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Breathe In, Pause, No Breathe, No Thought: II

The stones are beginning to show a path.

Once were random footholds in a river, now become a throughway for movement.

Instead of looking where to leap, there is only forward momentum.

But each stone can only fit with the other with the help of shape and boundary.

These corners and edges will lead to friction, and that is what keeps them together.

Spinning and circuling in time these stones will fit together when the bridge is needed.

But its only when…


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Careful Who You Run Towards..


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The Path

The goal is absolute belief and clarity. Belief in my purpose here.

A mission, something that drives my everyday actions.

Once understood and accepted, then all suffering and conflict fall away.

I see only steps in the progression of this being, this belief.

I have no fear of these steps, because they are my own.

These changes are what I want. What I desire.

To accept the possibility of change and the creativity that is involved.

To shed off these chains of…


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I was thinking...

So first off, this blog thing has been awesome for me.

Knowing that the words I type here can be read by another person, forces me to think through and consider my words and my thoughts carefully.

It's almost as if the reader, by the possibility of their own attention and consideration, is working to help me.

That's pretty awesome.

And with you here, I have realized I tend to point a lot of fingers. Well at least the ones I have, at society.

These expressions I feel…


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What particular and effective procedures would you recommend to someone who is suffering from repetitive sleep paralysis caused by an unknown and foreign entity?

Share your thoughts

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Sacrifice, weird word.

"Coffee and donut in the mourning, shitty pizza for dinner. Expansion of belt size.

Take ownership! Now! And resolve that problem! I have a program to help."

To take ownership of a situation is great, but there's always another side.

Another polarity. Who/what is taking ownership here, exactly?

Are you pouring more emotion and energy into a behavior or pattern by focusing on it and over-analyzing it, and what the plan should be to defeat the…


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1. I advanced in life, I attained to the allotted span

Wherever I turned there was evil, evil---

Oppression is increased, uprightness I see not.

I cried unto god, but he showed not his face.…


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As we make our way towards the new year and complete an additional spin around our nearest star, the hopes and inspirations influenced by the upcoming and promising 2019 can stimulate tremendous excitement. And while we navigate through the month of December, a month in where powerful and highly vibrant frequencies fluctuate throughout our planet, and its sway helps us in preparing for the harvest of the upcoming year. We should come to the understanding and acknowledgment of the fact that…


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On March 17, 1974 I took the ''road less travel''.  All my life I have been a super extravert.  But due to some unknown forces at the time I have through the years lost thousands of friends, some family members and my first marriage (2 daughters).  44 years later I love who I have become and what I am. I love people but I do not ever want to be around them if I do not have too. People are my purpose.   Today I do not feel I belong here in this dimension.   AND I TRULY BELIEVE THAT 80% OF THE…


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You have recently moved in into a new house. And on a Sunday afternoon, while you're enjoying the comfort of a family reunion accompanied by a tasty combination of foods, drinks, and cheerful laughs. The sun is shining, conversations are eloquent, and unexpectedly, a child surprises you with a wooden box covered in dirt and tells you she has discovered it buried beneath the lawn of your backyard.

You then decide to inspect the wooden box and find the object in the image…


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Prior to the New Moon's arrival on Friday, December the 7th. Remembering to rest up, to fast, naturally purge, and integrating a healthy diet can be beneficiary for our Body, Mind, and Magick. The energy we have collected and harnessed for our personal practices this weekend will be as good as the willpower and orientation we did put forth when drawing in such energy from the natural sources of this world or any other sources we are accustomed to drawing in…


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5 Egyptian Deities, and What They Can Do For you

5 Ancient Egyptian Deities, and What They Can Do For You

Ancient Egypt is replete with mysticism, especially when we look at the theological lineage that the ancient era left behind from its heyday. There is no shortage of deities (Neteru) in the ancient Egyptian pantheon, and it is an area of study that is both fascinating and…


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Tyrany and Victimhood

If you focus on an object or idea long enough, you will come to understand the aspects and characteristics deeply enough that the process will shed light on corresponding aspects of yourself. As above so below.

On the grand scale of things, this is evident when considering the universe, nature, and humankind.

This appears to me as a core tenant of esoteric teachings, regardless of the label, lineage, or culture that the path work originated.

I would make the argument now that…


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גולגולת ועצמות 1090 SKULL & BONES 322


גולגולת ועצמות 1090 …

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Rosicrucian Alchemy - RC Digest Volume 96 Number 1 2018

Rosicrucian Digest

Rosicrucian Alchemy

Volume 96 Number 1 2018

In this issue of the Rosicrucian Digest, we present Rosicrucian Alchemy.

In addition to being able to access the Rosicrucian Digest online, you may also participate…


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Please allow me to judge others. This is what I do best.

But also allow to direct my judgement unto you.

If you have been drawn/directed to this course of study, I will flagrantly remind you that it is YOURS.

Yours in all regards and aspects.

The only one that truely holds juristication over that judgement is you.

Not your political association, not what you co-workers say, not what your family expects.

You are both defendant and plantiff. You are both judge and…


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Note to Self..

Boundaries are necessary.

If there are no boundaries, you have mush. A homogenous mixture with no possibility of individual experience.

It's experience that produces decision, and the process produces creativity, life.

I bring this down to the level of the individual, because its ultimately the individual that makes the decision.

Even if that decision is indecision, its still a decision.

Indecision to me, is basically acceptance.

For the majority of history,…


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Labyrinth of thoughts

Who am I? what am I? There are so many voices inside my head.

So many faces, so many versions of who I am supposed to be.

I feel lost in the myriad of me’s dwelling inside my mind.

The countless trains racing through my mind

Each filled with passengers called thoughts and each about something else.

Such is the chaos inside my brain, chaos I don’t even understand.


Often I am well and can speak to you, I can even help you.

But other…


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Writing a Book—The Lost Queen of Egypt

The Lost Queen of Egypt is just one of the number of books that I currently have in the works. The writing centers around my main character, Mr. G (not the character on the cover, by the way), a junior writer for a relatively new publisher, who through seemingly coincidental happenstances (synchronicities) he finds himself in the presence of an ancient…


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