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Essential Oils for the Chakras

Essential oils can help deepen and increase the intensity of energetic practices like chakra work, meditation and anointings. For practitioners, they can help you get the results you want with a client’s session faster, allowing you to reach more people in less time and helping you have the stamina to see as many people as you can make time for. Understanding how these oils work can also help you make diffuser blends that start working on people as soon as they…


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How to measure the field of a pyramid?

The experiment on magnetic induction level suppression.

Specialists of Maat Froundation investigated the change in the level of magnetic induction near the pyramid. During the experiment were used the samples of schungite pyramids 10,15,30,40 cm in height and the pyramid made of tempered glass which height is 146.6 cm (whith special energy source of the quartz crystals). It was found that in a radius of one meter from the body of the 146.6 cm pyramid the magnetic induction level…


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Performing a Funeral for the Self

Ever wondered who would come to your funeral? Most people wonder what, if any, impact they are having on the world. Though I caution you to not define your worth by who approves or feels something for you enough to show at your funeral (or any other life event), sometimes thinking on this topic leads people to re-evaluating what they are doing in the world and making life improvements. Holding an actual funeral also has many implications and benefits, even if…


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My awakening and story - trust your intuition and never look back!

People would know me as a completely different person, a person that was solely and utterly distinguished as money hungry business man or money maker that had "money" (perception) blind me. It all starts during your childhood era. When I was 3, I had been hospitalized for 6 months as a rare glandular fever struct me down and was in a very ill and bad way to the point I had been diagnosed anorexic, two years later I was also struck by an induced coma as I had had an allergic reaction to…


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Transmuting It

Moving ahead and transitioning in,

Oh, how I was unaware of this space until it was my time to begin!

Time and space no longer mean the same thing these days. Reality is reasonably "normal" but dully magical if only allowed. Forever, I have been waiting to be surrounded by the light rather…


Added by Dawn Marie Meeks on September 13, 2015 at 2:54pm — 2 Comments

April 29, 2015 - Portal opening in Mother Earth

"I call upon all the elements of the Earth to quench and heal…


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Songs of a Universe


I just want to say first off that I love you all! I have a friend who released an album called the Trinity Project on 1/22/15. It contains a wide spectrum of vibrations/frequencies and is tuned with nature (432hz). A total of 99 tracks that express his souls discoveries within the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Thank YOU for allowing yourself to discover/spread his music.

Love and…


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Head and Heart,

Life once viewed as a game, now i cant deny, not a thing is the same

A little bit of everything, and sometimes in between, i dont always do what is right;

and i believe in more then what are eyes have seen.

Ill walk with you if you need in the coldest moons and wildest storms;

I will not judge you based upon societies norms,

i sometimes love; i sometimes hate; in this moment not too soon; not too late

and though life enjoys the hardships for…


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Are Past Lives Real? Could They Be Important for Our Health and Well Being Today?

 Roger Woolger is one of Past Life Regression's great Jungian train teachers who focused primarily on the emotional release from the body.

SuperConsciousness: Can you tell us…


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Plant alchemy

Dear Friends,

Here is an introduction to plant alchemy (Paracelsian spagyrics) 

Spagyric intro

I hope you enjoy it!

New session of the program starting in January 2015!

Best wishes,


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Signs, spiritual significance, and my thoughts, on finding a Fleece, 5 June 2014

 I found a sheeps fleece, up the lane, it even had the dyed, blue numbers on the back, a large lambs,fleece. I think the panthers about again. There’s the whole of a back of a lambs, fleece, laying under an oak tree, by the side of the hedge, where there’s a style, into the sheep’s field, opposite the pond.

my son, John, dreamt of a panther near the pond, the other day, and years ago I actually saw one crossing the lane at the same place.

it was a pure white one with blue dye…


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20.04.2014 Journey to the center of me, - a visualisation meditation


   In my troubled, darkness, drowning in despair, like I was sinking, into the unfathomable places.  A friend suggested that I go through a stargate portal to the earth’s inner core for light to purge, me.

So I imagined, a stargate portal, and went through.

I was instantly traveling through wormhole tunnels, to the earth’s core, brown earthly tunnels glowing a warm rich reddish glow, I found that I was like a ball of fire, traveling through the earth, burning and…


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My Journey into Spiritual Healing: Interlude

I thought Dante and I made good progress after our second healing session -- more openness, and in general a really positive energy lingered around him even the next day. I was pleased, although I was also a little surprised by how much more connected to him I was feeling. I was able to feel his emotional changes on a much more nuanced level than normal, but it was all positive, so I just enjoyed it.

Then, last week, I got slapped down for my arrogance. In my first blog post, Being…


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My Journey into Spiritual Healing: Session One

Dante and I had our first healing session last night. Even though I started slow and easy, comparatively to some of what I know we'll be doing down the line, we both ended the night completely exhausted and drained. 

We started with a basic assessment of the chakras. I had some expectations of what I'd be finding since we'd done some preliminary work on that about a month and a half ago, but there were also some huge surprises. We already knew that his heart and sacral chakras were…


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My Journey into Spiritual Healing: My Preparation

A note: I decided that since I will obviously have to be talking about my friend a lot, he needed to have a pseudonym.  I gave him a choice, but he was relatively ambivalent, so I'm going to call him Dante. I'll leave it to you to sort the symbolism.

Before I can do anything really effective to help Dante, I need to figure out what I'm doing. As I mentioned, I have always had a somewhat innate ability to feel the energy of the room, the vibes a person is giving out,…


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My Journey into Spiritual Healing: An Introduction

I'm not sure who will necessarily be interested in this, but it could develop into an interesting journey, and I might even find some guidance here along the way.

A short backstory:

I was raised charismatic Catholic, so spirituality, the power of rite and ritual, opening myself to energy/the Spirit is not new to me. Recently, I have started to open myself up to a more magical approach to address holes I felt had been lacking in my spiritual life.

A close friend of mine…


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Golden Pegasus vision 25th august 2013


 In my vision, i saw, i was riding, a golden pegasus horse, up into the sun, riding, on the beams, of light.  behind, us, golden, dust particules, was, falling, to the earth.   and i saw the earth glowing, pink, and golden, from the golden dust. as it was filled, with love, and healing. …


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Healing the Butterfly


 I was walking in the fields, on a sunny day,  there were lots of  butterflies, fluttering about me. One, of the butterflies, settled, at my feet, it looked a poor thing, tattered and torn, by the elements, its wings, were ragged, around the edges, and the colours  dim,…


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Poems for emotional healing, This Pain


This pain inside,

I try to hide,

Swallowing the tears,

From those treacherous years,

It seems, from you, there’s no regret,

I cant forgive, I cant forget.

Memories, burning like the coals,

Heartache, full of scattered holes,

As time is flowing still,

Your words, they do not heal,

My tattered, nerves and pain,



Added by Seaopal on January 27, 2013 at 2:35am — 3 Comments

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