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And continuing forever...The Power of The Sun

Ocean Sunrise1

My first ocean sunrise was more than thrilling. My motor home was parked at the Lighthouse at Montauk Point L.I. next to the ocean.

 I rolled out of bed with my camera predawn. Then walked down to the edge of ocean and waited. Strange things happened to the sky. As it lightened up, colors and shades of orange started to appear in the sky. Red started to edge in. Everything started to lighten up and appear to the eye. Clouds took on their colors as a strange and…


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Journal Entry, 20 August 2014

So, the 29th year of anything’s existence is the year of Saturn return.  Well, every 29 years it is…  That means it portends major changes, expansion or reduction of boundaries, introspection…  I was fully prepared for that when I turned 29.  Or I thought I was anyway.  The first few months went smoothly enough, despite some big changes.  I thought that was going to be it, especially as the changes tapered off into their respective effects, ripples on a pond if you…


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Dreams Before Dawn - epic virtual reality lucid dreaming

This is put together by artist and lucid dreamer Jurgen who  has a fascinating website

Most people know the chance for lucid dreams are best early in the morning. As I mentioned before I have set out to make my lucid experiences…


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Just Stand There, Loving Every Minute of It

Can You Imagine?

For example, what the trees do

not only in lightning storms

or the watery dark of a summer's night

or under the white nets of winter

but now, and now, and now - whenever

we're not looking. Surely you can't imagine

they don't dance, from the…


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Alchemy; Sexual Energy vs Bio-photon Electrical Energy

The School of Chi Energy presents a seminar on “Jing” Sexual Energy vs Bio-photon Electrical Energy Cultivation

Sifu Jones & Sifu Cicero discuss the main differences between cultivating sexual hormonal…


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Chöd, and The Invisible Dimension

exerpted from: Chöd: An Advanced Type of Shamanism

                             an essay at the website of His Holiness the Gwalya Karmapa

Chöd is a spiritual practice conducted by the yogini (or yogi) alone in the wilderness, where she…


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Ganesha: Icons in the Brain

Icons in the Brain

There was a scientist in Lebanon who researched the human brain. He found that there are many things that cannot be detected by a microscope, but require complex instruments. So he used…


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Before me arose the world, raucous eternal flow.

Did the orb remain, ever within my one-eyed gaze?

The spirits and ghosts, they arose.

Shouting accolades or vengeful epithets, or deafening in their silence.

Yet within the orb remained, ever within my one-eyed gaze.

Created within the image; this orb reflected, yet beyond; turned inside out.

She arises all about you, she has no where else to claim home.

Can her integrity,…


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Every form seeks to remain,

if you are small,

you will be easily manipulated.

Shine light of reason,

Down upon on the reptiles,

raise them from the ground.

The dragon must be tamed,

far from a gold hoarding beast,

a companion and protector.

Where attention goes; energy flows, guiding principle; is found within form.

Any publicity, is good publicity, be wary of the attention seekers.

The universe, is self replicating,…


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Questions in the hidden aspects of Capital 2

An exploration in the hidden aspects of capital.

In what way is usury an error?

Francis Bacon made a good argument for the idea in his essay on the subject.  In it, he states that while charging interest may be a criminal act it must be accepted as a necessary evil.  The necessity arises because merchants and craftsmen could not sell the products or build businesses if everyone paid only the front fee.  No one could afford it; how many people today would have cars if they had…


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The Old Tribes of Ireland

In Irish-Celtic myth, Ogma is the god of eloquence and learning. A member of the Tuatha Dé Danann, he may be related to the Gallic god Ogmios.

Ogma ~ The god of eloquence and learning, inventor of the Ogham alphabet. (Pronounced OM).

The Old Tribes of Ireland

From after the Biblical Flood.


This is a very abbreviated summary of the ''pseudo-history'' of the Invasions of Ireland. Much of it is allegorical.…

In Celtic mythology, Danu had a wide variety of responsibilities… Or a lot of differing opinions, rather. Danu was one of the oldest goddess of Celtic mythology. She was said to be “mother earth”, a river goddess, a mother goddess… the list goes on. One connection she has with more popular myths are the Tuatha de Danann, which literally are, “the people of Danu.”


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poke holes in your scull

to breathe the air of life

break down the fourth wall

to improve your dim sight

fight against the world with fists

curled around peace and dreams

seeking the light of the world

curled around the devil's inseams 

animosity is ego, I hear

willing a way to be singular

well piss in your mouth for the masses

to each be their own, their own

fight against the world…


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Faith: A Brace of Heart, Not Blind Belief

The word for faith in Pali is Saddha. While sometimes translated as "confidence" or "trust," the literal meaning of saddha is "to place your heart upon." When we give our hearts over to a spiritual practice, it is a sign of confidence or trust in the path we have embarked upon. Faith opens us to what is beyond our usual, limited,…


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drunk on the mountain

read the script and tear it apart

read another from another time

and I'm finding none

that condones my tearing it

Who the hell is in charge?

dr. paranoia, Mother Nature, and dead gods

dark clouds of insanity decayed into rain

and now my head is swimming

there's a cigar for the devil

in the ass of every angel

and the water's drunk on the mountain

in God's home town

Maybe any web of…


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EXPERIMENTING THE SIXTH MEMBRANE OF OUR THIRD EYE ELEMENT EARTH S T E P O N E August 11-’14. This lesson indeed needs your cooperation in order to experience deeply your wonderful spiritual senses. It consists of four steps. Its final goal is for you to really appreciate the element Earth in your daily life, so to step one I want you to download images of your city one four hundred miles above it: Three hundred miles, two hundred miles and one hundred miles. Study them and using your…


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11 de agosto de 2014 a la(s) 10:40


“Unique sublime God of my realization may all the creative energies contained in the spiritual realm to be concentrated in the seventh membrane of my third eye. Please allow its…


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Awakening ~ The Big Sell

This is either fake or real. Probably real.

Some passing thoughts, subject to change and error. Any offense is certainly not intended. This is just the temporary rambling from the inside of this dark head.

I have this (very small, irrelevant really) bugbear about the plethora of masters out there, doing the Big Sell on Awakening.

Have you noticed? They are ubiquitous. They multiply like rabbits on the rolling plains. They have glossy magazines,…


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Much is made about the legitimacy of karma.  After all how can we justify its existence?  People committing evil acts can die successful; people who are good at heart can suffer great poverty.  Even if you don’t consider that many don’t seem to be grossly affected by the effects of karma how can you deny the placating effects?  What better way to get a subservient class of people to accept their lot in life passively.  These are some of the major arguments against karma, and I would like to…


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What is it to pass, to be allowed?

What means it if you are allowed “in”?

Into what or who other than yourself?

Perhaps a level of understanding

A lifting of the Veil, entrance into recognition

Realization of the Self

A clearing of the fuzziness of the human mind.

A clear picture of reality

Wondrous word - “pass”

Who allows this?

One must desire, elect and go forth

One must “work”

One must transcend impossibilities and…


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