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Phil's Osophy

So I am going to layout some fundamental aspects of my current mental wanderings in regards to the esoteric/occult genre of reality. Which for me, tends to shade my personal, day to day life experience.

I mean it has to, it's a new lens to view the world that produces results and new experiences.

Any who…

Signs and symbols. They gain power through attention. Now if you have inherited these symbols via cultural tradition or subliminal methodology, can you truly know the…


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Do what you will arguable the most original and common manner of Selfrealisation.

It is also called the going forth way, as Will is spontaneous and its manifestations are thus unfettered by secondary emotions, past deeds, expectations, morals and reasons.

In 725 BC, the Egyptian Ankh-af-na-khonsu, rejoiced his success with the going forth way (see transcript *LAL III-37,38) in a Stele that led to the dictation of LAL in Cairo (1904)

In the Occident “Do what you will” was mostly…


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Who the Fuck Gave Me Consciousness

Alright this is a philosophocal debate. In my mind.


But for some reason I am pulled back to this paradox.

There seems to be question here that I "need" an answer to.

On first pass I think, well "the answer is in the question".

That's not good enough. Clues yes, but answers, no.

Is that the point? The goal? I haven't even established a starting line yet.

Weird times now.

Oh by the way, I'm not holding back on this one. Take a trip. There's no…


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WOES - TROUBLE to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea!






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TAKE HEED - STAND GUARD - PAY ATTENTION לְהִשָׁמֵר מִן שימו לב

לְהִשָׁמֵר מִן


שימו לב


לְהִשָׁמֵר מִן שימו לב



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What Is Accepted

Thinking out loud here, but um what is the purpose of memory?

This is a tough concept to consider because, I think anyways, that we rely on memories (visual/emotional movie scenes) to fall back on and remind ourselves of "I am, I did".

I'm good enough because I did this back then, or I suck because I failed at that when I was 16...

But why do we hold onto to these "images" of experience?

Are we afraid that there won't be any more images?

Or are we in a situation…


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Sight, Walls, Paint

My last post on desire, frankly could have been better I think.

But that's kinda the point?

With desire, one should also seek sight. Perception.

These aspects on "paper" seem simple enough, but they are far more important than characters for eyeballs to consume.

Accept that desire exists.

Now what do you do with it?

The aspect of sight/perception now appears, to me at least.

Where is the energy being directed?

Where to shoot the arrow?

What is the…


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Do What Thou Willed Is Law - "There Is No Flaw Beyond Doing What Thou Wouldn't"

Part of freeing the individual involves him moving outside the elite effort to manage large populations.  If he is entangled in this op, it becomes far more difficult to liberate himself from "the game" of CONTROL.

The elite effort consists primarily of DISTRACTION, DISABLING, AND THREAT.

DISTRACTION includes setting up opposing propaganda campaigns in groups.  Group A is told, "Group B is against you." …


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Some words, take them as you will...

It's an emotion and it's an energy.

It can be the vehicle for achieving things and experiences.

It is also the rocket propellant that fuels action.

Just like any type energy, potential, framework, or tool.

There's good possibilities and bad possibilities.

Of course these outcomes are relative to the observer's perspective.

But the possibility of creation remains.

With this possibility we experience the…


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List of Active Online Occulists Worthy of Attention (IMHO)

I would like to share with you some of my influences, teachers perhaps, that are active in the "online" world that you might be interested in.

It's cool for me to share this because, they each provide such wonderful and differing perspective on this occult/esoteric paradigm. At least for me in my interpretations.

So I give praise where praise is do.

Uncle Birch. Witch/Warlock Herbalist/Rootworker Grimoire Expert

Many Names, Good Teachings…


Added by Chris Kelley on May 31, 2019 at 8:48pm — 3 Comments

When you need some humility and otherworldly wonder..

Pseudo-Dionysius - Mystical Theology [Audiobook]

From Mr. Dan Attrell at …


Added by Chris Kelley on May 31, 2019 at 6:52pm — No Comments

Stickers, Tags, Likes

Step back for a second and look.

Your desires are commerce.

You purchase a new vehicle. Never mind the process, take a look at the stickers on it, required to be on it.

In the US, you need state inspection, sticker.

You need license plates, sticker.

You need vehicle emissions test, sticker.

Physically you need two more stickers on the license plate.

If you live in the city, you need a parking sticker.

At your work, you need a sticker to park.



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The Creationist

No gods, no kings, only mankind.

Given consciousness, we are to exercise that gift.

But not only exercise that muscle, but seek to create opportunity for it to bloom.

In that garden, weeds must be attended to.

Some weeds are detrimental, where they are located.

But they don't need to be exterminated. Perhaps moved to a more beneficial location in the garden would be a better choice.

Either way, movement or eradication, there is a gardener at…


Added by Chris Kelley on May 29, 2019 at 9:07pm — 1 Comment

Response to...

Usually I don't write because I think I have an answer.

It's just do to attempt to address a response that I feel or see.

And that's all it is. A response.

You may not see what I see, and what I see could be completely wrong and misguided.

In a weird way that is basically the essence of this post.

By writing about this I am forced to consider the audience the listener.

This helps, but to some degree it's still me. I am projecting my idea of an audience into a form,…


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Name the Nameless

There's this thick, black, goo floating around. You can't see it, but you can feel it.

It's not obvious to you, but you are reminded of it when observing others.

It's not evil per say, it's the negation of evil. And of good.

There are no decisions here. There is no outcome. There are no sides.

Just repeated habits of routine.

Acceptance to its fullest expression, without awareness.

Even the slave knows the prison that they are in.

There's no slave now. No…


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Left Hook, to the Body

So I am going to throw a left hook here.

The basis for this is punch resides in the foundation of foot placement.


Humans are very adaptable. We don't need fur, or sharp teeth, yet we can inhabit and survive in pretty much every environment on the earth. In fact, there's a yearning to do so, as explorers, that exists innately within us.

When considering this endeavor to explore and expand consciousness, we seek teachers/masters to help direct the…


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Triggers, Jars, Tricks

Energy. Accept it that it exists, and understand how to deal with it.

Awareness is crucial here. Developing that 3rd person/observer perspective allows for that.

Once you begin to develop that ability, you begin to "see" so much more.

For me what started to appear first are the "links" or "associations" between the individual and the environment.

This comes in a two fold benefit, but it can be somewhat jarring.

First the benefits. You learn what "triggers" you.…


Added by Chris Kelley on May 23, 2019 at 9:38pm — No Comments

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