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Step by step I take life as it comes.Trying to comprehend as much as I canWhile striving to go beyond the Veil of MysteryThat  hides the deep Truth of my existence.So many dualities exist side by sid…

Step by step I take life as it comes.

Trying to comprehend as much as I can

While striving to go beyond the Veil of Mystery

That  hides the deep Truth of my existence.

So many dualities exist side by side.

Levels of seeming Truth to  understand.

If I might just peek  to the other side

Might I ride into heights never dreamed before?

What is on the other side of “Knowing?”

How is it to BE that…


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I am a steward of the Earth. My passion is facilitating peace, to assist others in experiencing their truth within the larger perspective. I love inspiring, playfully challenging, and supporting growth of the individual as he/she relates to the whole. Merging spirit and the physical, has been a driving force within me. Over the years I have compiled useful tools for developing a relationship with the higher self and the messages hidden within and…


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My main theme my whole life is to figure out what this world is…


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Meditation to Manifestation

Good day/night all. I wish to have connections of whom I can study with about same interests. I am a new in the practice of meditation and still starting on mantras for the past months. kindly send me an invite or message me. I look forward to meet you. Peace Love and Light

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Simple Truth Shines The Brightest

"The supreme meaning is the path, the way and the bridge

to what is to come. That is the God yet to come.…


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Weekly Astrology: Nuit Report for Mar 6-13. Hours Before Dawn.

The Equinox is coming in only 2 weeks. And with an eclipse, no less!

This could be considered the dark before the dawn seasonally, preparing for rebirth, when we do well to divine into what is coming for us.

I am offering a sale—this weekend only! $50 off Natal, Transits, and Solar Return (Birthday Forecast) readings!!! A reading can act as our map for what is coming, getting us prepared to to take advantage of the new energies on the way. What is…


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by: Frater D.R.C.


SHIN: What does dreaming reveal to you?

MEM: Many things - a snapshot of the inner workings of my mind, the dynamics of my psyche at some point; glimpses of the future or past,…


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Intuition: An Essential Element of Mysticism


by: Charles Griffon


In an essay entitled "Perspective: The Importance of Versatility," from the book Awakened Attitude, Gary Stewart has…


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The Poet

Falsehoods that are not immediately revealed rest upon a truth.  Thus they are accepted as truth.  Yet to entirely reject a falsehood means to become ignorant of the truth.  For rejecting it absolutely one must reject the aspect of truth it stands upon.  One then becomes false though they are right and true in uncovering the false.  So discernment is required in all things.  I wish that I were a skilled poet.  For all poets lie but only the discerning recognize their depth.

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Matías de Stefano ...

The Spirit is the Essence, sparks of God’s body, his Electrons. The Spirits don’t have any form, they are made of pure light. They contain all the knowledge from the Origins.

solar plexus chakra The spirits are born from what is known here as the Source, which could be described kind of like the solar plexus chakra of God. Where all things come from, the Spiritual level is a very subtle level that doesn’t even have an energetic vibration.  This means it doesn’t have an energetic or…


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Every ending is a beginning, just as every beginning is an ending. Often when one thing gives way to another, many see only the one thing giving way, perhaps failing, dying, or vanishing. Others may see the second thing as winning, surviving, or remaining. Reality, however, is not so simple, and not nearly as organic in nature.

  • “Matter and energy can neither be created nor destroyed. The law of ‘Conservation of Mass’…


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Where i am

Im not going to govern shit; i just want people to understand their choices instead of being on auto pilot. BASICALLY WAKE UP. This place is so effed up that ima do me; if you want to follow my lead go ahead; but im not leading or following shit; ask and ill help ya find out the answer if its interesting; or if im bored; and id walk with you; but be sure youd walk with me; otherwise ill leave your ass alone; i am just trying to be and exist without having this…


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How did you get into this last mess in your life? What did you do? Not what was done to you? Or the did this wonderful situation occur now?

Taking Care of Oneself


We must do it ourselves while we can. All manner of things we live in and do.


Putting off doing it for yourself when you are able must take payment. It may take time away from you, it may mess up your intended life but there is payment especially when there is deceit!


When help is really needed…no problem.  When accepting gifts given in friendship with good intention on both parts – no…


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Fire & Water, Air & Earth

open triangle











triangle within a triangle











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Shamans in the Russian film "The Golden Horde" (2012)

Have any of you seen the Russian made film?

The scenes where each shaman or sorcerer is brought in is well worth watching.

The era of the "Tatar Yoke" in the Middle Ages was Russia's Holocaust. So you might think…

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Esoteric Crumbs of Bread

  One Small Token 

                                       When dawn makes her entrance to announce He is near…


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Spontaneous Gifts of Joyous Magnitude

It’s Ok to Be Surprised by the Spontaneous Gifts of Joyous Magnitude

Our Infinite Reach Affords Us the Wonders and Surprises of Our Cosmic Neighbours.  These days we are all at one with Divine Will and the Co-Creative Joy of Our Own Unique Universal Visions.  So it only Stands to Reason that Our Joyous Friends Can Co-Create Magnificent Expressions of Sacred Love Wisdom that Leaves Us Breathless for a moment when they first share their New…


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Come forth

To delve within beyond the heart and beckon forth thine darkest part
To come face to face with such a deed can allow one to see that very seed
That lay in you, it does hold you back
come face to face and thou wilt not look back 

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feel it ~ know it...

The Earth would be unfruitful if the the vapors would not rise from her lap and unite with the higher forces.  Pregnant with heavenly power, they plummet down to earth as dew and bring life and fruitfulness.

Human Beings can become unfruitful as the Earth if they do not elevate their inner and ascend to the higher spheres, and obtain from the source of light, the holy anointment of life.

How great must be the Might of a Being that is closest to the Prime Power of all things,…


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