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"Darkness You Deny"

This ray of light you're seeing's

a spotlight that's deceiving

you into thinking

there's no



You've built a wall, like any army,

to keep out the alarming

greyer truths

that you don't want to hear.

(But I can't get by living lies)

I can't pretend that there's no shadow,

or empty things aren't hollow

(even though non-substance's what I like)

or that, to every story, there's no other…


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Into The Abyss ©

Written by D. @


The virtual vicarious visardist.

One not defined by a name.

Precariously standing in doorways.

Daring to peak through the veil.

Emotions unable to feign.

Dig deep once again… .

You know you’re here for this.

Just one step

Into the Abyss.

No memory survives the Void

Unless you learn to live

With higher thoughts & colder veins.

A gift the Cosmos…


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