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The Battle of the Ants, by Henry David Thoreau

The Battle of the Ants

from Chapter 12 of Walden, or Life in the Woods, by Henry David Thoreau

You only need sit still long enough in some attractive spot in the woods that all its inhabitants may exhibit themselves to you by turns.

I was witness to events of a less peaceful character. One…


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What is the difference between efficiency through action (production) and efficiency through diversity?

If one has reached perfection, it means they have only focused on a fraction of a whole.

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Intoxicated by the flame

Intoxicated by the flame I dance in a swirl eternal,

Spinning over and over under the majesty of the sun

Flame of life burning inside me and all around me

For when the fire reaches your soul it burns all illusion away

Until there is nothing left but…


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Dream Sixteen

Dream Sixteen

Sweet sixteen with your eyes so green, bring me strenght in your hands, bright blessings will never disappear, fewer come to this abode, there is nothing wrong above, as below I lay in a radiant grave, come to me on this nights whim, spring the trap of moon spell dew,  spider comes  in myst of rain, maiden hails her crooked man, arrows drawn, shoot through my soul have I ever been so lone? Longing for a breath of air, fresh and cool in my dispair, in my…


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<3 Neptune Retrograde 2016 <3

<3 Neptune Retrograde 2016 <3
<3 Neptune Tunes Retrograde – June 13 Through November 20 2016 <3
The Photonic frequency of being is augmented and therefore multidimensional being will be more sensitive, & acute, meaning our intuition and senses that all work as one will be heightened for months to come, blessings for those who receive and…

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Survival of the fittest through natural selection, or adaptations to fit through natural selection?


Merely a changing perspective, showing the power of focused chance.


Not making arguments -designed to sway your opinion- not designed to show the truth, but creating perspective -one does not gain the gross understanding- the personal impact deepens perspective.


One sees through personal perspective, which is not an error to correct, but a truth…


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Tripwire (a song writing attempt) Poem


As I scout the Bush, far ahead of me,

Jefferson Airplane rocking the new FNG,

Jungle brothers, seeking for an opponent,

black panthers, a formidable enemy, what's gotten into me?

Living in the moment, tripwire, explosion,

bloody mess, corrosion, why did you trip me?

Sinking in the ocean of blood, did I really fall for?


Ambush! Ambush! Fire at will! I have no clue who did I kill?

Ambush! Ambush! Did I…


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With every sunset a new sun rises -even though that new sun brings beauty- so too does a sunset hold its beauty, to see beauty in life and death, but what is beauty?

Some say that a good death makes a man, but a good death does not come in the moment, how does one live a deep life, that when…


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Guy Pierce, Guy and Warren (Story series WIP)

"So, what keeps you away from calling her is...?" he asked with a bit of grunt at the end, hanging the sentence.

"My sense of dignity, if you have to ask.:

"And... that's it?" I sensed a tone of disbelief in his voice.

"Yeah, that is it."

He looked at me in silence for a moment.

"So you're not going to call her?"

I shook my head.

"Can I have her number?"

"No! Why?" My response was angrier than I expected it to be.

"What do you care? You said yourself…


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Guy Pierce at War (story series WIP)

The sky looked like a bucket of lead hued water with bits of foamy clouds speckled all over. We sat in the trench like a bunch of kids waiting to see an adult only movie. Getting tense over the upcoming orders of a push forward, not before the aritlery stops raining shells on the enemy positions. I was flipping my lighter back and forth to calm myself when Warthog jumped into the trench.

'What are the orders Hoggy?" I asked.

"Yeah sarge, what's going on?" concurred Billy, the…


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question about left eye considering

I lifted up a 10 year old child and she took something out of my left eye.

since that day I feel like an empty vesel. what can I do to get it back.

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"Many problems,Wars, Breakups and hardships in this World comes about because most People act more and more under the Influences of their Individual Prides and Ego than what's within their Soul personalities, And it leads to Lust, Covetousness, Greed, Anger, Envy and Hatred".…

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"The Divine Light is within us all, 'And it is your Goal in Life to Seek for this Divine Light Within You in Order to let your Divine Light Shine to help Others".…


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Asatru and Heathen Resources

Like any online topic, its sometimes hard for a beginner to know where to start and which resources to look for let alone trust.


Two books I've enjoyed as a noob Heathen:-

We are Our Deeds - Eric Wodening (Lulu…


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What is Asatru?

There's not much on this on Esoteric Online (EO) so i thought I'd start a little blog to collate a few links and definitions.

From Asatru Canada

Asatru is a Scandinavian term consisting of two parts: ASA referring to the Germanic Gods and Goddesses and TRU meaning faith. Thus Asatru literally means faith in the gods, although it is commonly misunderstood to…


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"May We all be connected to the Universal Cosmic energy and Forces around and within Each of us".

"You are a Wonderful, Powerful And Mighty Being of Energy and You are Meant to be Connected to the universal Cosmic Forces Around and Within You", "The More You Become Connected The Better Life Will Become For You".

"May You Ever Dwell In The Eternal Light Of Cosmic Wisdom".

'Hugh Blair'…


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"Peace is found more often in patience than in judgment; hence it is better that we should be accused unjustly than that we should accuse others, even with justice." 'Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin'.

"Peace is found more often in patience than in judgment; hence it is better that we should be accused unjustly than that we should accuse others, even with justice."

'Louis-Claude de Saint-Martin'.


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A Written Guided Meditation: Winning Battles with Fear, Anger: Purifying the Channel

Part One
Give Yourself the gift of 30 uninterrupted and devoted minutes to put this into practice.  With time You will be able to repeat this technique in a matter of seconds with the same result, at Your Will.
Begin by sitting in a stable and comfortable position.  Take a deep breath in, glancing over Your immediate surroundings, noticing one particular visually pleasing "inanimate" object before You.  For 5 breaths, counting backwards, contemplate its…

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There is beauty,

to be found through all things.


The result of a meditation taken while…


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Poems by me

To Miss Rose

Dear Miss Rose,

Life spinning on a rose, like a drop of water on a petal's cove,

Miss Rose how I missed you on my course,

waiting in a crystal night I suppose,

Miss Rose, would you care to celebrate

such a feeling reverberate as a sun dawn,

lets not forget, when the fragrance of your sweet sweat,

hit me on a stove, Miss Rose, how could I forget?

That night? The light? So intricate in your eyes, I could wonder,…


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