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There is never any proof! There is co-incidence. There is no set time to “know”. It can be done before, during, after and still be in effect. There are healings done from request, from inspirations, from sorrow, from the heart/soul/spirit and from the mind. Which is which? No way to separate into categories, for healing is from wholeness to wholeness and to categorize is to defeat your own purpose. Of course we try to understand and to convey enough so that an aspiring…


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Stay in touch with your True Self


Health and True wealth go together. Never forget how important it is to stay in a state of communion with your own Higher Self. Healing occurs and Wisdom  processes. I love that and  'need' that for wholeness for the sake of healing and wholeness.

Stay in touch. "Here I  Am" and here will I be always. A special prayer for healing for a number of people I know who are in deep trouble. A special prayer for the innocents who seem to be the victims of terrible…


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Healing - Chai'


What do you do if suddenly you face a great  possibility of Death?

You love life and would cling to it.

What do you do if you have never had a clue?

Not a clue that there is more than one way to go?

A path to tread- A way to make yourself over.

A Process out of Election and Grace.

A Transcendental road to take?

How can one remake ones’ self?

How to change the balance?

How to clear the decks?

How to raise the stakes and…


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now, not of this world

Doin better then I did, from fear I once hid causing the top to pop off with the bop of the flip and at the lip I lost my lid while haters took their seats and placed their bid, I know I can be bad, I know I can be good, I know I can be evil, this is understood. I been sad, I been hood, I knew I can do more then what I could. Reachin to smile, preaching to stay a while, not afraid to let it go fast or slow and now I stand at the gate, not a moment too soon or too late, I know I'm not afraid to… Continue

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One can read and -seek- to understand or assume and call such assumption understanding.  It is sad that so many english words are so precise in meaning.  It is sad that one can be lead to expect completion only.

What is Gnosis?

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Take In Sunset Like Supper

Those who don't feel this Love

 pulling them like a river,

 those who don't drink dawn…


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a letter from the unknown knowing

You tell me they can't understand, yet I know different then the laws of this land, they attack and disturb my name, when I offer ways without demand, yet they target me for blame, its more then spirit more then fame, it's more then any one mind can claim. Yet when I incarnaye, they will treat me the same.... tell me why I should help those who listen not ignore wise and follow lies and hope for another's demise... I will not and haven't given up yet, but in reality close to them I cannot get,… Continue

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true love

Logic has brought me to this.... I realise truer love doesn't exist and it saddens my heart here is the logic behind it, if I am wrong let me know cuz I'd very much so enjoy being wrong on this.True love::: on the surface love is absence not impaired or lack of, just neutral mind state without notion or presumptuous thought of what is or isn't what was or wasn't or what will or won't be. It is this view in a sence, of absence of opinion on yourself or another. Its appreciating the bad as well… Continue

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The 3 Realms of DMT

Some theories by Josh Mur:, what are your thoughts...

From blasting off through a dark tunnel to intimate encounters with the divine, Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) has been notorious for sending its users into otherworldly places and experiences.…


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Magnetism and electricity.......oh my ~

Check this out for a laugh and some conceptual invitations upon the realms of the divine

Great stuff here~


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just ask my mom

you'll leave us these broken wings

and a cage door wide open

to stumble through

with broken grace and tearful eyes

grant me wisdom in books

while pain keeps me from reading

to fumble through

with shivering lungs full of cold wind (hot breath)

whisper from the mountain top

deep into my inclining ear

to mumble deftly

that i will not hear what you say

go to hell go to hell get…


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Ba is the Essence, living forever. 

Ka is the Shadow that man knows as life. 

Ba cometh not until Ka is incarnate. 

These are mysteries to preserve through the ages.

Keys are they of life and of Death. 

Hear ye now the mystery of mysteries: 

learn of the circle beginningless and endless, 

the from of He who is one and…


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Wrote to a friend who seeing things from a game she was playing too much. Astral World Tricks


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I am excited to join this community. It is hard to find people to talk to about a lot of the subjects I am interested in.  Normal chatting is not very stimulating. I want to explore purpose, spirituality without walls, and quantum thought without judgement.  I am hoping to grow being a part of this group. I have been floundering trying to define exactly why we exist. We are such weak, feeble creatures with so much dependent on pure luck. I believe in the power of projection and the power of…


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Plutarch, On the Soul

The soul [at the point of death] has the same experience are being initiated into great mysteries. . . . At first one wearily hurries to and fro, and journeys with suspicion dark as one uninitiated: then come all the terrors be initiation, shuddering, trembling, sweating, amazement: then one is struck with a marvellous light, one is received into pure regions and meadows, with voices and dances and the majesty of holy sounds and shapes: among these he who has fulfilled initiation wanders…


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Metatron Cube 2.0

I made this work for personal porpouse, a wanted to see with my own eyes and hand how the platonic solids are fit in to the metatron cube, what i found was marvelous for me. The coments are in spanish for now, but i hope i can translate right further on. …


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Feeling the Core

Fingers curled inward, the heart beat is strongly felt within the hands.  Letting the awareness flow with the rhythmic pulsation.  First moving with the breath, then the breath flows to the beat of the pulsating thrum.  Sense the contrast in which one sits still and the feeling deepens.  Experimenting with hand posture to create strong sense of pulse within the entire palm.  Lightly holding the thumb and fore finger one can sense the pulse here yet curling the fingers inward and moving…


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How do you build a new idea for yourself?  How can one take a word and move beyond its restrictions?  How can one give many meanings and depth thereby?  

Taking the idea and forming it about a foreign meaning with ties in direct experience.  Applying that meaning to each instance one might find reason to connect.  Challenged by companions and their view.  I sought to create an idea for myself.  Of focus and extension.

What is the origin of the ancient Greek idea that…


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Songs of a Universe


I just want to say first off that I love you all! I have a friend who released an album called the Trinity Project on 1/22/15. It contains a wide spectrum of vibrations/frequencies and is tuned with nature (432hz). A total of 99 tracks that express his souls discoveries within the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Thank YOU for allowing yourself to discover/spread his music.

Love and…


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‘You’ve left her 17 times before’.  ‘Really? How many times have I left her incomplete?’

He walked past as his companion held up an egg.  ‘I get aroused separating egg whites,’ his companion declared, ‘is that wrong?”  ‘Well,’ he responded after due deliberation, ‘the important thing is that something turns you on.’

There are many truths upon which are layered events and personal values which turn truth into a blinding sliver.  What are deep truths?  How does our vision…


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