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Fire and Water

The serpent does not bite the one who dreams, one does not need to climb the highest mountain, to be reborn in flames, do you dream?


A gold that remains, even in the flames, eternal awareness.


In order to accept all things, one must be willing to release all things, how can this happen without rejection of all things, in this lay faith.


The individual must harmonize to become universal, the primary thing to release is the body (the primary…


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An Honest Error!

Is it evil to err, is it an evil to err and never recognize the error?


What might be desired, is a world in which errors are detected -with haste- and with an understanding of personal effect.


This requires honesty -so much a habit- it may become instinctive, as a German Shepherds trained instinct (one must know themselves, in order to see themselves clearly) one must be honest with themselves (not necessarily easy, but if it does not come, how can one…


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Do you have any idea how powerful you REALLY are? Do you have any idea of how far your thoughts reach? Do you have any idea of how many lives you've already touched? Do you have any idea of how mu…

Do you have any idea how powerful you REALLY are?

Do you have any idea of how far your thoughts reach?

Do you have any idea of how many lives you've already touched?

Do you have any idea of how much you've already accomplished?

Do you?
The Universe Continue

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Riding the Steel Breeze

Yesterday wasn't as good as today but this morning was bad.  I was pretty fucked up the other day when I took opium tincture it really made me feel down and I couldn't stop sleeping.  I've been drinking sassafrass tea for a few days to cleanse out all my medication overdose it so happens that along with my demon problems I have a gov brat enemy who is influencing my meds to be tampered with and these aren't symptoms of mental illness this medication is fucked up…


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Going to start taking care of my brothers dog

My brother gets this dog years ago it was an abandoned animal, an adorable well mannered pit bull boxer.  He got it when he was living with his girl friend things didn't work out and he's back in the house good for family finances hell for the family.  His room is for some reason recognized as sacred space he put a dead bolt on it years ago when he lived here and when he moved out it was reynolds special space no one was to go in there.  At first my mother…


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Just getting over hard times

I can't remember what true peace is but I know it is close.  I have been in a relationship with a demon for almost 20 years now.  At first it wasn't obvious but it became that when he started conditioning me in 2008.  Torture beyond my belief at least all sorts of conditions and torturous hallucinations.  The torture has become a lot less but I still get these painful headaches when I sleep along with horrible thirst and very painfully disturbing dreams.…


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Christian Bernard's Commandments for Universal Love

an excerpt from his book, "So Mote It Be":

To end this chapter devoted to Universal Love, I would like to share with you the conclusions I have reached in trying to establish the commandments of love as we should demonstrate it in our daily life and at this point in our evolution. If we want to be a servant of Universal Love:

  • Let us learn to love ourselves just as we are, but let us be careful not to make ourselves exclusively the center of our…

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Crystals and Animals

If there were the sensitivity, along with the ability to tune frequency, could one create a network of crystals?

Could wasps be used to control, insect populations.

Could leaf cutter ants be directed towards eating plants, by training them through the focus of imagery, along with habit, placing certain plants next to the nests?

Could bacteria be utilized -as may already be the case- to develop films around plants, leaving them difficult to digest…


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Fool: having read many, I have nothing new to add!

Jester: in reading many, I have created countless original forms.

Fool: ah! But I love a good conversation with myself!


The root of despotism (1 good king and a hundred poor ones, the heads of a hydra -killing one problem creates new enemies- rooting narrow hatred and the narrow is poor) even charity -as it is today- supports the despotic framework, kings so poor that they are called serfs, blind to the world…


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What is the difference, that makes all the difference, at its core must be something simple -to the human mind.-.


Questioning what I am, one sees her and realizes, the questioning voice is not I, her emanation comes -the reflection of the total spirit- I cannot tell her that I love her, but by my presence, through active awareness of imagery -being in one form- she comes alive and knows love.


What is happiness at its root -what could it…


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Legend of the eye - written by Robert Horvat



The Eye of Horus

The all-seeing eye is an ancient symbol that today has found itself on everything from the US one dollar bill to network television logos. Its origin and meaning remains…


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The Battle of the Ants, by Henry David Thoreau

The Battle of the Ants

from Chapter 12 of Walden, or Life in the Woods, by Henry David Thoreau

You only need sit still long enough in some attractive spot in the woods that all its inhabitants may exhibit themselves to you by turns.

I was witness to events of a less peaceful character. One…


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What is the difference between efficiency through action (production) and efficiency through diversity?

If one has reached perfection, it means they have only focused on a fraction of a whole.

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Intoxicated by the flame

Intoxicated by the flame I dance in a swirl eternal,

Spinning over and over under the majesty of the sun

Flame of life burning inside me and all around me

For when the fire reaches your soul it burns all illusion away

Until there is nothing left but…


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Dream Sixteen

Dream Sixteen

Sweet sixteen with your eyes so green, bring me strenght in your hands, bright blessings will never disappear, fewer come to this abode, there is nothing wrong above, as below I lay in a radiant grave, come to me on this nights whim, spring the trap of moon spell dew,  spider comes  in myst of rain, maiden hails her crooked man, arrows drawn, shoot through my soul have I ever been so lone? Longing for a breath of air, fresh and cool in my dispair, in my…


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<3 Neptune Retrograde 2016 <3

<3 Neptune Retrograde 2016 <3
<3 Neptune Tunes Retrograde – June 13 Through November 20 2016 <3
The Photonic frequency of being is augmented and therefore multidimensional being will be more sensitive, & acute, meaning our intuition and senses that all work as one will be heightened for months to come, blessings for those who receive and…

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Survival of the fittest through natural selection, or adaptations to fit through natural selection?


Merely a changing perspective, showing the power of focused chance.


Not making arguments -designed to sway your opinion- not designed to show the truth, but creating perspective -one does not gain the gross understanding- the personal impact deepens perspective.


One sees through personal perspective, which is not an error to correct, but a truth…


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Tripwire (a song writing attempt) Poem


As I scout the Bush, far ahead of me,

Jefferson Airplane rocking the new FNG,

Jungle brothers, seeking for an opponent,

black panthers, a formidable enemy, what's gotten into me?

Living in the moment, tripwire, explosion,

bloody mess, corrosion, why did you trip me?

Sinking in the ocean of blood, did I really fall for?


Ambush! Ambush! Fire at will! I have no clue who did I kill?

Ambush! Ambush! Did I…


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With every sunset a new sun rises -even though that new sun brings beauty- so too does a sunset hold its beauty, to see beauty in life and death, but what is beauty?

Some say that a good death makes a man, but a good death does not come in the moment, how does one live a deep life, that when…


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Guy Pierce, Guy and Warren (Story series WIP)

"So, what keeps you away from calling her is...?" he asked with a bit of grunt at the end, hanging the sentence.

"My sense of dignity, if you have to ask.:

"And... that's it?" I sensed a tone of disbelief in his voice.

"Yeah, that is it."

He looked at me in silence for a moment.

"So you're not going to call her?"

I shook my head.

"Can I have her number?"

"No! Why?" My response was angrier than I expected it to be.

"What do you care? You said yourself…


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