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The Ordo Aurum Solis

banner aurum solis debiasi The Tradition of Aurum Solis is defined by what is called the "Golden Chain" (of the Masters). 

This Western Tradition is rooted in Hermeticism, a tradition which consists of theurgic practices associated with a rational approach of the mysteries of life. This tradition describes the high origins of the human soul and how it has descended into the physical world. It also explains the meaning of this descent, revealing the way in which the soul can return to the divine…


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General Aspects of the Science of Mercury

Alchemy is not exclusively European or Mid-Eastern phenomenon. This tradition had been known in India long before the earliest Greek texts on the subject were written.

Rasashastra, often mentioned as “Indian alchemy”, exists for about 27 centuries. Sanskrit word shastra means “science” or “specialized knowledge”; rasa is very abundant in meanings. It fits many aspects of the teaching; however…


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