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Quotes for Meditation: Mystics for Moderns

Juliana of Norwich 

God is our Mother

"It is a characteristic of God to overcome evil with good.

Jesus Christ therefore, who himself overcame evil with good, is our true Mother. We received our ‘Being’ from Him ­ and this is where His Maternity starts ­ And with it comes the gentle Protection and…


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Numerology: Federal Reserve Chair

Society of Numerology

Numerology: Federal Reserve

Chair of the Federal Reserve

Janet Louise Yellen was born August 13, 1946 with a number (23)5 life path.

On January 6, 2014, the United States Senate confirmed Yellen's nomination to be Chair of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors.[1] Yellen was sworn in on February 3, 2014, making her the first woman to hold the position.[2]

Numerology Note:

Yellen has the number 23/5 lifepath number and her…


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A Compilation of 120 Exercises from Seth and Jane Roberts eight books

A Compilation of Exercises from Seth and Jane Roberts 

120 exercises from eight books. 

Includes: Astral projection, altering beliefs, reprogramming self esteem, discovering your point of power, natural hypnosis, floating away your worries, expanding dream space/time, etc. …


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The Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

The Celtic Cross

Keyword Chart



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Decrypting Emptiness and Dependent Origination

(note: I have heavily edited this essay for core material, deleting most self-referential and extra-referential portions to achieve succinctness and clarity suitable for present format and for discussion)

excerpts from: Mahayana Idea of Emptiness…


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The Word Is Love

This is a poem I wrote back on Aug 19, 2010 and felt I should share - hope you like it.The%20Word%20Is%20Love.pdf

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All is 'Within'

What is this feeling of nothingness?

I, who have so much?

So very many interests, keys to existence,

Creative activities and multiple possibilities.

However does a feeling of "nothingness" come upon me.?

If I weigh it up, I have been blessed

So many opportunities and yet...

And yet all too often I begin to feel that I have


Nothing or  very little of my potential for

Traveling  around …


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Dilemma,Faith & Election

Dilemma,Faith & Election   

When harsh details slam in like a rock;

When in the throes of a dilemma;

When it seems there a loss that socks...

Take another good look with analemma *

Do you believe in dis-ease?

Do you affirm the negative that suggests?

Can the illusion displease-

If you see the reality beneath “at rest”?

Beneath the surface  of illusion

Beyond the place of dark and black

Beyond the senses and confusion

Is the…


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The spine is the highway to the Infinite

“The spine is the highway to the Infinite. Your own body is the temple of God. It is within your own self that God must be realized.”…


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Heraclitus - Fragments


1. It is wise for those who hear, not me, but the universal Reason, to confess that all things are one

2. To this universal Reason which I unfold, although it always exists, men make themselves insensible, both before they have heard it and when they have heard it for the first time. For…


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Chapter II from The Secret Fire: An Alchemical Study

An Alchemical Study:
The Secret Fire of the Alchemists has been described by them as "The All in All," and, next
to the solution of the Sophic salt, it is said to be the…

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It's Getting harder


How much can you hold as you are now?

For one person?  For two?  More?

For the World? God, that’s scary.

What is this was your responsibility?  Where would you start?

Suppose you start with yourself. Suppose that affected all around you? Suppose this was for real. Where to begin?

What if it were truly true that; “There is no other.”; “Do unto others because it is you.”.

What do you have to be when what you are formulates what…


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And continuing forever...The Power of The Sun

Ocean Sunrise1

My first ocean sunrise was more than thrilling. My motor home was parked at the Lighthouse at Montauk Point L.I. next to the ocean.

 I rolled out of bed with my camera predawn. Then walked down to the edge of ocean and waited. Strange things happened to the sky. As it lightened up, colors and shades of orange started to appear in the sky. Red started to edge in. Everything started to lighten up and appear to the eye. Clouds took on their colors as a strange and…


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Journal Entry, 20 August 2014

So, the 29th year of anything’s existence is the year of Saturn return.  Well, every 29 years it is…  That means it portends major changes, expansion or reduction of boundaries, introspection…  I was fully prepared for that when I turned 29.  Or I thought I was anyway.  The first few months went smoothly enough, despite some big changes.  I thought that was going to be it, especially as the changes tapered off into their respective effects, ripples on a pond if you…


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Dreams Before Dawn - epic virtual reality lucid dreaming

This is put together by artist and lucid dreamer Jurgen who  has a fascinating website

Most people know the chance for lucid dreams are best early in the morning. As I mentioned before I have set out to make my lucid experiences…


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Just Stand There, Loving Every Minute of It

Can You Imagine?

For example, what the trees do

not only in lightning storms

or the watery dark of a summer's night

or under the white nets of winter

but now, and now, and now - whenever

we're not looking. Surely you can't imagine

they don't dance, from the…


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Alchemy; Sexual Energy vs Bio-photon Electrical Energy

The School of Chi Energy presents a seminar on “Jing” Sexual Energy vs Bio-photon Electrical Energy Cultivation

Sifu Jones & Sifu Cicero discuss the main differences between cultivating sexual hormonal…


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Chöd, and The Invisible Dimension

exerpted from: Chöd: An Advanced Type of Shamanism

                             an essay at the website of His Holiness the Gwalya Karmapa

Chöd is a spiritual practice conducted by the yogini (or yogi) alone in the wilderness, where she…


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Ganesha: Icons in the Brain

Icons in the Brain

There was a scientist in Lebanon who researched the human brain. He found that there are many things that cannot be detected by a microscope, but require complex instruments. So he used…


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