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The throat is the center of our expression and sensation of the patterns around us.  The world is incredibly malleable, it is our mercury.  Our methods of discernment and expression determine its form and this understanding is fundamental to creating harmony.  

We are continuously sensing a flux of energy and our interpretation of it entirely determines our world.  Within this sphere the core concepts of responsibility, balance and obedience must be seen in a new light.  The…


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The Nuit Report for June 11-17. Full Moon in Cap. Get Right with the Past

This week/end's Nuit Report! July 11-17.
Full Moon in Capricorn:
Getting Right with the Past. Clear Head/Heart for the Future.

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The throne is my name for the 8th chakra as I put forward in the blog Chakras.  It continues the individuality which arose in the heart and represents the other aspect of the all and the one.  Extending through time, space and scale.

While the heart focused upon the arising individuality in the sliver of this here and now the throne focuses upon the more peripheral reality.  In another way of speaking you can create a sphere in one of several ways.  By filling in the volume to…


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Theory of Magic (Eliphas Levi)

Theory of Magic

Levi identified three fundamental principles of magic:…


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A Note on the Gate

from the Xiuzhen biannan (Discussions on the Cultivation of Reality) - 1819

The Opening

Let me tell you one thing: if you want to know this Opening, it is in the land where the six senses do not stick, in the place where the five agents…


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Democracy and Capitalism

I can’t help but find it odd when I listen to some news and look at the solutions being proposed.  It seems as if the last vestiges of integrity within our systems are finally falling away to reveal the virus which has existed all along.

I hear a proposition to help fix the myriad of issues often come up.  Since the lower class can’t handle more pressure, raise the taxes on the rich.  I don’t know how the connection is not made but this is still the only major answer we have had…


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Esoteric Message In A Bottle

 The Hundred Character Tablet

To nourish the vital energy, keep watch in silence;

In order to subdue the mind, act with non-action.

Of movement and stillness, be aware of their…


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Dead Sea Scrolls: The Book of Secrets

The Book of Secrets

1Q27, 4Q299-301

4Q301 F1

(...) I shall speak out freely, and I shall express my various sayings among you (...) (.. those who would understand parables and riddles, and those who would penetrate the origins of knowledge, along with those who hold fast to the wonderful mysteries ...) (...) those who walk in simplicity as well as those who are devious in every…


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The Story of Cain and Abel

Adam made love to his wife Eve, and she became pregnant and gave birth to Cain. She said, "With the help of the Lord I have brought forth a man." Later she gave birth to his brother Abel.

Now Abel kept flocks [shepherd], and Cain worked the soil [crop…


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Beacons of light

My eyes closed, here is death.

We meet at last my lovely lady of despair.

Many cry at your feet, many beg at your presence.

Show me the end lady in white; tell me what comes after we die.


My body rested, for many years have passed under the sun.

The eyes…


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Astral Projection and Risk of Possession by Entities

So far, I have not heard of an astral projection case study that reveals that possession can occur simply by the act of practicing projection. There is some sort of "contract" or prior agreement that is needed between an entity and a human soul in order for that entity to actually occupy a person's body and seemingly control their free will in the physical realm. Even Robert Bruce, a master of projection for over 20 years, has admitted in a writing of his that he himself has encountered…


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Mother Mary ~ Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Gratitude to my friend who forwarded me this extract from....

''Untie the Strong Woman: Blessed Mother's Immaculate Love for the Soul''

by Clarissa Pinkola Estes…

Madonna del Magnificat (detail), Botticelli, 1481


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The wisdom that comes with age

 I ingested a psychedelic substance yesterday. When I was younger I believed that these experiences were a journey through the gateway of the soul, and that they were spiritually significant and enlightening. Having found spirituality in sobriety, I now realize that the experience of drugs was completely physical and held no great truth to be found within myself through the paths they open. Truth is omnipresent, and being a thinking, living spirit is the greatest high. It seems I just had to…


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Poets as Shamans

drawn from "Dreamways of the Iroquois" by Robert Moss

Poets, it’s said, are shamans of words. True shamans are poets of consciousness. Journeying into a deeper reality with the aid of sung and spoken poetry, they bring back energy and healing through poetic acts, shapeshifting physical systems.…


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The telepathy endures

   This is the time for esoteric information to be more easily understood.

   There are lots of reasons why the holistic network of healing modalities is suppressed, worked against, or otherwise set aside for other directions. One of them is misinterpretation. One does not want to do harm to the movement or to potential seekers because someone took the teachings the wrong way and now blames them!

   Another reason is that it has taken this long for a lot of the concepts to be…


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The heart represents the connection, the one and the all.  This is the beginning of the unification of the masculine and feminine within the microcosm.  It brings forth the idea of differentiation through inclusion leading to discernment rather than differentiation through segregation leading to ignorance.

This is the place where the individual truly rises as the father descends to become the son.  Before this marker everything was only an extension of the essential energy through…


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4th of July, Celebration for Freedom of the Mind, A Yankee Doodle Dandy (very windy)

  I'm not especially big on national holidays (American), but one fact that is undeniably and inexorably true is that freedom of speech is  unimpeachable. The freedom of the press is affectionally regarded as the Fourth Estate, so cherished is its place in government oversight and accountability;  the other three are of course:  The Congress (comprising both the Senate and the House of Representatives), The Executive Branch (Presidency), and…


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The sign of the cross


Written by: Mark Stavish, M.A.

Gestures and symbols have always played a major part in the Western Mystery traditions. Yet, of all symbols, the cross has been the most prominent and influential in guiding western mystics towards Cosmic consciousness.

While seen as almost an exclusively Christian symbol, the cross has existed since the dawn of the…


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