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Dreaming for myself as I let the world become me

Gumption is fleeting and reconciles with the position of all before it settles to the moment of presence. Every position is granted into the expanse of all that is possible. From here all the positions comes together in the objective notion, by itself.

By the notion of opinion these are subject to exchange between its entities. From here the experience is formed around perception. The stand between form and fay.

Unique in its soul. All the potential to hold itself, holding…


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To care

To appreciate the answers it is essential to believe the nature of the questions. The analogy for understanding it laid out in any number of praxes for convention, organises the appreciation to that degree. Why, for example, answers any question to a degree of magnification equal to accumulating reason in seven dimensions as it is the seventh praxis. The nature of any question may be taken to a magnification by any dimensionality – the true ramification of sense in reason from which the…


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Faivre, Antoine

Anyone read or found Antoine Fairve's Books on Eckartshausen. Two books below, but can only find them in French. Please let me know what you've discovered.

  • Eckartshausen et la théosophie chrétienne, Klincksieck, Paris 1969
  • L'au XVIIIe siècle Esoterisme en France et en Allemagne, Seghers, Paris…

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As it always was and always will be

Everything is true and it separates in convention by praxis of life. Usually these are seven. Questions answered in every context under the terms of who, what, where, when, how, which and why are by truth revealed across the coordinates of potential. The shifts and variations in this truth is the subjective get-together coalescing from the individual flow of every possible entity ever.



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A moment of great triumph

In free will, which everyone is divinely respected for, the regard for truth is action. A whole regard balances every factor out. To this respect, care is the meaning with which truth moves into action. Belief distributes quantity among the ethereal qualities of moment.

Everything is true. Believing everything puts it into balance. Care makes it stand out.

The synergy of essence is the compound making anything true. By balancing it in care, the amount of substance required is…


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MRA? shit in the toilet and flush it goodbye

(I wrote this with a twisted, grunge era sort of poignant feminist humor)

the average man just became

the truth i have to bare 

and it keeps me cold at night

like the snow in night light

Jesus, give me wisdom 

to hate the right woman

where did our souls go?

down the tube, down with lube

and the hesitation to feel

makes us monsters, monsters

red white and blue is dead

and high…


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comfortable and interesting

I want to take the world

by dry humor and thrash

grab it with hammer hands

and scream "abyss? Abyss!"

i want to be your man

the perfect man for you

if you don't like me like i like you

you can't like another like me

i want to be in two places

one here and another there

the green grass and grey skies

comfortable and interesting 


you throw a line at my eye

that smacks like…


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The Never-Ending Song


“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God. All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life; and the life was the light of men.”

– Gospel of John 1:1-4

The past few weeks I have actively and passively contemplated the ancient…


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A universal zero point

Direct; that every possibility of the whole are lining up to infinite variations in fractions. In this order, it is organized, into every individual way.

Believe; that every fraction is to gain distinction in relation to each other the closer we look.…


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Where it started from

Oh life, great life; eternal grace across countless possibilities in the moments of all ever living. Touched and touching by the grasp of us. I – the one, as all we are, forever resting in the harmony of choice among all. Rushed toward the attraction of ethereal grandeur, I stand moment by moment, to meet in the crossings of wisdom with coincidence for all to be braced in its presence. Joinders of joy, to be and let be, love gathers in a moment that is now.

Now, oh splendid moment;…


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Esoteric Message In A Bottle



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My personal rules for success

  1. Be aware of opportunity and correct timing
  2. Set clear intent
  3. Make your effort consistent, one step each day
  4. Develop a habit of success
  5. Leverage all your skills/abilities
  6. Be patient
  7. Be responsive to opportunity
  8. Crowed out the unhealthy
  9. Know when to say "No"
  10. Set priorities and commit to…

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The high seat of human nature

Earth is home. It holds what we need to survive while we are here to make it meaningful. The various beliefs we have has served to make our odds meet and as our wisdom has grown to a common perspective, our ends have been coming together. Care begins to dictate what we mean with each other and life becomes governed by soul. Everyone turned to live in itself. It sounds like paradise is right around the corner.

Still, we land on the planet. This is the place where we live our common…


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Free I'm Free!

I've felt such intense emotions, such intense thoughts, seeing what's going on in the world, grasping an understanding, grasping an inspiration, and acceptance, a higher state of being. Broken down so I can rebuild on a level ground. I've found a place to dwell, where real or not real isn't a concern, where good or bad doesn't worry me, where I'm optimistic, at my best, ready to in the world be my best and do what I love and am passionate about. I can learn new things but I'm not so desperate… Continue

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Occultism, Various Teachers, Who Has The Truth?

The one who holds the truth,


Anyone can claim they've spoke to God, Aliens, Angels, Etc,

Or that they are, God, Aliens, Angels, etc,

These things do not necessarily justify their authority.

Various teachers might tell you,

"This is true because a higher source told me."


"I am a higher source so you must listen to me."

The highest source of authority,

Dwells within your very being.

The highest source of… Continue

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Just like that

Nature, just like anything, can be true in any way. It is, like ecology, a resonance between organisms and its environment. Like environmental science, it holds the answers for what goes on between entities. The difference from the other disciplines is that it does it in itself. We are like that. Everyone on the planet is a natural being. There are things we simply have to go about with in order to be in place. As soon as these things are the respect received from everyone, we are free. Love…


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The real case

Magic is systematically excluded from scientific method because it is exactly what it seems to be. Its method is magic and is therefore excluded from science in itself. Magic is the situation.

In every situation this is the case. Birds chirp, fish fly and the wheels of a bike roll. Pause for a moment. Where does it go and from where did it come? Sure, the wheel is round and pressure is applied on the pedals, there is a force involved. Then what? It is obviously the…


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To make fantasy, imagination is congruence

I want to live in a fantasy world. In case the statement in the title is true, which it must be, let’s face it – it is fantasy. We have to believe it in order for the world to hold it as it sort of is the same thing. The difference is that on the one side I believe it and on the other side we all believe. We are the world.

Forming around the focus we all put on it, such as habit for today, it is the only way it is true to be what it is. At least if it has any kind of…


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Man on the Silver Mountain

while roaming around creating a music playlist for myself, i added "The man on the silver mountain"  written by guitarist Ritchie Blackmore and singer Ronnie James Dio this song is, as Dio said, …


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Because I am worth it

Reality follows with a greater ease than it changes. It is the force. It is with us. At least this is how I see it. We are after all what it would follow, right to the change we made to get where we are. I see, my dear readers, that the future is set right where we are – because it happened right after the idea of a past we saw to be the moment we left behind. Moment is the key word as it is the movement across the discerning factors of where to find all that is followed. Everything exists…


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