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A big crossroad

I want to ask people here because you are those who can understand me most. I recently have some issues in my life, and this is one of them.

I had explored quiet a few esoteric areas in the last 7 years since I was introduced into this world. My partner also sensed that calling, but he is less inquisitive than I am. I am always curious and want to figure out why (the secret or theory behind). So I explored and looked for answers in many spiritual and esoteric fields. Eventually, I…


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"My Creed".
"I Treat Everyone The Way I Would Like Them To treat me", "Everyone To Me Has a Right To Be Here, "No Matter, 'Who', 'Or What They Are".
"We Are All Brothers and Sisters", "We Are All Children Of The Universe And Must Share It With…

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The Search For Truth pt.1

I use to work in a cute little, new-agey store,

And even before then,

my family has always been "new-agey"

Well we seemed to share this idea that,

Things like crystals will leave you,

And go find someone else when it's their time to

Share energy with another person.

And I wondered if the crystal itself had the energy to do that,

If it had the power to conjour up the events which would eventually lead to it

Finding it's way into someone else's…


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One of Kabir's songs

He is the real Sadhu, who can reveal the form of the Formless to the vision of these eyes;

Who teaches the simple way of attaining Him, that is other than rites or ceremonies;

Who does not make you close the doors, and hold the breath, and renounce the world;

Who makes you perceive the Supreme Spirit wherever the mind attaches…


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Plasma and Ascension: Absolutely Amazing Material For Those So Inclined

Remarkably valuable info for the aspiring "wizard"...

"The power supply lines inside of our bodies have a direct interface, which acts as an antennae, that allows us to plug into the Universal core supply of plasma, in order to recharge our personal energy and expand consciousness. When we are able to connect to the Universal power supply of plasma, we are able to increase our energetic sustainability by…

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Burning Memories: VI Merciful to Wisdom

Burning Memories: VI Merciful to Wisdom

Blood. It spurts from the neck of the person that decided to entertain me. The metallic taste jumps to my brain as I look at the eyes of my victim. Brightness, fades. What used to be a bluish color in his iris is now fading to a grayish white. As the corpse falls out of my vision, I learned something. I learned that the earth screams of his blood. I learned that the breath, no to be more exact, life left his body. I…


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Passion and Nobility

It is difficult to understand meaning perhaps -what is nobility in a leveling age- what is nobility bound to form, it seems that so many only appear to be known, which is the case of Kierkegaard.

Kierkegaard was not guilty of ignorance, his concern was how and not what -stating two cases for a single incidence many times- speaking of revolt, he stated that disturbance would not stop the leveling, that rebellion was a great volcano in its full form -that is- a great disturbance, his…


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Achtung!! Are You An "Elite"? -- Then Contact Vivos Regarding Your Underground Survival Bunker Needs

OMG, so choice. The 1% allegedly feels that perhaps the peasants are restless and may wish to tear them to shreds, and then feed the scraps to dogs, and have those dogs eaten by further dogs...Along comes Vivos and its broad selection of well appointed underground bunkers wherein the "worthies" can weather the storm... See the link and what you are missing by being a mere troglodyte...…


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Deep Web -- 2015 Documentary

Should be rather fascinating... 

"Deep Web is a 2015 documentary movie directed by Alex Winter, chronicling events surrounding Silk Road, bitcoin and politics of the dark web.

Covering the trial of Ross Ulbricht, the documentary features interviews with Wired writer Andy Greenberg and developer Amir Taaki. Deep Web features narration from Winter's Bill & Ted film series co-star and bitcoin enthusiast…

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Is Your Life Unfulfilling? Fine Tips From A Very Valuable WebSite

The quoted below is true, "cute" and helpful.  It represents about .001% of what the site offers. What is on this site is, practically, potentially, mind boggling in terms of "helpfulness"  imho...i hope you enjoy reviewing it...

"Do what brings you life.

Do not do what deadens you.

The reason you are not where you want to be is that you are doing things you do not want to do. If that sounds simple, it is. (One of the most…


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Why your a slave - - "The Slaves Shall Serve"

Very soon, every American will be required to register their biological property (that’s you and your children) in a national system designed to keep track of the people and that will operate under the ancient system of…


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An Extremely Easy Yet Quite Potent Energy Gathering Technique

I have been involved with numerous energy healing/gathering techniques over the years. The following method, associated with the link below, is definitely quite potent, and surely the easiest to use. Sit comfortably, legs uncrossed, place your hands on your thighs, palms up, and say: "Healing Stream". If you're reasonably sensitive to energy you'll feel the flow begin. Do this for as long and as often as you wish. I find the effect more potent with closed eyes, but that is subjective,…


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An Instant Way To Still Your Mind: Quite Remarkable -- Video

This is a very intriguing method, simple to do and quite effective. I hope that you find it helpful...

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*Self* Attunement For Reiki and Other Energy Healing Practices

The following sites will share with you the technique for self attuning to/for Reiki and all other energy healing practices that require an attunement/initiation/activation in order to be effective, and other helpful information. The first discusses the actual process and much else of value. The second notes some 300 practices that you might self…

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A thought

A thought:

Isn't a human being just an animal that is capable to skim the complex infinite world of laws? Aren't the flooding of these laws the ideas, feelings and thoughts simply the first evolutionary step towards another existence to thrive and live? Aren't we, the hosts, the "food" for ideas, feelings and thoughts to be, since they wouldn't be able manifest a particular way without us? What life force and system of laws to we as humans give birth to? Does not the mineral give…


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"Knight of Cups": A Well Done, Unique, Mysterious "Non Linear" Film

An experimental drama produced and starring well known people - a dream like poetic odyssey through whatever. Read the Wiki material first to get your bearings if so inclined -- or just enter into the "mystery" :) . The effect upon the viewer of the scenes is rather unique for some i would think... Even the sound track is amazing...…


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Tibet has always attracted people with the spiritual purpose of self-improvement. Of course, this sanctuary Elemental Earth and sacred knowledge of the planet information layers existence. This is invisible link with the High Cosmos, Geomagnetic Earth's crust at the points of convergence of the + and - where there is containment and neutralization of the energetic space field. The input and output streams of the Earth positive energy phase on the one hand and the input and output of the… Continue

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Xavier Seguin Discusses The Transcendent Goal Of Trepanation

An "official definition" of the procedure:  

Trepanation is the practice of making a hole in the skull in order to improve the brain pulsations and hence the overall well being.

A trepan is the instrument used for making a hole in the skull bone. It is sometimes spelled trephine. The idea is to pump up the brainbloodvolume. It's known that one's level of consciousness is directly related to the volume of blood in one's brain. As a result, trepanners say, one feels…


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Zen Master Yachan -- A Fine Vibratory Level and Demeanor

The following is not meant as a joke, but, rather, if you are perceptive, and "energy sensitive", as a lesson in thinking "outside the box". The following link, in my view, will reveal to you a being who not only has a vibratory level far superior to EVERYone, who is "sociopathically/psychopathically inclined", especially the "1%", but also a finer "demeanor", as well. So, be "open minded" and i hope you find this of interest...…


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Soma - Food of The Gods - The Frequency Shared

I "came across" the frequency embedded ** below whilst researching Soma -- some folks might find it of interest? Whether it is "flawlessly accurate" i know not :) but it might be helpful...

"Moving on to Zoroastrian and Vedic mythologies, we can see reference to a special drink consumed by the gods, known as Soma and Haoma respectively. This special drink was prepared by extracting the juices from the stalks of certain plants, which are unknown to us today. Drinking Soma and Haoma…


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