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Labyrinth of thoughts

Who am I? what am I? There are so many voices inside my head.

So many faces, so many versions of who I am supposed to be.

I feel lost in the myriad of me’s dwelling inside my mind.

The countless trains racing through my mind

Each filled with passengers called thoughts and each about something else.

Such is the chaos inside my brain, chaos I don’t even understand.


Often I am well and can speak to you, I can even help you.

But other…


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The gates of Walhalla

When you work with people there is always that one that gets under your skin, the one that you bond strongest with, the one that makes your day worthwhile. I work with people because I love helping them in their hard moments, I love to be of service to them with anything they need. Life can be so harsh that it often doesn’t take much to bring a smile to someone’s…

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In my field of work, I meet many different types of people, each with their interests and ways of live. Countless different souls on the path of creation. Some meet each other on the way to mastery and help each other grow and then move on, o travel further alone.  Some we meet and they automatically attract us, they have this something inside them that pulls us to them without even knowing why. Might be a smile, the way they look at us or the way they carry themselves across the room when…


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The old school

There was a time long ago, when electricity was a thing of the past. When children went to school with horse and wagon, or walking. When the streets were covered with dirt and machinery didn’t rule our lives. It was a charming time filled with hard working people, with fear of the supernatural and with homemade meals cooked by the mother who stayed by the hot stove all day while her man was working to put that same food on the table. It was an alien time that most of us can’t image yet it…


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Into the mind of a madman


What is it that dwells me as the sun goes down

A symphony of noises that never made a sound

Frozen  notes of once have beens

Emotions of agony buried deep within

For why is this road less travelled,

Rockier than the stones at sea

And why does this heart restless

Even with the moon at ease.


No birds in flight above the waters

No worms crawling underneath the sand

Just endless ramble of the…


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A few words from the heart

Yesterday I opened a new chapter of my life and closed the door of the past. A new life has started, a new me. The old me is in the past where she belongs. I faced fears i never thought possible, yet i did. I am very proud of that and even with unbelief that I could. 

My mind and attitude has changed from facing this fear too. I am now feeling free to be myself and speak my mind. I respect myself a lot more and i do not accept being disrespected and walked over…


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To my princess


Since the first moment I laid eyes on you I fell in love

It was love in first sight, not the romantic kind, but the unconditional kind

I never sat down to put into words how much you mean to me,

How my heart explodes when I see you smile.


The beautiful shine in your eyes when you are happy

The contagious laugh, the sensitive nature of your soul

I have never met a soul as beautiful as yours.

Never will there be another you, in…


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The little spider

Once upon a time there was a little spider living under the roof of an abandoned house.

It slept in its small web and lived off flies and mosquitos that got stuck in its web.

It used to live there with its mother and 2 sisters, many moons ago.

Her sisters left and mother fell off her web and never came back.

It was a lonely life but it had everything It needed there in her small web

It was a beautiful web with brilliant shapes and sparkling under the…


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Under the surface

There is so much in my head that sometimes I wish I had a turn off switch

With one click everything would stop, even the thought of who I am.

What would it be like if one day I could wake up as someone else.

May be life would be easier, may be than I don’t have to fight everyday

My sanity hangs on a thread of a spider’s web, the slightest breeze can tear it

Leaving me falling down in a black hole of fear and pain, memory’s and feelings

Of a time long…


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Womb of life

Life is born in darkness; the nothingness of the womb is the mother of all creation

No cells and no souls exist outside of the nothing

We all exist in it, in a state of dream, playing characters of our own subconscious

A continuous archetype theater over and and over again

The curtains never fall, the light never turns on

It is but an illusion of a beautiful mind,

There is no light and no self in a dream world.

The consciousness is all there…


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Stairway of gold

Once upon a time in the east there was a forest filled with life

Through the forest ran a river shallow but long separating two countries.

Around its shores there were gray rocks and yellow sand.

Small hills reaching up with trees surrounding the river.

Forest reaching far to the nearby village.

Between the forest and the village there was a field

Corn field, far and wide with a small graveyard on its north side.

A path ran in the middle of…


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LIttle angel

Once upon a time in the west there was a castle upon the clouds

Where angels lived eternally in the silence of the sky.

No birds would reach their sanctuary and no man would ever see the shrine.

Peacefully the angels lived apart from men high on the clouds.

Until one day an angel got curious what they all do on Earth.

Everything was peaceful in their castle but how did things go about down there.

What does a human think? Or feel? How do they love? Where do they go to…


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The general and the oracle

There was a general I met long ago, in the lands of Zagrey.

Golden helmet he had with red feathers on top

White horse he rode on with black seat where he sat on

Fear he would spread anywhere he went, heads would roll with just a look

Through the woods of the mountain he rode night after night

Searching for the eye of the sun for the waters of life


War has been heavy on him, his heart cold.

No other life he knew than that of a…


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Butterfly of the sun

On butterfly wings I flew to my ancestor’s home.

To where my blood flows, to where no fear grows.

I flew to my soul’s birth lands to the roots of my heart.

It’s there, where true love flourished.

Where my father was born, where his father was born

And his father’s father long long time ago.


On butterfly wings I saw who I used to be.

Who I was before my soul broke, before my trust vanished.

A new sun was born from those ashes,…


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Heart compass

Listen to the voice in your heart

It is as loud as thunder and bright as the sun

It moves mountains and makes oceans split.

The rivers of god flowing freely in your soul.

When you look inside be silent

Observe without judgment, see without words

Feel without skin, hear without noise.

The soul flies with the win it is a cloud with no limit

The boundaries are only set by the mind.

Open it and creation is in your hands

The secret of…


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Rumi - Life and death

Life & Death


look at love

how it tangles

with the one fallen in love

look at spirit

how it fuses with earth

giving it new life

why are you so busy

with this or that or good or bad

pay attention to how things blend

why talk about all

the known and the unknown

see how the unknown merges into the known

why think seperately

of this life and the next

when one is born from the last

look at your…


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Origin and Nature of Sator Square


The Sator Square, ancestor of crosswords, is a famous word square in Latin. It is a word square containing a Latin palindrome featuring the words SATOR AREPO TENET OPERA ROTAS written in a square so that they may be read top-to-bottom, bottom-to-top, left-to-right, and right-to-left. Note that a word square is a special case of acrostic. It consists of a set of…


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Our Universe Was Born in a Black Hole, Theory Says

article source:

By Charles Q. Choi, Contributor…

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The oak

The oak watched the daisy be carried away with tears in his eyes

He always dreamed to go before her, it was his little princess.

Now she is taken away somewhere far from his sight

He hoped she would be safe and well, hoped he could see her

Though oaks don’t travel and mice can’t carry them around to see daisies.

The oak would often ask the wind

“Hi wind, you who have been everywhere and see everything. Have you seen my daisy?”

“I haven’t oak,…


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A Rosicrucian Prayer Symbol

source article :


The Christ taught that prayer was very important. He gave instructions how to pray, and gave actual prayers. St. Paul said, “continue” in prayer.

Definitions, as to what prayer really is or should be, differ. One’s conception of prayer is determined by…


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