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Currently, I am on Lesson 4 in this series, but I have found them so helpful that I wanted to pass them. The first video I will share is introductory and here are a few things that really stuck out to me. 

The famous quote - 

"Science and Art of causing change to occur in conformity with will." - Aliester Crowley 

This was the first time hearing this and it definitely was not what I expected. I am glad the teacher here tells us how this can be misleading. Albeit…


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Esoteric Message In A Bottle

  A Psalm Of Protection

1.  I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence…


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Fear is the mind killer

Remember, Illusion is just that. What you see, how it occurred, how it is explained, all form to purpose that illusion. Be still, breath deeply and slowly, relax, clear your mind of these thoughts. "Fear is the mind killer"

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What Never Changes

On one hand atheism is an extreme denial of all things god, this is often called strong atheism or negative atheism. But on the other it is more or less just a passive rejection of god based on insufficient evidence. What many call weak atheism. Of course my attempt to define these things are retarded and incomplete. But my aim is not a debate but a journey. Definitions are the epidermis, we want to get into the guts. Balls deep.

 I want to propose a type of atheism that is…


Added by Mark Sebert on November 13, 2015 at 7:14pm — 2 Comments

Number eleven in divination systems

Today is 11/11 which makes it a special day. I had been thinking about 11 and thought it a worthwhile exercise to relate to the 11 from my own perspective rather than from an numerical perspective alone.

Numerically the number 11 is a prime number which does not make it a very usable number, yet a very unique number. Nothing else can divide into 11. 11 is moving beyond wholeness which is denoted by the number 10.

What do I know about the number 11. In the Tarot the Major… Continue

Added by Jurgens Pieterse on November 11, 2015 at 4:21am — 2 Comments

All the wind’s colors

Painting reality depends on one thing and one thing only. It has to be done in unison with everything. Coming down to captivating this one thing and use it in life, belief does the trick. There are two sides to everything so much that there is truth to even the most contradictory senses. Let’s look at it in an empirical way and be honest about it. Everything we look at around us has a way to be fleeting beyond the experience. However systematic we take it, what it really is – is potential.…


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Esoteric Crumbs of Bread

There's a message in a bottle to a mermaid sent by me

It concerns an invitation to a soiree by the sea

I'll meet you…


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Rainbow Entities.

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Within everyone there is now. It pokes and prods us with each other until we sense it. In that moment everything is true and everyone is real. Creative in its source. It is a matter of believing in that which encompasses it forever, with all its generations, orbitals and dimensions innate – from where we can derive at anything. Belief is everything.

Believe in everyone and we shall be at…


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This is a SUNFLOWER. …


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Riddle of the Sphinx

What walks on four legs in the morning,  two legs at noon, and three legs in the evening?  

The Sphinx is said to have guarded the entrance to the Greek city of Thebes, and to have asked a riddle of travellers to allow them passage. The exact riddle asked by the Sphinx was not specified by early tellers of the stories, and was not standardized as the one given below until late in Greek history.

It was said in late lore that Hera or…


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Changing Your Negative Emotions

This excerpt is from a self-help book [unknown],  was given to me by a friend, perhaps others could find it useful


2) When you detect a negative emotion, stop for a moment. Notice that you are being pulled into the loser's corner. Recall that harboring anger, fear, guilt, hatred, or sadness will compromise your health.

3) Decide to choose a positive emotion to replace the negative one.

Changing Your Negative…


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Good grace loved

I have thought about it, a lot. The reasons we have are innate and always changing. It may be who, what, where, when, how, which, why or in any other way we can ever imagine, yet it always reflects us perfectly. To this end we must always move on and let all the reasons be of the past – so that it can be fully owned in the moment. It is to be fully respected in others so that everyone can meet, for real. To be clear, the reasons are within us and present only fully in living. In picking my…


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Oi Rheontes - by Tennyson

The winds, as at their hour of birth,

Leaning upon the ridged sea,

Breathed low around the rolling earth

With mellow preludes, "We are Free";

The streams through many a lilied row,

Down-carolling to the crispèd sea,

Low-tinkled with a bell-like flow

Atween the blossoms, "We are free".


All thoughts, all creeds, all dreams are true,

All visions wild and strange;

Man is the measure of all truth

Unto himself. All truth is…


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My boyfriend`s ex. Is there any issue?

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The truth of life. Top Secret Information.


There are four parallels and thirty two planetary dimensions the conscious is the past life the subconscious is the present life and the unconscious is the future life and the unified mind is in a cryogenic stasis pod we are meant to evolve each mind so that are unified mind awakens to live a divine life. the subconscious life is the life that applies daja vu the technology is not much further advanced now in the unconscious life there the world has… Continue

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Think with glory

Align now with it. Everything is the liaison with the brutally almighty force of it. It is the christ of every religion.

To reconcile with it, every choice needs to be in tune with it. In return it is humility in the honoring of every personal selection. Glory is in the king. Newborn from the care of every citizen of humanity. Moment by moment true in each option open to the soul. Everything.

This is the honor. Honor it in all to have any choice be free for the will. The will…


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Cave of Demons

Jetsun Milarepa (1052-1135 AD) considered one of the greatest Tibetan Yogis.

 "In my youth I committed black deeds. In maturity I practised innocence.'' ~ Milarepa

Milarepa's Cave of Demons

One evening Milarepa returned to his cave after gathering firewood, only to find it filled with…


Added by Didi on November 2, 2015 at 2:00pm — 1 Comment

third of 3


so, ive drawn my 3rd and final id card. the SUN:)

that makes the cards that i Am - Moon-Hermit-Sun.

i asked the cards to help me understand who i am.

i wonder what they mean taken as a whole?

i love my cards. 

moon, hermit, sun...

Added by belladonna took on November 1, 2015 at 6:44pm — No Comments

Esoteric Crumbs of Bread

One Small Token

Silence has given me these wings which to soar

Though my eyes are now…


Added by Nemo on November 1, 2015 at 9:30am — 1 Comment

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