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Standing in the river, debris and waves hammering ones legs, wading out of the deluge, one foot in the shallow and one deep, a leg rises but does not descend (we're out of the water -the leg rises higher- what progress, won through such hard work!) you cannot move forward unless both move.

A woman approaches and lays her trap (careful, one can find eternity and sleeping beauty, never to wake again!) there is only one problem, not a problem of the nature, one of the mind, one has…


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Science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind...

Though such a beautiful quote (as well as others of them) by Albert Einstein, I feel it is important to take it in the context of which is was being used. He often spoke about the concepts of beauty, awe, and mystery, and was often misunderstood to be a cold, calculating mind, heart, and soul - quite the contrary,…


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Healing and Light

Imagine taking an ultraviolet light stick, a bar prevents the light from reflecting, the stick is moved about the contours of the mouth, it's purpose is simply reducing the number of bacteria.

Through the day one swishes very small amounts of oil -often advertised is coconut but others work- the oil simply acts to coat the mouth, reducing the amount of bacterial growth (as in mayonnaise, with oil and raw egg) retarding growth to acceptable levels.

After a large…


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What Thoth Told Me

I found a short inscription I wrote awhile ago, during a time of deep fascination with Egyptian hieroglyphics. I was experimenting with "reading" them myself off the impression I received from them, following is my impression based on Egyptian hieroglyphics of Thoth. My perceptions back then were a little different, but some of this you might enjoy. (:

"Be not blind to love as it fosters growth, strides can be only taken in clarity of love, balance your step with…


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Rosicrucian Digest - The Chymical Wedding (Volume 94 Number 1 2016)

Rosicrucian Digest - The Chymical Wedding (Volume 94 Number 1 2016)

Volume 94 Number 1 2016

This issue of the Rosicrucian Digest celebrates the four hundredth anniversary of the publication of the third Rosicrucian…


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The concept of liberation, moksha or nirvana

See article here:

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An Introduction - Culture and Initiation

Mountains spread before me, flickering through a shroud of trees, revealing a glimmer, reflected on the water -that sun dappled shore- it mirrors a depth I can never fully fathom, beauty that leaves me rapt and calm.

The act of engaging nature is multi-faceted, one can perform a thousand acts, the very act of getting there -where one finds a good fit- is integral to vitality, one finds the depth of action and storied memory, through hobby and environment.

If one is to look at a…


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Mark Of Something Impossible

we are all life in our way,

with our map and journey,

together sometimes,

we'll sit alone or with others,

and make wonder of what our maps and journeys are,

look up, down,

all around,

even count the stars in the heaven,

assume the clouds to form,

and in ourselves swirling of consciousness

of lifeness

galaxies and many worlds,

slightly with timid hands

fingers gently reach stars,

crossing over eagles and hawks…


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Truth Protected

The reason the truth is so hard to find is because not only is it a heavily guarded secret that no one on Earth knows right now, but it is veiled in a lie. Furthermore, the wisdom one needs to find the truth is hidden in foolishness.

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Truth Defined

If we are ever going to find the truth we have to clearly identify just what in the world we are looking for. When you tell someone you are a truth seeker these days most often people will laugh in your face asking what is truth? or the truth about what? They are quick to dismiss it and all to often claim that finding the truth in this life is impossible. Well, I think we can know the truth and that it will set us all free...but of what? The LIE that's what! What is the lie you ask? I'd like…


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28th may 2016 1:49am

We were made imperfectly. Purposefully. Layered inconsistently. We are a compilation of fault lines. Conflicting drives. Love. Hate. Intolerance. Compassion. Compulsion. Temperance. We are every ill and every cure. We are every problem and every solution. We are the destroyers of innocence and the bringers of beauty. We are nightmares and the bringers of the dawn

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How to measure the field of a pyramid?

The experiment on magnetic induction level suppression.

Specialists of Maat Froundation investigated the change in the level of magnetic induction near the pyramid. During the experiment were used the samples of schungite pyramids 10,15,30,40 cm in height and the pyramid made of tempered glass which height is 146.6 cm (whith special energy source of the quartz crystals). It was found that in a radius of one meter from the body of the 146.6 cm pyramid the magnetic induction level…


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Community Update - **Important**

Greetings Seekers!

I hope everyone is having a great spring-time thus far, and has been able to move out some of the old to make way for the new in traditional means.

We've really been trying to remain patient and hope things come together to help keep Esoteric Online, strong, and growing in as many ways possible, however it's come to a time where we need to once again reach out for the community's assistance is making all this…


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"I am What I am", "You are What You Are", "Within You There are the Answers To Everything", "All you have to do is 'Knock on the Door of Your Inner Being, 'Seek with a Sincere and Open Mind, And Ask with your Whole Being for Complete 'Knowledge', 'Truth', 'Understanding' and 'Illumination', 'And to You All Will Be Given".

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Social Media Anxiety attack

I have been away from my home country for a very long time. Living in the US for eighteen years, I am so used to be alone and independent (except my partner and a small groups of friends). This summer (I am in academia) I accepted a short teaching job back to my home country in Asia for a month. Maybe it's because of this coming return, maybe it's because of strong anticipation, in the last several months, during my meditation, I reflected on my past many many times. The past just like flood…


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Strange Patterns

we move in strange patterns,

like beats of music,

energy moves through us,

in motion,


and sound,

we interact,

like wave forms,

effecting the wavelengths of each other,

we appear from within the spectrum,

our faces piercing the veil,

Lighting them for a moment,

before they retreat backward.

Our frequency is like breathes,

and heart beats,

Our lives mimic the pattern,

In the ups and downs we experience,

The steps…


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All I Want To Say

we are part of the universe,

this individualized body is barely,

a fraction of what we are,

our bodies are merely,

a small expression,

of the indefinite,

infinite universe,

our body,



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The Breath Of Life

The breath of life,

echoes around me,

Echoeing in the voices,

Of the voices around me,

Flowing like waterfalls from their mouths,

From the source of their being,

Submersing the world,

In glistening waters,

We listen for the words,

With ears full of water,

Trying to make sense,

Of the swishing and gargling,

When all we were seeking,

Was the water itself flowing.

Flowing and flowing,

In and out of dreams -

And into… Continue

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Birth is Separation

Birth is SEPARATION. Separation is Gods SORROW. That is why Man yearns

to return to Source, to Self!

Think Universal.

Think Unity.

Think that before creation/manifestation/multiplicity  was true ONENESS.  Not even Spheres Two and Three but  KETER - I AM only.


Manifestation put us out. What is our Purpose? To recognize Who We Are and return as that ONE. To go back to Kore and Become that ONE. When All returns to Source  in and as that  Source is…


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The Big Question You Must Ask Yourself


Afraid of Redemption?                   The Tree 


                                                     Key 21-Saturn

Afraid of Loss...                              

*This World as we think we know it?*

*Yourself as you think you know you?*

What’s the difference?

If you are not you

And you are not here

You won’t know

You won’t care

You.ll just “Be”

You will just  see

And you will know…


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