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Paul Lenda, Guest Post

Waking Times

We perceive Reality through our senses which convince us that the way in which we experience the world around us is exactly the way it exists.…


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Simple Truth Shines The Brightest

The Way Of Seeing

"Divination is a way of seeing the patterns of change in the universe. Change is a part of the Tao, and to see change is to see movement of the Tao in all things. In Taoist thinking, divination is…


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Leap of faith

In part a reply to the chicken walk, the poem can be read 2 ways, straight through or in 1/3rds.

My mind swung to and fro,

memories held in my heart,

images cherished and haunting.

A piece here and there,

a patchwork,

building a wall of terrors.

Looking across the river,

fearing the current,

to sweep me away.

Desiring the waters,

to cleanse my soul,

wounds long past.

Yet clinging to Terra,

the solid…


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Chicken Walk

Two shots for the Head..and one

for the Heart...

In this Chest...

Dresser Drawers…


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Do you wonder why life is a chaotic roller coaster of both positive and negative events?  Have you, like most, earnestly tried positive thinking, meditation or prayer without any tangible beneficial results?  Do you stress over your quietly desperate realization that you have little…


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Like a thunderous bolt, lightening surging through the sky.

The awareness arced forward parting the waters.

Again and again in cresting waves.

Inspiration alight in the mind, extending forth, once, then again.

Each experience diving into the deeps, bringing the motionless life.

Increases the connections infinitely.

The pattern rises time and again, rhyming in melodies.

Once, then again in the eternal moment.

Rising and fading…


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The writings on the wall


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She spins, and pushes.

Attempting to bring him to life.

Swirling in a tumult, spinning about the pillar.

Trying to coax him from his rest.

Follow the breath, let your awareness flow.

Once I stuttered and stumbled.

An inauthentic, clockwork machine.

Can you be still yet moving?

Letting my eyes rove, I did not hold.

She tries to lure him into the dance.

Yet he remained, not the eye but that which sees.



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Aepril's Astrology weekly VIDEO report: Solar Eclipse/ Grand Cross: Upgrade!

Aepril's Astrology weekly VIDEO report: Solar Eclipse/ Grand Cross: Upgrade! 

It's time for an upgrade! In life path, in values, in consciousness!
Solar Eclipse is TONIGHT at 8 degrees Taurus. 

Please kindly like/share if you can! Thank you!!!

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Krishna's Lila.

''The Supreme Lord creates the world merely in play...''

Brahma Sutras of Badarayana.

"For one who sees Me everywhere and sees everything in Me, I am never lost, nor is he ever lost to…


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ESP Power

I've recently finished the book ESP Power by Jane Roberts and it has quite a few experiments to try. I've done many of them including using a ouija board, automatic writing, predictions, telepathy, etc. I'm curious if anyone else has read this book and has had any experiences with what this book offers. I've had some results with the ouija board and predictions and I continue to try everything in the book. Who else has had results? How was the experience? I've read about half of the books by… Continue

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April 2014 to May 2014 a transition period......

While April the 4th month of the calendar year has been steadier events begin to shift again in the month of May.

The transition is the number 9 and my be a bit unstable for some who are not grounded.

May 2014 presents the number 3 universal month vibration.  A number 3 cycle month is good for the release of anger that is held in the liver. Sudden emotional flareups are evident. Drive…


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The Despot

There are many things which we do for our comfort and safety.  The building of the idea of a global dictatorship is one.  The origin of this was that kings could bring safety and comfort by telling us what needed to be done.  Today this has flipped to its opposite but provides the same benefits.  For looking at the despot without we can comfortably ignore the despot within.

From a viewpoint that is entirely within and of this reality that is perceived, a dual view is inevitable. …


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Love and fear

Is it better to be loved?

Or to be feared?

Is it false evidence appearing real?

Then what you hold,

is an illusion,

there is nothing to fear.

What lay beyond fear,

is respect,

of nature; of fire; of human cunning

What then is justice?

What is it to be just?

How can it be underlain with love?

What does one reap?

If what they sow is pain?

Is it mercy to deny the eye?

When the great banks…


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Forgiveness could not be given,

else it results in weakness and passivity.

Yet forgiveness is not a thing,

to be given or taken.

In truth one burdened by guilt may only change their action,

so become forgiven by the integrity of their action.

It is not the realm of the wounded to give this.

Rather to allow the ground of change in willingness.

So often the guilt in others,

becomes trapped by our…


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Destiny Waits For You

Destiny Waits   


Destiny waits.

Doesn’t tell you what it is.

It waits.

It will happen.

Life might twist this way and that

But it sits and waits.

You may think you changed it

Doing this and that –You strive.

You think you know what’s right

And work your belief through Joy and Grief

But She waits for you and will happen.

She arrives.

What was meant to be, ultimately will be. One…


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Look Up!

I saw a Star in a field of blackness

It shone like a lantern 'oer the Ocean storm

Ships were saved. So was I

When it's sparkling brightness

Lit up my Life...

          And the jagged rocks

          Beneath the surface

          Became harmless




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Dilemma - Faith - Election

Dilemma,Faith & Election  

When harsh details slam in like a rock;

When in the throes of a dilemma;

When it seems there a loss that socks...

Take another good look with analemma *

Do you believe in dis-ease?

Do you affirm the negative that suggests?

Can the illusion displease-

If you see the reality beneath “at rest”?

Beneath the surface  of illusion

Beyond the place of dark and black

Beyond the senses and confusion

Is the…


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Idealism of the self leading the way

To the city where the sun never sets.

How many of me need I to meet,

Until the eyes finally open to the sky.

Clouds of memories, swimming me by

The past and the present all asking why.

What of the future, many times I ask.

It is unwritten the…


Added by anki on April 22, 2014 at 7:24am — 3 Comments

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