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As your mind comes aligned, you can feel it stirring, a hunger to understand why? Let go of what you’ve been told, lift up the blindfold. They’ve shut out the old to enable their control. Prophets words perverted to fit their means. Herding us like cattle, leading us to our demise. Killing us mind, body and soul. Killing our mother, stripping her of her beauty for a little bit of gold. Disrupting the balance without living in harmony. Fear and terror to keep you…


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Forever young

Everyting is true, simultaneously. It cancels itself out in spiritual coherency. Each and every entity of it is alive by that coherency. Nature is the common conductance of it in between us. The nature of it connected, is us. There is a nature in resemblance of us all. How it works, is ecology. There is an ecology for everything. It is the ecology of truth.

Reality is the environment that remains through all change. It exists in all situations and permeates every event. The largest…


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(image credit to bligoo) deeply...miss Your Touch! in the past...too much!

Tears ebe...moisting my pillow...I clutch!

Divine in Love...with much!

Released to fly...You...I Will; no crutch!

(image credit to shutterstock)

You asked...of…


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(art by Iriloth)
Formless energy...Beautiful Lady...Radiant Star!
Summoned me...forth unto Her...Divine Love great and far!
Will I...task on Gaia...All must raise the bar!
Her love ...Divine and Eternal...greater than a mere czar!
Yes, I Will...orientation...lessons from texts to a car!

Time and Space...forget written in a…

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I am...still...deeply in love with You!
Time has...given ordeals...sad events, true!
Beginning of...eternity...everlasting follow through!
Life is a much to accomplish...continue to do!
You say...I am Your heart...I, this knew!

Twin Spirit...severed apart!
You...the many...I am the heart!
Pleasure to…

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To empathize the sentiment of experience in soul

Various relations has a different conclusion in experience than others. Every aspect can both be experienced as and with, given a boundless spiritual being. These expressions are the brilliance in life, formed to love as to fit the soul in its every conviction. It can learn from all the possibilities, expressing itself in such a way – until it is one with all of it. There remains the formal equanimity between every aspect it could be. Rightly alive with the grace of its whole…


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(Celtic Mistique by ArwensGrace) my heart...does so weep!
Gaia's Waters...nasty filth...radioactive seep!
Gaia's Air...illness in children....chemtrail jets swoop and sweep!
Gaia's Fire...abused sacred and hide pathetic sheep!
Gaia's Earth...monetary gain...not man's to hold and keep!
Divine Gaia's...water…

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Mind : The Bio-Computer

This post will compile a summing up of all things involved in psychological programming. 

To start, I explain that the mind, is a computer, and the invention of the computer is a recreation of the human mind. The computing function of our brain is very similar to the computing functions of a computer. The difference? One is chip-set, one is neurological. One is fixed in it's capacities, the other can grow and change.…


Added by Fictor De Universum on August 21, 2015 at 2:30pm — 2 Comments

Esoteric Message In A Bottle

"Many people look toward philosophy

for wisdom." Yet it may well be, as

Friedrich Nietzche reminds…


Added by Nemo on August 20, 2015 at 6:55pm — 3 Comments

The marriage of the sun and the moon


   In Ancient Egypt, duality was explained by the marriage of Osiris (as the sun) and Isis (as the moon), their offspring was Horus (represented as male). If one reads the myth properly one realises that Horus is not purely male, "he" is half male and half female (one eye is of the sun, one eye…


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Esoteric Message In A Bottle

Let words become like flowers

In the passing of the day

Then whither into…


Added by Nemo on August 20, 2015 at 2:04pm — 4 Comments

Intent is everything

Each dimensionality is like the metaphor for spiritual coherency in itself. I name its quantity gumption, as it is coherent with its quality for consistent wit in spirit. The structure of every level is the same as the other. The lower planes moves to fit the higher, as such, in accordance with where spirit has placed its lot to be fulfilled. The question to ask in regard to intent fulfilling everything and making it true – is – what in regard to it from a higher plane than where it…


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Sanctum Continuum

Quietly breathing thee

Peacefully searching within me

Scattered in hiding

Camouflaged by mind made foggy

Unite the twelve

Attain the Astral body.

Three keys turned

The Pineal Gland opening

Walk through to the majesty of my becoming

The eyes are closed

Identity's lost

Transcend in to nothing

Emerge as a whole

Reborn within everything.

The forgotten world trapped inside



Added by Christian Dyhre Foldal on August 20, 2015 at 12:30pm — 1 Comment

Discarded Brethren

I am a part of all that ever was

A part of life, The very soil I'm standing on

I seek to be free, as the stars shining on too me

But I reek of blasphemy, for thinking differently

The discarded waist of society.

I hold my Gods close too me, and loved for questioning thee

All I seek is truth, all I crave is unity.

Torn from my family

Divided by men made holy

Preaching loud to stand tall

Scaring us to appall all…


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The Element of One

Life lived in duality

A constant state of an altered reality

command a machine of flesh and bone

With an unknown location of the control platform

Limited perspective, my eyes can't see

an ulterior plane, my mind rests peacefully.

The Serpent spiral climbed in hours of darkness

Enlightening glimpse of an altered contentiousness

The Three gates crumbling, the third eye…


Added by Christian Dyhre Foldal on August 20, 2015 at 9:00am — 1 Comment


(art by kwou)
I have...always known...who You are!
Distance...matters not...near or far!
Realms...multiple...One Spiritual Star!
Incarnate...You in dreamscape...walking or car!
Heart to...heart...queen and czar!…

Added by Rosey Cross on August 19, 2015 at 2:22pm — No Comments

5 reasons to not rely on software-based astrological predictions

Mostly everyone likes to check their star signs. Some check it for fun, while others take it more seriously. Whatever may be the reason; there are different ways of checking your signs. Manual reading and Software Based predictions are the most prominent.

When you are in for getting your stars checked, you might as well do it from a…


Added by Daina Martin on August 19, 2015 at 6:07am — 1 Comment


(art by eeddey)

Remembering the End of my Past True Life.

Where thrives pure love, a collective, and no strife!

Home to my place as Your wife!

Coming to this realm to complete a task.

One by Our Lady, unto me was asked!…


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The Events...have...begun!
The longer...can be undone!
The Events...ancient text...shadow sun!
Unity...stife loss, nothing won!
Gnosis...follow your heart...We are all One!

(image credited to cropcircleconnector)
They are...already and...have been here!
Their Message...unto us...simple and…

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My Shadow

What I suppress I hide within my shadow. Washed aside by the light you've given. As time passes by, light fades away. Darkness prevail and I'm consumed by my shadow.…


Added by Christian Dyhre Foldal on August 17, 2015 at 3:29pm — 3 Comments

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