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Social Responsibility

The welfare state has been advocated as being a necessary form of social responsibility, is this true?  The saying is that you teach a man to fish rather than give him a fish or you only foster dependence.  Yet what then is our social responsibility to those of the community who fall on hard times?

I would use the framework of Kiva as a comparison in this thought stream.  It is a system of community sponsored micro lending.  In which entrepreneurs and small business owners give…


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The Nuit Report July 24-31: New Moon in Leo! Aepril's Astrology weekly report.

Sovereignty and JOY! 

Sun conjunct Jupiter along with a Leo New Moon at 3 degrees. New heart centered beginnings! Open to "enthusiasm", meaning oneness with the divine Self...can you be Monarch of your own life?

Receive your personal reading with Aepril at …


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PRAYER OF THE HEART (for the war weary)


   You know that our breathing is the inhaling and exhaling of air. The organ which serves for this is the lungs which lie round the heart, so that the air passing through them thereby envelops the heart.And so,…


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The Mirror of Simple Souls by Marguerite Porete

"Men of theology and scholars such as they

Will never understand this writing properly.

True comprehension of it only may

Those have who…


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on spirit

spirit is living

spirit is eternal

spirit is mind

spirit is emotion

spirit is energy

spirit is collective soul…


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Acceptance can come in 2 forms passive and active.  If as an example someone were to make a comment about you passive acceptance would simply be recognizing the statement as it is and accepting that this is the reality of the given situation.  Active acceptance on the other hand would be taking that reality and actively working with it as truth.

So obviously not all situations require both.  If someone were to see an act I had made and blindly called me an idiot I certainly cannot…


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Awareness and Being

A Journal of thoughts on Essentialism

Essence to me is the no-thing or rather no one thing because it is all things.  It arises a priori, prior to our understanding.  This must be true because there had to be something before the awareness of it in our minds.  The world does not disappear when we close our eyes or come into being because we are awake.  Only the world as we know it does.  Awareness and being are the two fundamental aspects of our experience as the I and the…


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The pointers showed again and again, they showed the way to a path beyond his sight.  Until at last they could no longer be ignored and even timid following was no longer sufficient to his weary soul.  The noble divinity shining just beyond sight its glimmering reflected in the air.

Within there remained shards or scorn; a regretful past, apathy; fear of repetition, laziness; the refusal to accept what had been learned.  Yet the drive for change continued unabated, it could not be…


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Nothing But Coming and Going

Rest and Be Taken

When there is deep abundance

there is nowhere to abide.

There is nowhere to rest

or grasp onto

and yet there is rest.

The sky abides

yet it never rests.

Neither can we say that

the sky is not always at rest.

We talk about the sky

as if it were something

as if it…


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Lighter than love

Ergo lumen. All our ways meets all our ways.

Magic is the application of movement in dimensional probability. The matching frequenzies of belief with the whole structure for it, applies direction of the movement through possibility. It is mag(ic)netic and is induced to the matching point with thought given in intent. The dimensional options are probabilistic in the possibility for belief - Being. It means…


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Magic Mushroom

Background: For awhile me & my friend had been intrigued to eat mushrooms.

We had both been reading alot during that period & in the past on the internet about it.

*Trip rapports.

*Different kinds of shrooms & the difference between them.

*The principle of set&settings.

*Principle of "sitters" (Sober person who acompany you during the trips period)

And alot more, not only about mushrooms but psychadelic over all, Cant honestly say im an expert…


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There is an argument that the desire for more greed and decadence lead to much of the failure in any society, that it is a fundamental failing of humanity.  I would like to give an argument against such an idea and to point out that the desire for more is a natural drive.  Rather it is the failure to achieve balance which is a great cause for suffering, atrophy and decay.

The drive for more is seen in every aspect of human life yet some are appreciated while others are decried. …


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 There is also space around the  emotional highs and lows, even around pain. And above all, there is space  between your thoughts. And from that space emanates a peace that is not “of  this world,” because this world is form, and the peace is space. This is the  peace of God.

 And it is from inner space, the  unconditioned consciousness itself, that true happiness, the joy of Being,  emanates. 

So your physical body, which is form reveals itself as essentially  formless when…


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the Nuit Report: July 17-25. BIG and BOLD! (and from the heart)

This week's Nuit Report is posted!

July 17-25. BIG and BOLD! (and from the heart)

It's been a challenge to balance responsibilities with the needs of the soul. We are getting the call, though, to revisit what makes our hearts sing! We are getting a surge of power and we'll be feeling fired up. We get to reclaim our sovereignty--provided that we are still taking care…


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charts for the ten sephiroth (

blatently copied from dave the rainbow's website


The Qabalah is a collection of ancient mystical concepts that connect the infinite macrocosm with the finite microcosm. "As above, so below." Each Sepheriah of the Tree of life holds energy of the evolution of consciousness. Connecting your own consciousness with the symbols of the tree will activate the channels…


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Kingdom Found, Beauty Crowned

Kingdom Found, Beauty Crowned

The following is an original interpretation of the above and below…


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Value is something which can often be represented as difficult to understand yet knowing it is absolutely necessary to fully function.  I would say by my own observation that we also know fundamentally what is valuable and that only mental abstractions aid willful blindness in creating an ignorance of this.  Yet this ignorance seems to have proliferated and now acts as one of the large wedges driven between our self-knowledge and our natures.  From the idea of markets, to money, to the…


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Settle here...

Anything less is to sell yourself short

Truth is the order of meaning fulfilled. Meaning is the substance

of care. Care is the fulfillment of meaning in truth.

Because of change, belief comes with a fifty percent possibility

to be true. Taking the chance to believe that which would be

true in any action, upholds the precision forming a flow of

focus. For each such point of focus, care holds the…


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The crown deals with the direct connection to essence and divinity.  With discernment it is the connection of the personality to the monad, oversoul or godhead.  With it is the final release and realization of the personality where the personal state releases its possession.  In the crown lies the idea of justice and of philosophic thought.

The crown is located above and behind the head to show it is beyond the individual personality.  Yet being part of the chakra system gives the…


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