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Depression is a frequent visitor to the alienated and or wounded. With out stating depression is a natural awareness to a lack of. It is in the identification of a lack perceivable remedy. Depression like pain is there telling you to change your environment. It is in your power to bring about recipe by directing your focus to the needed change, be it location or acceptance of life’s cycles. One other indirect effective way to relieve some…


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Some thoughts when others ASK for help!

Accepting help,

is aiding others too,

to grow in strength,…


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Eyes of Sahara


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The daisy and the oak

There was a flower once that grew aside a tree

 A small daisy that leaned on the strength of the old oak

One day the oak saw the daisy had her head down

It looked silent and sad, lost in thoughts

What is wrong? Asked the old oak, what worries you child?

The daisy sighed again and looked back down.

Is the shade I offer not enough? Don’t you grow well?

The daisy nodded, “yes I do old oak”

“What is the matter?”

“I am always alone;…


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I shall fear no evil. The shadow is mine, and so is the valley.

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Harvard Applied Christian Faith - FAQ

The Most Frequently Asked Questions Concerning God (1-14) 

(1) Can you prove God is real?

(2) Why is God so…

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Mystic Spiderman: A Free Hugs Superhero (Video)

Activate the Superhero Within. 

Mystic Spiderman is a real life super hero helping assist with the shift in consciousness through intentional acts of compassion and inspiration. 

Watch and be a part of the ongoing story. …


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Gary Lachman, "The Secret Teachers of the Western World"

Great book as a historical reference, but also provides and very interesting hypothesis on the evolution of human consciousness involving the aspects of "right" brain and "left brain" perceptions.

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SATAN: His original name?…


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Eternal shine

With the blue angels I walked upon the road of stars

Slowly floated up, up and beyond the veil we all see

Behind the veil a world was revealed more beautiful than any you can imagine

Stars countless shining at the horizon, the blackness of space was light up

There was no darkness only light not ignited

Spaces shadowed by doubt, matter covering the light

Yet all there was, was light eternal and everlasting

It was me and you and all the stars…


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Through life and its lessons we are given many opportunities for thanks. Life is growth! Be it growth in intellect trough observation and…


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How Do I Draw Sacred Geometry?

How Do I Draw Sacred Geometry? 

So, you’ve been struck by the power and harmony of nature.  Maybe you’ve taken a course with us.  And you’re wanting to remember how to create these designs of magic and wonder…

Well, fret not dear friend.  Here you’ll find all the info you need to create some of the essential designs of Sacred Geometry, with just a compass and a straightedge.

All of these designs are covered in the …


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What is a four dimensional space like?

HPS 0410 Einstein for Everyone

Back to main course page

What is a four dimensional space like?

John D. Norton

Department of History and Philosophy of Science

University of Pittsburgh…


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everything is fake - from waking times

this is not my article, i just read it and thought i would share. for the record, i don't believe that everything in this article is 100% fake.


August 18, 2015…


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History from above it all

Providing a different perspective to History..


or this
History Timeline

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First I would say that I do not or feel others as well would, seek pain and suffering. While there are times we experience pain from being to close to the fire, and in self preservation must step back. I was at a friend Mike’s mothers visiting and his young granddaughter came up and asked if I was in pain? And in fact I was to some degree. I replied maybe a little. I asked if she thought pain was good or bad? She thought is was bad. I asked what…


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Psychic Self Defense


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written in my teens


What is the worth of love if it isn’t shared?
Does hate have worth if it isn’t reasoned?
Does life has worth if the desire to live is gone?
If God himself is an enemy, an ally with the devil’s face.
Would there be a reason to keep up with all this at all?

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Lost reality

This is one of the first works i wrote i was i think 13 or so


Deep in the ground a soul cries for loving.

A spirit begging for his lost reality.

The same full of those fighting like insane over a piece of old bread,

Than smiling satisfied. People killing one another.

Like the fools who broke his soul.

Now lost in the sky, flying aimlessly.

In a reality full of love and hate


They left the lonesome spirit in the…


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Return of the Ancient Gods: The Resurgence of Paganism


written by: Caleb Strom

Over the past two centuries, Europe has become increasingly secular. Scholars in fact no longer talk of the Christian West when they speak of Modern Europe and North America, but of the Secular West. There is however evidence of a…


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