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The Torus and the Brain

I recently realized a few new things that are interesting and worth sharing.

First is that the brain is a Double Torus as described by Nassim Haramein, thus allowing it to collect and focus information relating to that side of the brain.

Secondly, the brain's right side is creative and intuitive. This is no accident. It allows for all kinds of things. For instance, for those of us that notice the spiritual themes coming out of Hollywood. This is no accident.…


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The feeling and reconciliation for healing

So I was out and about earlier today and in my musings while doing so, it occurred to me how Gregg Braden's message of "The feeling is the prayer," goes hand in hand with the healing practice of the Ho`o`ponopono. 

I've always practiced the Ho`o`ponopono with more emotion than I felt in the moments before I said it, but this really drives home how if you want to practice the Ho`o`ponopono with a deeper impact, it needs to be said with as deep and strong an emotion…


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Tori, FoL and Consciousness - Part 2

We have 3, 6 and 9. The number 3 represents being active, moving forward, doing something. The number 6 represents being passive, being receptive, holding back and/or doing nothing. While the number 9 represents being truly neutral. Put another way, 3 is Yang, 6 is Yin and 9 is balance. 

When you stop and think about how these intervening bits of consciousness are interfering with our lives it is always one of two ways. The first method is being active, directly stepping in at…


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Tori, FoL and Consciousness - Part 1

About a month ago I received a flash of insight into the structure of the Universe. This momentary glimpse of the underpinning of the Universe has led me on a very interesting and exciting journey thus far. The excitement I have for this information has naturally led me to want to share it in a deep and meaningful way to receive feedback and stimulus for further insight. With that intent, I am writing this posting.



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