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(art by Linda Joyce Franks)
Ambling down the path, goes Annegrette!
Mind drifts without stumbling upon her feet!
In love with The Mage-
Three and twenty years, senior is his age!
She studies hard in lieu of work or wage!
The Mage had to be away!
Annegrette's thoughts on him always!
(artist not…

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Pandora's box I am the real PINDAR

the vector equilibrium is the Archetype Matrix which is the great pyramid of Giza which if looked at structurally you would see the twelve voids within the pyramid and the highest chamber would correlate with the frequencies of the highest dimensions of the flower of life when looking at the great pyramid of giza you must see it as the tree of life to understand the message held within which is how to understand Pandora's box which at the center of Pandora's box is the star gateway to God of… Continue

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I understand not, although I try!
Why, so many, watch the sky!
Expectation of planned event or surprise!
Oh dear! My, oh my!
Fleets of ships to sail by?
No! We must be all friends and ally!
(artist not known)
Colors of white, black, green, and red!
The four horsemen of dread!
Why, because of…

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What is Memory? Tell me!


Can random thoughts lead to ultimate Truth? Important questions here.

What does “Memory” mean?

How does Mans’ mind and perspective work?

What are memories? Illusion, fantasy or actual reality?

How much of what we remember is real? What does “real” mean?

How much of what happens do we honor or even know as “real                                                 reality” ?

How and…


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It is

When it is time to go forward

Move with the gentle wind

That eases process by supplying motivational Force


Let go of the old

Burst forward toward new beginnings

All potentiality lies at your feet

The Road is open, the way so neat

The opportunities endless

And all is yours


Say "Yes"

I am able

I go with…


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You can't get enough of TRANSCENDENCE. GO FOR IT! I'll say it again & again.


* Giving up personality - what comes, what goes is a way of life.

** Purifying personality is an ongoing process of self purification seeming forever.

***Doing this indicates a step into the process of ongoing  Initiation.

***Universal Initiation is always a beginning...

How do we transcend our self?

What is it that we have to do?

How do we transform that personality in which we take great pride,

Have built up all our…


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(photographer not known)

Early in the morning, awaken did Maiden Annegrette!

Sleepy, unable to find slippers for her feet!

What was she to do today, someone to meet?

Lair in disarray as Angrette did not like neat!

Annegrette's head had pounding beats!

Last night too much mead and meat!

OMG! Today Homecoming of the Mage, to Greet!

Deeply in love with The Mage, is Annegrette!…


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Belief, belief, belief

Seriously, belief. Belief is a two way street. In one direction goes what we believe is applicable and in the other what we believe from what is applicable. Between that anything is applicable and everything we believe to be applicable there is the mother wit, gumption. In knowing that it is possible for anything to be believed possible by anyone, it is applied in wisdom. Gumption is the same always, while the wit from it is derived at angles encompassing the stance of any beholder. In…


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(artist not known)

A message delivered to Maiden Annegrette!

Audience with the Queen to have a Meet!

Maiden Annegrette put shoes of her feet!

The Castle so perfectly clean and neat!

The Moment came; The Queen did greet!

So loving a Queen embraced the Maiden sweet!

Excited! The Maiden- her heart skipped a beat!

On the throne,…


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A Thought...What is Balance in the Path of Transcendence?


When someone  has brought himself to this state of balance and is identifying with his Higher Self, it is Truth that comes forth and may sound to some like platitudes. There may even be (will be )   repetition also because    Truth is getting down to the Simple.

In other words, away from a multitude of thoughts on the Earth plane  to Simplicity and Truth/Oneness/Unity principle.

The Force is still there and can be brought up in different ways…


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Important...Read This! A Belief that doesn't change but gets deeper as you realize its' TRUTH


The World is in The Mind of God. God is in you. You are seemingly separated from God but you have never been separated at all.

You are an integral part of God.

You are an integral whole of God (in potential).

God is your own True Self waiting for you to realize ‘Who’ and ‘What’ you are and develop back into Self – as Self.

You can’t do…


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In November Halloween Will Come...So will Greeney Green Witch.


She was a darling but ugly Witch. She always dressed in green. Her name was Greenie Green Witch. She could be nice and helpful or the worst wild thing you would never hope to meet.

All year long Witches were in some “limitation” but once a year on Halloween Eve the skies opened up. There could be communication and interchange between the portals of Heaven and Hell. Spirits could come and visit.…


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Presence is an honor

Divinity comes from within for those who seek it. Divinity is within. Soul anchors it in a selective presence to the ones who holds it. In a reality grander than any experience of it, we are more than probability dictates there ever can be of it. The chances to meet each other is as such smaller than the likelihood of an eternal existence. Soul is the depth at which everyone always meet each other, fully aware yet always fully susceptible to outside influence. The influence, while…


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(artist Olga Formina)

Long ago lived a Maiden and a Mage!

Three and twenty years difference in their age!

The Maiden a wise student, desired to be a Sage!

The Mage, unto the Maiden, did often surprise and amaze!

The Maiden a student of He, her eyes upon Him in awing gaze!

Dreaming of Him; dancing and swirling; her eyes did become glazed!

Thoughts melted into Dreamscape in splendor…


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The Garland of Victory

"It is no slight matter to fight for the garland of victory; for no one wins that unless he overcomes; which yet of his own might he cannot do.

He must make his will as it were dead, and so he lives to God and sinks into God's love though he now lives in the outward kingdom.

I speak of the garland of victory which he getteth in the paradise world if he once presses in; for there the noble seed is sown, and he receives the highly precious pledge and ernest of the Holy Spirit,…


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Three essential qualities

Empirical – one by one in sequence organized to experience. Practical and objective. Permanent and relative. It shifts with the soul, to accomodate experience in perception, in exact measurements of proof. That which is in touch with moment.

Esoteric – all at once in measures dedicated to favor. Personal and subjective. Temporary and fixed. It flows with the moment, to accumulate favor in dignity, in precise…


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edited photo

ok so i edited it the colors looked wrong in the original 

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The dance of the dragon and the phoenix

Once long ago in a land far far away a dragon lived

On a mountain peak high above the river blue

Underneath father sky watching at his crown of stars.

He had scales of pure white with eyes like the moon.

His name was water, gentle and healing.

His heart was intuition and his blood was art.

Though lonely he was inside his perfect world

Where all was harmonious and orderly.

Where all happened as it should and time floated like an…


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(art by lithriel)

Time has come...for bansih evil away!

Time has come...for me...disengage wrong of way!

Time has come...for emotions at bay!

Time has come...for say-

Bright Blessings...Our Lady...any moment of a day!

(art by bayne)



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Esoteric Message In A Bottle

The glory of friendship

is not the outstretched hand,

Not the kindly smile, nor the joy of…


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