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Sacred Science Continued...from the Nag Hammadi Treatise on the Resurrection

Some there are, my son Rheginos, who want to learn many things. They have this goal when they are occupied with questions whose answer is lacking. If they succeed with these, they usually think very highly of themselves. But I do not think that they have stood within the Word of Truth. They seek rather their own rest, which we have received through our Savior, our Lord Christ. We received it when we came to know the truth and rested ourselves upon it. But since you ask us pleasantly what is…


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Hiden Depths, Deep Cleaning,

The pains were getting worse, like burning spears piercing, my back and heart, the fears, worries, burning a hole through my chest. My spiritual councelor suggested, the spear may have a message for me, so I closed my eyes and followed the spear, into my heart, where tied…


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Prime your chakras to thrive in the new year (by Syma Kharal)

PRIME YOUR CHAKRAS TO THRIVE IN THE NEW YEAR Give it 1/5 Give it 2/5 Give it 3/5 Give it 4/5 Give it 5/5 0 0 Google + 0 0 Syma Kharal January 6, 2015 The holidays are officially over and most of us are now settling back into our normal routines. Hopefully, we stayed present to all the gifts of the festive season and managed to reflect on our goals for the New Year. If we did not, there is still time to create some inspired intentions so that we can embrace this year with clarity, vision and…


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Jesse's Mountain

Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Nature's peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. The winds will blow their own freshness into you, and the storms their energy, while cares will drop away from you like the leaves of Autumn.

― John Muir, The Mountains of California…


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Strange experience in Hungary

Hey :)

So, I'm going to describe a strange experience that happened at a psytrance festival in Hungary just so I can understand a little more about what actually happened.

The only reason myself and my friend went was to this festival was because we loved psytrance. We never realised the many aspects of the Goa/psychedelic experience and that shamanism and…


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a little bit

A little bit:

A little bit of torture, a little bit of pain;

a little bit of grattitude to pick me up when standing in the rain;

a little bit of humble; a little bit drives me insane;

i hear a little bit of rumble; so i feed the spirit with grain;

a little bit of this; a little bit of that;

i dont want much; no need to pull a rabbit out of a hat;

a little bit of im sorry; a little bit to proud;

a little bit of serenity; because i've been too loud;



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One Interpretation

THE LORD'S PRAYER                             

Our Father who art in heaven;

"Father".      One  only  is there..One as Man,therefore "Ours".  

One as God,  Who is all and everything, everyone, every so-called

place,  time and cause.  God who is all present,  all power,  all

knowing.  Ultimately  we recall the true meaning of the  sayings;



"Heaven"     A symbolic word…


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A Story - I played this character Greeny Green Witch in a Play many years ago. I have a soft spot for her ever since.

Green grows the grass.                      

High Noon-12 midnight is the Mass.

Ritual is the task.

A step in the  right  direction.

Greeny Green Witch Transforms - The Trance Shall Last Forever.  A Story

Greeny Green  strolls along the way.

Green hair, green shoes she rocks and sways with pleasure.

She has tried revenge called  “measure   for measure”.

She has thrown thunderbolts and cursed and raged.

She has ranted and en canted…


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More from Eckartshausen...for the wise

The holiness and the greatness of the Mystery which contains within itself every mystery here obliges us to be silent, and we are not permitted to speak more than concerning its effects.

The corruptible and destructible is destroyed, and replaced by the incorruptible and by the indestructible. The inner sensorium opens and links us on to the spiritual world. We are enlightened by wisdom, led by truth, and nourished with the torch of love. Unimagined strength…


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Man, dear brothers, is composed of indestructible and metaphysical substance, as well as of material and destructible substance, but in such a manner that the indestructible and eternal is, as it wer…

Man, dear brothers, is composed of indestructible and metaphysical substance, as well as of material and destructible substance, but in such a manner that the indestructible and eternal is, as it were, imprisoned in the destructible matter.

Thus two contradictory natures are comprehended in the same man. The destructible substance enchains us to the sensible, the other seeks to deliver us from these chains, and to raise us to the spiritual. Hence the incessant combat between…


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Lost found hit the ground; rinse; lather; repeat; over n over again

I purposefully get lost to be found; but i find my self daily rhyming and running into the ground

round and round this go around; even in sober mind; it seems to be the only escape i can find

and to day i keep myself blind to have peace of mind; some classify this as left behind;

without some reason or purpose to remind; the linear thinking of our mechanical thoughts that have inclined;



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Self Lit

the broken key of which is hard to see;

some where in the back to the left

is not a story of love or theft

is an existence of persistence of just enough resistence and just enough drive to make one come alive and be able to pave their own way

if only we were bold enough to match what we do to what we say

and not having this area of fear we call grey

what is it you have to display, what talent to you enjoy and want to share today;

your highest…


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How do you know what i say is truth or a lie?

Especially when your understanding is within only your perception because it is the only thing you have comprehension, and in a minds reception; this awareness is never ending self deception

How can you say you love; in self destruction; loving every one until complete consumption; and the disappointment of having had expectation that some one would be there with some sort of care; expectation is a sign of vanity and lust to…


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Don't Limit Yourself

Don’t Limit Yourself

Let the Mind go

Let it wander here and there

Do not set rules for imagination

Let Truth appear

It will do so for receptive vision

Giving directive guidance for the One

Who seeks the Highest level of  ‘Knowing’

Of  TRUTH  given the body that lies here under the Sun


That is here

This Universe

Earth – You and Me

Don’t be terse

Just lift the Ancient Curse of…


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i let the soul and spirit within me bleed

so others feed on the pain i may one day need

so just let it circulate , let it begin, on the board with the others who too sinned,

let the suffering i record,

be something all can freely afford,

so no voice no pain ignored,

and the understanding and mistakes cease in repetition, and its experience can rest assured,

and we all gain the wings to fly away and our sickness and pain can be cured.

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Beast labled 1333

Beast of claim to 1333

i hear you calling for me

beast of 1333 

come let us go see

let us again set the darkness free

let its all consume the light

turn day into night

no one putting up a fight

do this and the dance ill start

the birds will set flight

and set the wrongs and the future  right

priceless and lowkey i hear you sent to light the fuse

to confuse and stop those who misuse and abuse

bring the…


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Let it rain

Why are your words of sorrow

something you allow to soak in the bones; to the morrow

That make problems in your tomorrow?

And cause the helplessness of our beg and borrow?

With my arrow i take my aim;

I am not cupid, we are not the same;

And of myself i take claim;

And worry not of what to call me, nor label with name

Because this beast will never die, this beast will never be tame

With this arrow i pierce to the core, of what…


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Dreaming awake, for any sort of shake; from the redundant paradox of being in the know;

no change, everything predictable; slow; or in extremities of hurry go;

i guess fear seems to run our show;

drifting in lonely seas, to distant from all because my heart in defense of misunderstanding did freeze

just to put the angst of my mind at ease

i try to do what makes me happy, do as i please;

but you give so much the pleasure is what you…


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Rings of Saturn

When i see the stars align; i see always the sign;

Of solitude at ill contentment;

and the harmony of the chaos 

When we grasp the serenity of the simple silence;

is when we are able to move on

even from the…


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Angels and Daemons

Angels and Daemons exist within us all.  Few understand them, but all call to them.  The ignorance of them and their function is rewarded by suffering and hardship.  The Angels, messengers of Essence and the Daemons of the natural spirit are Archons given power by our focus.  

The Archons, amalgamations of pulsating energetic matrices.  They are entirely artificial and are only given the appearance of life by the individual life forces of countless sphere’s interacting.  They are a…


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