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The Nature of Initiation...from The Cloud Upon the Sanctuary

The holiness and the greatness of the Mystery which contains within itself every mystery here obliges us to be silent, and we are not permitted to speak more than concerning its effects.

The corruptible and destructible is destroyed, and replaced by the incorruptible and by the indestructible. The inner sensorium opens and links us on to the spiritual world. We are enlightened by wisdom, led by truth, and nourished with the torch of love. Unimagined strength develops in us…


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Channeling humanity

Humanity has discovered everything on at least one level or another. The time it takes for us to put it together as a whole is equivalent to the amount of resistance we have in common toward implementing other areas than any in particular to do so. The less resistance, the more clarity and the more spiritual clarity the higher the regard for truth is.

Every answer is out there and out there is the expansion toward in here. Here one degree of belief varies to the size of my care.…


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Perception of the three generations

Empirical space is what I see in time when I look to me, by continuity. Esoterical space is what I see as time when I look to me, by continuity. Ephemeral space is what I see of time when I look to me, by…


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Basic Income

Origami rose directions. Great for graduation gifts! Other money origami directions found here as well.:

Basic Income is a form of redistribution of wealth along egalitarian principles. The concept, though older, was outlined in the 18th century in the philosophy of Thomas Paine, one of the founding fathers of America, who believed that Inheritance Tax should be used to fund a more equal distribution of the planets resources to eradicate poverty.

The intention is to accord dignity to all…


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Divinity to sense

Unity forms around the sense it is invested in. Care infuses belief about it as the moment. It takes the form of any aspect from love innate.

The world as made out from the first generation to any dimensionality is seen by creation in perception. The world as made out from the second generation to any dimensionality is seen by creation as…


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Esoteric Message In A Bottle


You have to be able to see that the world we 

live in…


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All in all

The universe is zero. The connection of it in relation to itself is belief. It can be done in as many ways as it takes to add it up to zero.

The multiverse is infinity. Belief is the relations of connection within it. It is made in all the ways there is for all to have one.

The omniverse is eternity. The relations of belief connected is it. It is creation in every way possible that one is zero.



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A thelemic view of Consciousness

The following is based on the supposition that unity comprises multiplicity in order to realize itself.


The interaction of unity and multiplicity is called ConsciousNess* and regarded as an inter-extrapolation that relates in a viewpoint which manifests ConsciousNess.


In 2750, an Egyptian priest of Ptah paraphrased it like this: “The seeing of the eyes, the hearing of the ears and the breathing of the nose report to the heart; the heart is the center of…


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Open Your Mind

Folly it is

To close your eyes

Close your world

Close your mind

Open your mind

In order to find

Balance, Harmony , Peace

Therefore, a seeing person

Can see nothing

While all can be seen and known

By someone who is Blind!

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Defusing the Forces of Psychology and Experience

-excerpted from an article at

What’s It Like, What Does It Mean to “See the Tao”?

[...] What’s it like to see the Tao? It’s as if a long time perimeter, border, or veil has been lifted and you can now see things as they really are. You suddenly realize -…


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Transcendence & Miracle

There is a place from which we speak regularly.   We have done so

for  years.   We  are a personality which is an  accumulation  of

traits, learnings, habits, memories, hidings, pride - even garbage of

civilization  collected to exhibit ourselves with status  in order

to boost up our self worth.  This is a self conscious process and

need not apply for everyone at every moment but certainly applies

to all of us at some times...sometimes too…


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"UNDOING' ...Transcendence from what you are now to 'Fulfilling your Potential'

The Sun

The Sun is my symbol.

It stands for Love and Beauty.

Peace is its message.

I feel it coming through me.

Kings have died there..

Sacrifices made, have been glorified there.

Purification of the Blood that has bled, occurs there.

The nearness of God is felt there.

The Sun is my undoing.

Personality mainly goes now.

New Persona grows now

And I am made/bade Born Again.

The Sun is my resolving.

Ever on…


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The Healer                     

The Healer sits quietly, no movement

Intently focused within.

Mind reaches to feel the source of pain,

A prayer for wholeness. Off with Sin.

For "Sin" is off the mark of Truth, of Wholeness.

Nothing more or less.

To be Whole  precludes dis-ease.

Healer reaches in and up.

Healer is receptive.

WILL/FORCE comes through the Receiver.

Healer projects it.

No small "will" be done

But "Thy WILL be done in Earth…


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Focusing various states of conscious establishment

I dreamt of an ecstatic communion between the supermassive black hole at its center and the stars of a galaxy. The black hole pushed space into itself, leaving a trail of stars in its wake. The stars at a glance of awe fixated in rotation around the black hole by pulling toward it along its path inward.

The galaxy thrilled by its awe in transition between two dimensional planes. Pulled into itself by its lower dimensional attraction and pushed apart by its higher contextual position.…


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Merry Christmas

For all a chance, the soul to settle; eternally so. Begets beginning by the end we all must know. The grace I trust by all that moves – for but wonder. What leads that way is all to see over yonder.

Soul was born of grace to cling that love. That love to swing the very cling so rarely come my way. For once it does, the very way, eternal heart it puts to sway. So seldom does that once, it lasts forever…


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Afraid of Redemption?


Afraid of Redemption?                  

 Key 21-Saturn

Afraid of Loss...                             

*This World as we think we know it?*

*Yourself as you think you know you?*

What’s the difference?

If you are not you

And you are not here

You won’t know

You won’t care

You.ll just “Be”

You will just  see

And you will know and partake,

Integrated into the Highest level

Of Cosmic…


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The Magician makes things happen

There  are  moments when nothing seems to be  happening,

                                         patience worn thin

Standing in the extended silence, balancing on the rim

Purpose slipped away from mind

Feeling I've been left behind

The Magician makes things happen

He initiates the step of Imagination

Into the manifesting world

And the rest of Earth-Mankind

Responds to his invisible call

Things, experiences, successes fall into…


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Roam around the world

Some 'streetviews' to roam:

Puma Punku…


Added by Rob ter Haar on December 24, 2015 at 5:30pm — 1 Comment

A life free for all

When we glance toward the horizon, it is at the beholding in three generations of space. One pertains to the visibility of potential, where the difference between any observation and its true spatial content is the distance to it by the speed of light. The possibility for the whole universe to have changed within the regard of distance in time to anything beheld under a linear assumption is always complete. The preconceived notion of that light would have to travel the whole distance in…


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A Message from the Higher

The Words to come is Sacred.

The Words to come is not All Earthly.

The Word is not for Humankind Only.

The Word is for Every Living Organism.…


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