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Hear our prayer

Let us pray for the Church and for the world.

Grant, Almighty God, that all who confess your Name may be united in your truth, live together in your love, and reveal your glory in the world.


Lord, in your mercy

Hear our prayer.…


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Lord have mercy prayer

With all our heart and with all our mind, let us pray to the Lord, saying, “Lord, have mercy.”

For the peace from above, for the loving‑kindness of God, and for the salvation of our souls, let us pray to the Lord.

Lord, have mercy.

For the peace of the world, for the welfare of the holy Church of God, and…


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Excerpts from Mystics at Prayer

∆ ∆ ∆

St. John Chrysostom

Thanks be to THEE, O GOD, for everything.

∆ ∆ ∆


With bended knees, with hand outstretched, I

pray to THEE, my LORD,


Vouchsafe to me in this hour of joy,

All righteousness of action, all wisdom of the

good mind,

That I may thereby bring joy to the Soul of


∆ ∆ ∆


All that I ought to have thought and have not


All that I ought to…


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maximizing personal power

  • two things to bear in mind constantly and equally to unlock potential

  • 1) remind yourself continuously - You Are Going To…


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The Six Keys of Eudoxus THE FIRST KEY


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sacred geometry

In geometry, the small snub icosicosidodecahedron or snub disicosidodecahedron is a …


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Gen. 1:27–31

So God created mankind in his own image,

in the image of God he created them;

male and female he created them.

God blessed them and said to them, “Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be…


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Interview with Bill Heidrick


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An Excerpt from Plato's Critias

First of all they bridged over the zones of sea which surrounded the ancient metropolis, making a road to and from the royal palace. And at the very beginning they built the palace in the habitation of the god and of their ancestors, which they continued to ornament in successivegenerations, every king…


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Invocation of The Highest (Rosicrucian)

Eternal and Universal Fountain of Love, Wisdom and Happiness; Nature is the book in which Thy character is written, and no one can read it unless he has been in Thy school. Therefore our (or my) eyes are directed upon thee as the eyes of the servants are directed upon the hands of the masters and mistresses, from whom they receive their gifts.

            Oh Thou Lord…


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Paradoxes of the Highest Science


by Éliphas Lévi


This was the first of Lévi's books to be translated into English. The original French version was published in 1856. This translation (by an unknown hand) was first published in 1883 by the Theosophical Society, and re-issued in 1922, with additional extensive footnotes by…


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The Rosary of the Philosophers Part 1

The Rosary of the Philosophers

This is a transcription of the 18th century English translation of the Rosarium in MS Ferguson 210. The text was originally printed as part II of De Alchemia Opuscula complura veterum philosophorum..., Frankfurt, 1550. It contained a series of 20 woodcuts.

Part 1



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Proto-Semitic Stems

English PS Akkadian Arabic…

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Tantra Illuminated

All that exists, throughout all time and beyond, is one infinite divine Consciousness, free and blissful, which projects within the field of its awareness a vast multiplicity of apparently differentiated subjects and objects: each object an actualization of a timeless potentiality inherent in the Light of Consciousness, and each subject the same plus a contracted locus of self-awareness. This creation, a divine play, is the result of the natural impulse within Consciousness to express…


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1 Thessalonians 3-5

Encouragement of Timothy’s Visit

Therefore when we could endure it no longer, we thought it best to be left behind at Athens alone, …


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List of mes

1. ENship

2. Godship

3. The exalted and enduring crown

4. The throne of kingship

5. The exalted sceptre

6. The royal insignia

7. The exalted shrine

8. Shepherdship

9. Kingship

10. Lasting ladyship

11. "Divine lady" (a priestly office)

12. Ishib (a priestly office)

13. Lumah (a priestly office)

14. Guda (a priestly office)

15. Truth

16. Descent into the nether world

17. Ascent from the nether world

18. Kurgarra…


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Enmerkar and the lord of Aratta: translation

1-24City, majestic bull bearing vigour and great awesome splendour, Kulaba, ......, breast of the storm, where destiny is determined; Unug, great mountain, in the midst of ....... There the evening meal of the great abode of An was set. In those days of…


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Here's how to convert 0.5625 to a fraction...

There is not much that can be done to figure out how to write 0.5625 as a fraction, except to literally use what the decimal portion of your number, the .5625, means.

Since there are 4 digits in 5625, the very last digit is the "10000th" decimal place.

So we can just say that .5625 is the same as 5625/10000.

The fraction      is not reduced to lowest…


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Breathing Meditation (Buddhism)


Breathing Meditation

Ven. Godfrey Eshin

There are many types of meditation methods within…


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