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My tools and Oratory

here are a pick of my room I do magic in.

This one is based on The Art of Drawing Spirits into Crystals in The Magus by Francis Barrett. 

I use Chalk on my floor to form the Magic Circle. I was wondering has any one as well use chalk on floor for their…


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my outcome with a union ceremony basied on William G. Gray

I've just got done with a ritual sim to William G. Gray ceremony based on Ecstasy. Sense of union with higher power. I used robes, candle, a cord on floor in a circle as well a table. I used elements as well Arch Angles with prayer. I achieved union with Higher Power. It felt good, I was so happy and felt joy. I'll do this every Wednesday and Sunday with fasting.     

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Got Two New Kindle ebooks

I went a head got two new book on kindle. Visual Magick: A manual of freestyle shamanism by Jan Fries. Which is based on Austin O.S. Sigil and all so got Prime Chaos by Phil Hine. So going to scan read them. Then go back to them. What I read about sigil, in Visual Magick was you may knock of words that are not good to use; instead of marking repeated letters. In Prime Chaos it gives steps on rituals also how use astral magic. Visual Magick gives…


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Austin Osman Spare's death posture

I've been practicing the Death Posture with great success. I put my body exhaustion. In my mind after getting out of the position is not meant blank, no internal dialogue.

I stand on my tip-toes, stretch my arms out an cup above (sometimes behind my back) my head. as well I hyperventilate.

The internal dialogue goes quiet or tiny voice will be in the mind. The whole point is to quiet the internal dialogue and destroy the ego for temporarily.

I do this as a daily…


Added by Eric Scott on September 7, 2014 at 8:15pm — 4 Comments

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