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Solve et Coagula; an essential alchemical proccess

One of the most beautiful, harshest, and possibly wrecking realizations along any spiritual path, is that every single moment that has ever happened in your life was your choice, every event was a reaction to your actions, and the problems which you found blame for in others is only a fault you have found in yourself. It leaves the ego trembling as it realizes every single emotional barrier has now crumbled, it stands bare with no armor or defense. Yet the wise man will lay his hand…


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The True Nature of Genius

An excerpt from "The Tree of Life: a Study in Magic" by Israel Regardie (to this day one of the most renowned writers in the esoteric community, himself being part of the Golden Dawn Order).

Now what this talks about is the idea of what genius truly means from an esoteric perspective. The Golden Dawn itself is a system of initiation which arose in Great Britain during the late 19th century, stemming it's origins from Freemasonry and Rosicrucian members. To this day Rosicrucianism and…


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Physics, Quantum Mechanics, and God.

It is a common misconception that Einstein disagreed with Quantum Physics. His famous quote "God doesn't play dice" reffered to the juvenile early phases of Quantum Mechanics. To say Quantum Physics plays at a random, rather than a beautifully intricate, pattern of nature would be an ignorant excuse for not understanding the very process of creation and nature, which Einstein revered to the day he died.

So now that we (as a humanity) have broken the speed of light by propelling…


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Let's talk about God :)

Dear world, I would like to speak to you about a very important subject to me. I hope my message reaches as many people, cultures, religions, and places as possible because my message is that of love.

My message is not of religion, or of converting any faith. My message isn't an attempt of changing your beliefs. This is purely an expression of what God is to me. I do not (metaphorically) stand in front of you as a Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, or follower of Islam. If you must…


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My Declaration of Independence

This serves as an initiatory document of my independence. A declaration of my independence on morality, law, tradition, and division. Independence from social image, social status, and social competition. At the same time this is a declaration of my infinite dependence on love for all beings of creation.

On the subject of morals and ethics:

What are morals? What are ethics? Morals and ethics both try to distinguish the difference between right and wrong, but what's the…


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Hopes & dreams, what is life without them?

Some people in my life have a really hard time understanding why I wanna walk to Guatemala in spring… Well.. let me put it this way.

They say to a person without hope life means less and less. That a man without hope is a man without purpose… This is all true. Now what do you do when you don’t have any shred of hope & belief left for this system? This government? This slave-driven world? What do you do, when all that is around you, is something that you don’t believe in or have…


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A broken generation;

A generation raised on lies

Tested time and time again

How is your psyche?

Do you eat lies?

Split in to Xs, Ys, and death

The X to blame, the Y to kill

The echo is our truest name

The echo of the boom

Our biggest generation

Yet to come, in grace of light

Broken down, yes broken down

They fear us coming

Watch us move.

Broken down, yes broken down

With repetition, failed schooling,

Brain dead shows.

Used, abused, and…


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Currently reading Active Side of Infinity by Carlos Castaneda

Amazing book about the South American sorcerer and shaman teachings of the Yaqui people. Interesting quote that I found just now and gotta share, it relates 100% to my journey:

"As I have told you before, many times," don Juan said, jolting me out of my concentration, "every sorcerer I know, male or female, sooner or later arrives at a breaking point in their lives."

"Do you mean that they have a mental breakdown or something like that?" I asked



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I meet my one self, and wave good bye to my other self.

Lately I’ve been feeling like two different people in one place, one consciousness split in two. Sometimes I’m more my old self, sometimes I’m more my new self. I feel like I’m meeting myself, at the same time as waving goodbye to myself.

There’s a much better, much stronger, wiser, and controlled me that is significantly over taking who I am. Where I fall in to anger and frustration, he smiles and calms. When I doubt and question, he assures and leads. The shift is happening in…


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Personality, Spirit, and the Animal Self

What constitues a human being? Or more specifically the human conscious? There have been many theories, one in particular of interest to me being Freud's id, ego, & super ego idea. I've developed a little bit of a different theory, similar though, that I would like to share with you.

I believe that the human consciousness is made up of three parts. First we have the emotional subconscious which is very animalistic & instinctual in nature, this we can call the Animal Self. On…


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Light, Dark, and Mind Over Matter

So I have a half written post in my drafts right now about two trips to Algonquin National Park, but I honestly can't find the words to describe the beauty of it all lol. I'll definitely try to finish that post soon because I'd love to share my experience ^_^. For today though, let's talk about some mind blowing shit haha.

Alright so where do we begin? The topic I would like to talk about today is mind over matter, or telekinesis. Now bare with me, I know this sounds crazy lol. Most…


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Let's call it a rebirth...

I’ve been thinking long and hard about this trip. This will take a lot of planning and preparation until January, 2012 hits. Now some of my friends that I have mentioned this to asked me “lol how the fuck are you gonna survive? You’ll either starve or a Mexican will kill you.” Well… I’ll get there. I thought about this way too much today, so let’s start from the beginning.

I want this experience to be a symbolic death & rebirth. The death & rebirth process is very meaningful…


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The pilgrim's way; a road so long

Some things in life are extraordinarily simple, and are truly beautiful in nature for that. Other things can be extremely complicated, and beautiful for that reason also. Seems like things start to get very confusing once something simple becomes overly complicated, or vice versa when something that should be intricately complex is taken as something simple. What happens when the complex becomes the simple in your eyes, and your definition of this simple complexity is something so delicately…


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A Taste of Spirit (DMT trip)

Last night;

My friend Denem invited me out to smoke some DMT, how could I say no? Plus he's a really chill guy too so it was a double win! So let's skip the jibber jabber and get straight to the goods.

We're in the garage, with a meth pipe (no, there was no meth lmao) and Denem loads up some DMT for us to blast. I didn't notice how much he put in but turned out it was a shitload lol.  I could tell the second we stated toking.

Usually you have to take as big of a toke as…


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Look in the mirror, what do you see?

Do you see a man or a woman? What about behind the physical features? Do you see a leader or a follower? Who are you? Are you better than the rest of the world? Or do you hate yourself? What about what you see in other people, what reflection gazes you?

Every person in your life is a mirror of self, just as you are a mirror of the world. When you meet someone you imprint your Self on to their Self, and vice versa. How you see any single person is how you chose to see them, and how you…


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DMT Trip: The rainbow threaded universe

I smoked DMT in my friend's garage today. The first toke I took didn't do too much intensity but the 2nd one I took vibrated so hard I decided to close my eyes. When I closed my eyes I was taken to a universe of rainbow forms.

Everything seemed dark like the universe, with stars, yet at the same time alive with color. There was rainbow energy morphing forms all around me. I was following a rainbow wall, it had diamond-like edges and strands of rainbow shooting through it. Then…


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My dreams, my realities

What happens when you go to sleep? Is it your imagination that takes over? Your subconscious mind? What about our reality? Is it our five senses? Does imagination build what we experience? What if it's all in an essence the same shit just programmed in different bursts?

When I first got in to Lucid Dreaming it opened up a possibility for me to create worlds, do amazing unimaginable things, be anything and anyone at any moment. The only catch is that this was in my dreams. Have…


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The "Important" things in life

Essentially the most important part of life, is the life part.

Does it really matter what you do with that life?

Yes, no, kind of, neither.

Every single moment we experience is a choice.

Imagine a grid, infinitely long and infinitely wide.

Every single point is connected to the adjecent points.

A single point is a single moment, and each a different choice.

On a more detailed scale the choices can be small things.

Things like sitting on…


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Solve et Coagula; A contemporary journey through spirituality, psychedelics, and enlightenment

This was written about 7 or 8 months ago, which was a huge turning point of my spirituality. A lot of this I should re-write with more stable and developed ideas and theories, but I'd rather just write a new one some day soon :). So until then, here's a glimpse of my spiritual past:

The road to enlightenment is all “they” said it would be, it’s everything I expected and more. Do I think I make all the right choices now? What I found would say that is purely subjective. I am…


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Lucifer they called him! Burning angel

The fires ablaze as reality slowly fades, and my mind begins to sway in the long lost current of the quantum. A drive, a deep rooted subconsciously driven desire for something beyond simple comprehension, runs deep within every electron of my very soul.

The sway is a familiar but the drive is a new indulgence. Never have I ravaged through my subconscious to find such fires. Blazing, dancing, burning away at every thing tainted by the open…

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