I respect myself a lot more and i do not accept being disrespected and walked over…


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God's creation

God is not diminished from fulfilling your truth. Everyone's truth has an equal placing among each other. Therefore we can only create for ourselves, but where truth overlaps there will be a synergy as we delve into it. It will make it bigger and more beautiful than we wished for as we gather into it. Anything can be created, for God is not diminished by it. Anything that we pray for and believe in the name of the light, will be…


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Where God is strong

God does not judge. Instead He relies entirely on what is true. Don't ever wait for God, but instead fulfill your own presence, stand for it and remain resolute. What do you want to be this very moment? It's all that matters. God will be there. The more you fulfill yourself, the more he will be evident. He finds his place where you have found yours.

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So Many Boxes...

Funny thing about writing and then going back and reading what you wrote. Being critical of other's words (especially if those words are you own) and then allowing perspectives to change is important I think,

But at some point you really consider what you are doing.

Ultimately there is a blank page, or text box in this case, and you feel the need to put stuff in that empty box.

We are expressive beings. Which can be beautiful, but as with all things, can also be…


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FAITH  102…


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Hello I would like to hear from you if experience the power of Meditation & beyond.

Look forward to hearing from you.

Though there is an icon for friends  invite I am trying to familarise myself with it.


I have clicked on 'Comments' which is blocking on page. I am unable to turn it off.                                 

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What Education Will Be in The Near Future

The current trends in the education system have an impact on many students. While it is easy for some to adapt to the changes in their schools, to others, it poses a challenge. Some students find it hard to focus in class due to the materials and resources being used to teach. As a result, some people wonder and ask many questions. For instance, some ask what education will be like in the future. Will the system being used ever change or not? Will the…


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LUKE 17:23…


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AND THE TRUTH WILL RELEASE YOU = 2021 והאמת תשחרר אתכם

et cognoscetis veritatem et veritas liberabit vos

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Monetized Questions

Words, ideas. A web of... well webs. What strikes the motivation for this post is an email that I received today. One of those email reminders from a self-help guru that I signed up on the mailing list because there was some new thought program that the "guru" assured would bring solutions to my problems. Yes, that sentence is loaded.

I am grateful for my "self-help" consumption phase. I believe that it led me to the esoteric path. But, self-help programs/gurus are still rooted in…


Added by Chris Kelley on October 10, 2018 at 8:54pm — 1 Comment


Love is the encompassing of all, in the purest embrace. The essence of that embrace is the purest of being - the essence of just being. In its purest of states, love is the encompassing of just being. In this, the purest of being, all is encompassed. Quiet yourself and that love is what remains.

Added by Eleonora on October 9, 2018 at 12:35pm — 1 Comment

The honor of truth

Truth between us is governed by care. To care for each other's truth is to honor each other. Honor gives us space to express our truth in. The honor we have for each other makes us connect with each other in the presence of that space - the space where creation is due. Where creation is due, our slightest whims jots out our presence. Love makes our presence come through to each other. With it, we can see each other where we focus in our presence across the dimensions. Love gives us focus…


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