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In things that are utterly basic and universal. May one hold absolute integrity of will, alongside adaptiveness?
There is a fissure at the point that I call me. It rids all thought of absolute freedom, by care for the means to act freely, body\social mind or world soul, each even considered…

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Spatial Awareness: Chakras

Thumb and index finger lightly touching on each hand.

The contact point on each hand touching together at the chest.  This is the focal point.

One hand moves up and the other downwards.  Allowing the focus to remain upon the finger link.  One hand rising above the head, the other descending below the groin.

Bring the hands back to center, touching finger conexion to finger conexion.  Bring the finger apart slightly, sensing for the minute shifts,…


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Common sense and Depth: Beyond absolute Knowledge

Health is relational,

in orientation of body/will-ingness/activity,

and in the deeper relations of kinship,

Oversoul (oversoul as ‘astral’ <men/emo> link w ((cellular/society/ecology/anima-l/cosm)

or essence of spirit (the unmoved:…


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The oversoul

The oversoul is intelligent (the intelligent response within the thought)

whether as guide or companion (relation is determined by ones recognition:

((can ue see and act with precise effect?)

If it were to be the body/brain only,

still this does not truly matter (that…


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Right Reincarnation

Right Reincarnation


As we accumulate actions, the perceived view of what we are builds, as we come closer to being recognized, we do not come closer to reality, we come closer to our death


The words written here, cannot be viewed, in any light but that of personal conceptions (no matter how little they skew) one either creates a hollow construct, or the death of the image must come


What is an honorable death?


As the recognition…


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Only regret long enough to Appreciate what you didn't, beyond regret is experience, and if your willing to go through the hardship of facing one-self -willing to change with what you truly do will- then you might find peace (but if you only regret, then you uphold the same failure within, that is a reason to despair) your elementals may become monstrosities, or the fuel for a higher existence, that is transmutation to me.


Capital letters are an easy way to show… Continue

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Sexual Animals

Human beings are natural entities, existing in a naturally sexual world (not only did some likely lay with their horses -and so forth- the animals may have been welcoming themselves, simply consider a dog in heat!) this will never and can never be extinguished, then what necessity is a hyper sexualized culture, what are the effects of this?


The obviousness of it is clear, so that the gross has been called subtle -simply by leaving it unspoken or hinted- and the subtle no…


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Control and Honor

A man rebels against the despot’s power, he has the man’s wife brought before him -along with plentiful witnesses- he then has her casually beaten for a time -only playing at the idea of rape- then he has the man -strong and willful- raped multiple times, making him weak and powerless, before those he himself is meant to protect, creating a multiple failure and hemorrhaging the psyche, control.


One may control through terror and dominance -this is fact and not fancy- this…


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Willing and choice are not one, whoever utilized the will, they did not come home from the candy store, their faces ashen and their backs slumped with exhaustion ‘I willed and willed -turning the corner- I found a glorious cul-de-sac, found I had to will some more!


In the statement ‘do as you will, love under will’ any election is secondary -in the act of will- thus this is not the demand for total freedom, but consider the problem of morality.


One may look at…


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Safety and Prudence

A wandering vagabond stumbled into the village, a young man -barely a child- watched him with curiosity ‘hello there’ the child began, wishing to ask who this stranger was.


One of the elders and a master hunter appeared, cocking an arrow he waved the stranger away, still the man came on, begging for admittance to the village, the two held a short conversation -the man could show nothing of worth or recognition- an arrow was loosed and the vagabond passed ‘better safe than…


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Cyclic Brainstorm

AKA spitballing


If the stock market creates surplus by motion, how can this idea -neither good nor evil- be developed to support the global entity, as a literal part of a circulatory system?


Consider that stock market fluctuation might move with seasons -the growth comes- when companies purchase their own available stock -with the previously raised idea of investment- any may invest as a savings, only those the capable company supports gain…


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In order to vote in liberty, one must recognize harmonies, if in a collective meditation this also applies, the speaker says something, that is a guide for any who does not know -what to do independently- to follow along with.


If the speaker says an attribute, you feel it is not the only one, or perhaps sufficient or appropriate to yourself, use different words -rather than internalizing a droning repetition- if you disagree then add a constructive criticism, short and in…


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Creating the Ether

Ether as opposed to Omega, as the flowering of the human mind, as one writes they branch out from points of integrity.


There was a man sitting by the fire (is he the survivor of a shipwreck, at a bonfire, sitting at sunset or taking refuge from rain?) from the basic imagery springs the rooted image, it spreads to the degree of formation, yet one need not paint the full landscape, the painter knows to use lines to hint at trees, allowing the perceiver to fill…


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Beyond Evil

Trimming a full beard: forestry creates value and differentiated uses, by limiting the forms available, also by maintaining products with recurring value.


Fur Trade: protection of environmental habitats, stabilization of animal populations -mere replacement of product lost to time- partly directing by introducing new product.


Ivory trade: reverence of the dead -by honoring their remains and family heirlooms- only recognized products gain recurring value, land…


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Karma is what one believes they must do, to meet with god in complex unity -as themselves- because they cannot let go, let go of what is good and needed -why do evil people gain?- let go of what is bad in oneself -is repentance any better for pragmatism?- what is it to be poor in spirit, beyond good and evil?

Darma as living one's purpose.

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Deepening complexity and Spirit Walks

A mosquito is merely an aspect of an interlinking whole -could it be possible to see- one leaving varieties of oils in shallow water, affecting habit and composition by environment, could a resort spring up in a mosquito heavy population (with hundreds of pools filled mixed water, oils and fruit/vegetable essence, these are the feeding grounds) could mosquitos become living acupuncture, deepening the root of interconnection, deepening the complexity by allowing each, they fully express…


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Returning to history

Self-sufficiency, in a city this means integral food production, beyond water and minerals -as in the plant- the city turns in upon itself -forming boundaries by virtue of its existence- a plant made of individual cells, it must be fully independent, thus farming may merge with the idea of natural reserves.


Creating compact farming by use of elevations, turning the farm into the market, branching into crafts as restaurant/pottery/woodworking (the farmers market branches out,…


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Fire and Water

The serpent does not bite the one who dreams, one does not need to climb the highest mountain, to be reborn in flames, do you dream?


A gold that remains, even in the flames, eternal awareness.


In order to accept all things, one must be willing to release all things, how can this happen without rejection of all things, in this lay faith.


The individual must harmonize to become universal, the primary thing to release is the body (the primary…


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An Honest Error!

Is it evil to err, is it an evil to err and never recognize the error?


What might be desired, is a world in which errors are detected -with haste- and with an understanding of personal effect.


This requires honesty -so much a habit- it may become instinctive, as a German Shepherds trained instinct (one must know themselves, in order to see themselves clearly) one must be honest with themselves (not necessarily easy, but if it does not come, how can one…


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Crystals and Animals

If there were the sensitivity, along with the ability to tune frequency, could one create a network of crystals?

Could wasps be used to control, insect populations.

Could leaf cutter ants be directed towards eating plants, by training them through the focus of imagery, along with habit, placing certain plants next to the nests?

Could bacteria be utilized -as may already be the case- to develop films around plants, leaving them difficult to digest…


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