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My Dark Lady Of Shadows

Duso Moja Mala,

Before we had met, I had decided to end my own life. I would be free of the pain the wracked my being and that in itself kept my inner flame going.  I only had to make it to the end.  I only had to complete my duty to myself and my ghosts.  It consumed the last of my life's energy in my final push against the Darkness.  In that darkness, I found you.

I was reckless.  A whirlwind of energy.  I had master crafted myself into a…


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Miss Communication


|                               |

   ~~Miss Communication|        



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My path in life is as an amateur

My path in life is as an amateur, with Love as the motive a source that is pure.

To be seeking life even with all of its pains, Oh the hard times give us the room for the biggest…


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Battlefield of the Damned

A thousand corpses

Litter the flowing plains

Where a battle has been fought

For all eternity.


The screams of the dead

And the dying

Echo in the dark recesses

Of the human soul.



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"Do what thou wilt, shall be the full of the Law. Love is the Law. Love under Will."

-Thelemic Philosophic Core

I came across this saying the last week I was living in Norway and, strangely enough, it's been bouncing around in my head every day since.

When I was growing up all I had ever wanted was to love God and to have a family.  We struggled a bit financially, but we always seemed to have enough and the only constant that I could think of was my…


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The Unbeaten Path

If what we are is what we will be

Divinity has come to an end

The hope of the soul is shriveled and decayed

Pretending to be ripe for the picking

It escapes through the worm eaten flesh

A murmur lost in time


Our being young and growing old…


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Mystic wisdom - amorc


Rosicrucian book of quotes about mysticism

We Are All Potential Mystics What is mysticism and how…


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Free Bird

Hey I have come to these realizations over the past few days and I am coming out as a FREE BIRD or FREE SPIRIT

I never really knew what that meant but I always new i was different. I never really understood why I didnt like to be in relationships and i never really knew why I didnt…


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"Buddha" - the laptop mix

"Buddha" is posted at my home page now. With a bit of manual work clicking the player you can hear it; the option for having it on when you get to the page sagely decided to replace itself with a two-step process for getting the song to play at all. It's from the same session as "the Ballad of the Art School…


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HELP!!! I Need Help in Making a Video

I want to make a documentary about creation from the beginning of time up to the start of the Bible. The creation story as written in the Bible is for planet earth. The Bible does not take into account any pre-existence to life on the earth plane. There was life on other planets for the divine sparks before they showered on earth. They had been on three previous planets and evolved through the processes on them. There has never been any breakthrough about this before. It is now time that…


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La Destruction by Charles Baudelaire


The Demon is always moving about at my side; 

He floats about me like an impalpable air; 

I swallow him, I feel him burn my lungs 

And fill them with an eternal, sinful desire.

Sometimes, knowing my deep love for Art, he assumes 

The form of a most seductive woman, 

And, with pretexts specious and hypocritical, …


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Volunteer Valor Village (no bias genuine motive,courage and community)

I want to Help people learn how to share knowledge, skills and opportunity. This is done buy only volunteer involvement. Done with LOVE. Locally Organized Volunteer Efforts. This is a tailored fit in every case, every community. I have compiled programs to help chronicle and share knowledge skills and ideas. For the young and or eager seekers can ASK elders who are willing to…


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Words Of Lions III

Words Of Lions III


"Your reality is ephemeral compared to the infinite cosmic time that surrounds you. Yet in such small time, you can alter the course of the universe, such…


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Cliff Baard's and the Kundalini Anuahim Meditation How to find the audio version.

Go to at the prompt enter Cliff Baard. This will take you to the two parts of Kundalini Anuahim Meditation Kunalini Unuhim audio which can then be streamed or downloaded. The first part is active and the second part is passive.

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We are play in the Dark Matter, wee trinkets in God's mind, digits after many zeros in mathematics, and impossibilities in logic.

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Cydonia, dear Cydonia where have you been my dear

What has time done to your body.

Where life once flourished now just a mask is left.

I look at the hills where we used to run

And see just death walking the lands.

How many years has it been, I had forgotten about you.

There were times that you were a home long time ago it was.

So long I barely remember the sunrise and how the oceans would kiss the shore.

There was so much joy in running…


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Words of Lions II

Words Of Lions II



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